Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eye Opener

You are right! Do I really know you? No, I don't. At least I can't say O know you or better I don't know all about you. But what I Know is what or who I met over a year ago. I met a Corey that highly inspired me. A Corey that was capable og going above and beyond to train his students. A Corey who knew how to push me beyond my limits. Someone that helped me not to give up. I also met a Corey that had some kind of past. A past he wouldn't want to talk about. In fact I met a Corey that was available for everybody to help out, to listen, to teach, but not opening up to anyone about himself. It wasn't hard to figure out the "dark secret". So shortly after that I met a new Corey. Someone that is a bit more the true Corey. Is it though? I don't know. I believe I do know, but truly I don't. The few weeks I was able to watch you, I saw many different yous. I saw you funny, playing with kids, but I also saw the irrate Corey. Someone so upset, close to loosing it. A Corey that is harsh to his students, trying to contain the upsetness. I saw you falling for someone. Which I thought wasn't possible. But you did anyways, and it gave you strength. Strength to resist the one Corey who got himself in trouble.
Here is what I think about that Corey, that I met. I know sometime in the past he did a mistake. He paid for it and learned that this is not what he wants for his life. I think Corey wants to be free. Corey wants to teach, "make good people". I think Corey does not want to go back to jail. He has to work hard for it, that much is clear. It might be easier to just let the old Corey out, but that would not help to accomplish that goal. The goal of freedom. I also just recently learned minor facts about you. You do believe in god! You have a brother that you are proud of! Your middle name is William! Just some small facts, but I am open for more. I want to meet more of Corey. If he wants and allows me, I want to get to know the angry Corey so I understand why he thinks he has a right to rule and be as angry as he is. I want to know the Corey that opened up his heart and revealed himself, all guards down. And therefore got hurt and betrayed. Just like every other person out here. I want to meet the "god believing" and "family loving" Corey. The one that cares for his mom and tries to protect her just as she did when he was unprotected. The on brother that is proud of his brother and wishes him well. In fact I want to neet every single version of Corey that is out ther, inside of you. Why? I want to understand. I want to be able to do the right thing as a friend. I do understand I won't get all of the stories, I am surely not looking for those anyways. I want to be able to help th current Corey to become and accomplish what he wants. I am not afraid of any of the Coreys. Why? Because you promised me once that you wouldn't hurt me. And I think that all the different yous agreed on that promise. So you go ahead and give me the evil face, the clinched fist or showing me your strength. You might be able to scare me for a moment btu only because I worry about you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am worried. Really I am worried right now. I had no chance to hear what the medical issue is but your mom said it will take a long time for you to get back in shape.
But I am more worried about the Alysa situation. I know it upsets you. And I probably didn't say the things you wanted me to say. I probably should not have said not to call me. Because right now you are in the need of someone to talk to. And it probably sounded like I don't want you to call me. Which is not the case. I love it when you call unexpected. Hearing that you hanging in there, behaving and still going your way. But today you really have me worried.
I feel with you. I know how it feels having the heart broken by someone that you trust completly. I hear you, when you say you don't understand what's going on, you just received postcards form europe saying she loves you and wants to take you all those places and show you the world and the next moment she won't talk to you and kind of disappears. You are far away from home and still not where you should be. The whole situation is F**ked up! But I am pretty sure you can handle it. You have been through worth and as I always say, you have friends here waiting for you, your mom is here to support you as much as she can and so is your brother.
By the way I didn't know you had a brother until your mom mentioned something when I talked to here the other day. So there is another one of your kind out there, ey!
Now it's time to smile again. Come on just a tiny one! Please, please, pretty please?!?
See here we go! *SMILE*
Life is gonna go on and you will be alright! As my mom used to say to me when I was little: until you get married all wounds will be healed. (translation is terrible but it kinda states the point)

So much for today, not sure if I will drive you mom down to Lindsay tomorrow so she can see you, but I hope she will do it. I think you need a familiar person right now. Someone you know and can talk to. Besides when did you see your mom last??? She misses you much.
Anyways, I'm here for you! I might be harder to reach than the pope but I am here. And you know how to leave my a message. These stubborn GErmans never go away, believe me! lol

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another one bites the dust...

here we go, Krista quit the gym about a month ago. That would explain why I haven't seen her in forever. She doesn't have a gym membership right now but she wants to join GoodLife soon. And if all goes well she is going to run a marathon in spring in Vancouver. That is super exciting!!! I hope she is able to achieve that goal of hers.
What else is new? Let me think...
I ma currently working my a*** off! I am not even kiding! For the last 3 weeks I have been working 6 days and there are 3 more weeks to come I think. So I might end up insane, oh wait I am already insane, lol!
Mark Waters was at the gym the other day but I wasn't able to catch him, sorry I really tried. It was late and I guess he was on his way out anyways. But I know where to find him, so when you get back to Kingston in about 28 days we will find him.
Halloween, well, yeah, I guess I am working! Besides that date that I hoped for is apparently not happening. Geez, what is wrong with you guys??? First they sound all soooo excited and then when it gets to the point of setting the date and stuff, well pooooooffff they are gone! Anyways, I have to work anyways so not too bad I will be distracted. I guess I will survive, as always. Prince Charming is somewhere out there, hopefully.
So Mike, the boxing dude, figured that his girlfriend works for me, well not for me directly but at my hotel. She most have gone home and must have started talking about me. Too bad there is only one Biba in god damn Kingston. So the very next day he stops Daniele at the gym and goes: so my girlfriend works for Biba, and she said Biba is an awesome Manager and she is the big boss there and is super friendly and really cares about her employees. I didn't know Biba is nice, she is always so negativ around me! But my girlfriend really likes her as boss.
Pahahahahahaha, Take that! Bam! Daniele told me, I loved itw. I knew his girlfriend was working at my hotel, but that's all. Why would I connect her to the trouble that Mike has with me? It's nothing that has to do anything with her working there. Besides, I think I am a pretty decent person, just don't screw up with me! He still ignores me when I see him at the gym.
Can you please come back, please, please pretty please? I miss the days that I walk in the gym and make my way through the machines and you come pacing back from the water fountain to the weights, a little chit chat about whatever some motivating words and on we go our own ways and work out. I feel like I need a new inspiration at the gym! I am loosing interest.
and then a couple days ago I was at work on the phone with a guest and my cell goes off ringing. The display says Heather. Man, I wish I could have answered. My first thought was if everything is alright or if something happened. So I texted your mom and figured it was you trying to call. I missed it! A day later I am at the gym just working my frustration off my cell in the locker no reception there. When I was done and back home I get a text from your mom saying you tried again calling but my cell was off if I had a homme phone. Man, really I missed a 2nd call from you. You must be thinking I didn;t want to talk to you. But that is truly not the case. I wish I could talk to you daily just to keep you hopeful. Give you some strength and be there and listen when you need someone to listen. But you shouldn't be calling either. It is expensive and you should save that money! If I need to know something or I want to know something I can ask your mom. And as long as I don't hear back from you all is fine! Don't get me wrong it makes my day when you call but still...

Oh and before I forget, stupid Quinte people, I had a letter in the mail. Retunred to sender. A letter I did send to you way before you were transfered. Must take forever for them to pass on the mail to you. I hope they enjoy reading the pages and pages I usually send, lol! Anyways, just so you have it all I will put it in with this letter, okay.

Well so much for today! Hope you are doing well and staying out of trouble! Keep your hopes up 28 days to go! That is less than a month! Woot Woot!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

another day to go but only 34 left...

hey man! all is going very well here in Kingston. I have not had the pleasure yet to meet your mom. We wanted to meet last sunday but she never got back to me with a time. Which is fine. Alysa is back since the 18th. I have not heard form her but I made sure to pass on where you were and when your visiting hours are so she had all the neccessary infos to come and visit you. I bet she will have a lot to tell. After being in Europe for 2 weeks.
I just booked my flight back to good old Germany the other day. I will be flying out on February 28th and come back March 14th, 2011. I am pretty excited and I talked to my mom the other day and she told me what she was going to cook when I arrive. Man, I am telling you I wish I could have went right away. Mom's kitchen is the best! I bet your mom cooks pretty good stuff and there is some things that only she can cook the perfect way. I can't wait to have my mom cook for me. She will have to cook 14 days for me and I will come back twice as much as I am now, hahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Oh and all the German Chocolate I am able to eat, yummy! Me, bringing some chocolate back to Canada? Why would I want to do that? Oh, for you? MAYBE! *smile* Okay, okay, okay I will bring chocolate back! You chocolate junky! lol
Besides that not much going on. I got a message from Steve the other day on facebook asking about you. So I told him you were still in Lindsay. He was wondering if there is a way to contact you, well I told him to sit down with pen and paper and write a letter. The old fashioned way!!! Let's see. I gave him the address for Lindsay too. Let me know if you get a letter from him. That would be awesome. But hey that shows again that there are people out here waiting for you and keeping their fingers crossed.
Your mom told me the other day that the one guy you were working out with was getting unreasonable. That really sucks. But I guess in your and his situation you never know how they will react the next moment. Please just be careful and do not let the provoke you to do stupid things. If they want to be jerks, let them just go ahead! That's fine with all of us!
So today at work I had to terminate one of my employees. It was my first ever termination. I was super nervous but it actually went pretty well. At least for me. The employee blew up as soon as I said that he was terminated. He threw his jacket in the corner and stormed out. He didn't even let me go through his termination paper with him. And he was threatening me to take me to court because that is all crap and I was planning on doing it the whole time and I did set it all up. bla bla bla!!! He is gone now and all is good. And I think I am a really good Manager! At least that is what people tell me! dum di dum
So I am hoping for a Halloween date! Yuppi, I have an eye on someone. But I am not sure if he thinks the same. Geez, I am so bad with flirting and all that crap. Where are the old times? You know where the guy goes and asks the girl out and stuff. Where are those gentlemen???? Anyways, I can just see you wondering who it might be and if you know him! hahahahahahahaaa. Okay let me help you: yes you know him! I can see you thinking even harder now. But I won't tell more! I will let you know if I got my Halloween date or not. So keep your fingers crossed for me this time!
So we have 34 days left until your trial date! That is just a bit more than a month left! You almost there. So 34 days and nights and you are there! Well, hopefully in Kingston then!
Okay enough from me for today.
As always stay out of trouble and keep your head up!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

visits at last...

It was amazing to visit you twice in such a short time. I mean I have seen you last about 6 months ago in April! So I have to say you did look good. Way better than you did in Quinte anyways. And I have to admit you did loose your Buddah Belly! Too bad, now I have to think of something else to tease you with. Well, you for sure will know when I come up with something new!
But I have also seen that you are at the end of your patience with everything going on. And I have to say I am a bit worried about you. I don't want you to give up. And yes it might be very easy to say from out here, but right now there is not much more I can do. If there was more I could do I would do it and by now you should know. I just don't want to see you shaking and with watery eyes when talking about where you are right now and what might happens. I wish I could come twice a week and see you, just to give you some more change and maybe hope. Keep you updated and your memories up about what wonderful things are awaiting you. Unfortunately they have decided to move you so far away that it takes me 3hours for one way. So I hope I can keep your head up with my letters everynow and then. It made me think a lot about you and what I have seen, and I hope for you, your mom and Alysa that all this stupidity is over soon. And I hope I can give you some support to keep your head and hopes up. You know you have a lot of people standing behind you. And they are waiting for you to come back. Yes, everybody might know now that you are a convict, so what. Prove them that you have learned that whatever it was you did was not okay and that you do not want to go back to those habits and consequences. You have already proven some people, especially me that you are a good friend worth believing in. You can make everybody believe in you. Keep that on mind!
And besides all those signes of weakness it was amazing to see you smile and laugh. Seeing the old Corey that I know come through. The sarcasm and jokes. Even our little bet about Archie and Michelle. Man, I can't believe that Archie and Michelle..... I really thought it was more likely Michelle and Mark. But I guess I owe you double german chocolate. Lucky me I am going back to Germany for a vacation in March. I will make sure to stock up on my chocolate source. lol
Thanks for the compliments about me looking good! Made my weekend/day. I am working hard and I have been doing it for a whole year. Woot woot, I have never sticked with working out for so long. I am pretty thrilled about it.
Boxing with daniele is going well. And guess what! Morgan is gonna join Daniele for her monday, wednesday and friday classes! That is super exciting, because as long as he joins Daniele for boxing he won't switch to GoodLife! Which means he sticks around for longer! *happydance*
That is almost like the good old times. Now I need to get my punches straight and I can actually fight Morgan.
Yes, I am still training with boxing gloves. I wish I could skip the gloves. So much more fun without them. But I am not allowed, well Daniele prefers me boxing in gloves. But the more for you to stay strong and come back, so I can go back to thoughness! *smile*

Okay, I gotta go and meet with Becky. Yes, I will make sure to say Hello for you. And you stay strong and out of trouble!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lindsay eh?

Man, I was soooo excited to come and visit. But of course it didn't happen. Must be a curse on me or something. Seems like lately whenever I have a chance to come and visit I'm being denied.
So they moved you further away from Kingston. I google mapped it and it is a 3hrs drive from here. Okay for me German Style Driving I could probably make it in about 2 hrs. If the troopers won't stop me. But even then I would just pull the innocent puppy eyes and they would let me go with a warning! muahahahahahahahaaaaaa! Usually works very well!

So, I hopefully get together with your mom for coffee tomorrow morning. Looking forward to meet her and talk to her.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Steve says HELLO. When you called me a couple weeks ago I actually posted on my facebook (yeah I do have a facebook account) that you said HELLO. So he replied and asked how you were and he wanted me to pass on a big HELLO! Don't ask me where he is nowadays, I have no clue. I just hear from him every now and then through my roommate, she works with him at Leonard Hall on Queens Campus. So as far as I know he is doing just splendid and even offered me a 2Min. Biba Freestyle Punch the other day!

Geez, it got cold in the last days. A few weeks ago we all were still sweating in the sun and now I am freezing like a little puppy. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Guess I have to start to seriously work out again! I remember when I started working out at the gym I did not freeze no more. Or I might be coming down with a cold. I sooo hope I don't, can't handle that right now, too much to do.

Do you have a clue what happened to Joey? Man, I haven't seen him around at all for the longest time. He is not at the gym no more. And I remember him talking about going home and stuff but he never really said a date when or so. Really weird. But what isn't when dealing with ya guys, eh? *smile*
I should be used to sudden changes and weird decisions by now. After all these months that you have been stuck in all these places. You must know all the Institutions in Ontario after all that moving around. Corrections Canada might as well just hire you as an advisor or so. You might know more about their needs of improvement then they do. That thought actually makes me giggle. Can you imagine after all you working for CSC, pahahahahahahaaaa, that would be hilarious! They could even hire you as self defence instructor! Maybe worth a thought!

My thoughts are going wild again, I better stop thinking and get myself busy. I always had and always will have a wild imagination. Once I start a thought man, I can keep going and going on it and it's so much fun!

So, another friend of mine is getting married next year in June. She is from Kingston, but she wants to get married in Mexico. Guess who she invited! Me! Why do first of all, all my friends decide to get married right now? (guess it's the age, should make me think) And second of all, why do all of them have to get married at far away places? Why not just a nice local wedding? No, local weddings seem to be so out of fashion. So here I find myself again struggling to get the time off approved by my boss and get myself maybe another ridiculous bridesmaid dress. Let's just hope I won't end up like the girl in the movie 12 Dresses!
Oh and my sister is expecting another baby! Woot woot! I gonna be an auntie again in May! So excited, another baby to spoil. So I thought I was going to Germany in June for a few days, but I guess Mexico it might be. I am already going to Germany in March 2011! Going to celebrate Karneval in Cologne! Have you heard about it? It is amazing. I was raised with the culture of celebrating Karneval. The Karneval Season starts Nov. 11th every year and goes all the way to Ash Wednesday! But the last 5 days are the highlight and Cologne turns into a giant party. People from all over the world come from everywhere and party together on the streets and bars and pubs and everywhere. They start early in the morning around 7am and go all night long and all this for 5 full days! The have parades where they throw candy and chocolate and flowers for the pretty girls. I love it! And my friends back in Germany are pretty excited that I am coming next year! I guess my whole 10 days are pretty much planned already! So yes I am planning on some travelling for the next year, so be ready to receive some Picture Postcards in the mail!

Okay, that should be all for today! I hope you get settled in Lindsay. And they don't move ya no more, except for back to K-Town! It's just another 52 days until November 24th, 2010. And even less by the time you get that letter here. So stay out of trouble and do NOT plead anything but innocent! *smile* We'll get ya home sooner or later! They can't keep you forever! That would mean they would have to deal with me for a very long time too. Yeah, they don't want that, they don't know yet but they will know!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

is it ever gonna be over?

so we all thought last monday was the day it all was going to be over and done with. But again life has proven us wrong! I mean seriously how much bad luck can a person have???
I find it more than unfair that all the bad luck in the world is coming down on one single person.
But there is not much that can be done but wait. Wait another 2 months and hope for another happy end that might not come. But let me tell you so much: the outcoming off all this will not be decided by you. You won't surrender to them and plead guilty. I will climb all security fences and come personally to you to smack you on the forehead if you do so! There is no freaking reason for you to do so. You made it so far for all these past months you can do another 2 months! What are another 2 months after all this? And if you should ever start wondering if, just remember you have plenty of friends out here that can't wait to see your return.
Just a few days ago I met Jen at the gym and we caught up on somethings and stuff and of course she asks if there is anything new with you. So I gave her all the news and updates. And now guess what! She wanted me to make sure you know that she thinks of you at least twice a week and wishes for you to return.
Morgan wants to switch to GoodLife Fitness, but I bet if you would be back he would stay put where he is. He mentioned to me that he would love to work out with you again, even extend the work out to the weights! He is in need of a good weight partner. And who better to hope for but you??? Well, I thought so, I couldn't think of anyone better either!
And I don't need to start about my thoughts on the whole story here? Because that would probably take up way too much space! So I save you that one.
I am glad we talked about that and we are clear on the fact you are not going to pleady anything but innocent!
So I went to Atlanta last week for a course I had to take for work. I love travelling. But these americans are crazy!
So I get to the Hotel in Atlanta after some hours in the planes and on airports. The Charlotte Airport is a really nice airport. And they actually provide free Internet access for all the travelers, which makes it easy to wait for a connecting flight.
Anyways, I arrive at my hotel in Atlanta, sun is shining like no tomorrow, at least 30 degrees outside. The hotel is really nice but it is obvious they need some updating. But I do get a nice upgrade! Woot woot, here it goes, me staying at a hotel pretty much for the first time on business and I do get my first free upgrade to a junior suite. Not sure what to do with all the space but I am not complaining. Got a nice big dinning table, little kitchenette with a little sink and stuff, a fridge (very important) and microwave. Only one other guy form the course and me got an upgrade out of all 20 of us. Pretty awesome!
The coach of the class is awesome. I could not have asked for any better coach. His name: Michael Jackson! Nope, not joking Michael Jackson aka MJ! MJ is about 6,11" and super skinny. He knows what he is talking about and he is awesome in bringing over the facts. So I find myself in a positive situation of productive information overflow! Not sure if my brain can soak all that up and implement it now that I am back in Kingston.
Nevertheless, the week flys by in Atlanta and by Wednesday I feel super exhausted. Everyday from 8am to 5pm in a room with all the people, constant information thrown at me, no daylight. After that rush to the room, get changed in something comfy and off to dinner with the group. And all they do at dinner, because we didn't talk about it all day long, is talk about freaking work.
So, I spent 5 days (about 10 - 12hrs) talking about work!
The only highlight and break from all this is Tuesday evening. 2 of the guys and me escape the work talk and go to a hockey game in Atlanta. The Altanta Thrashers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets! Just a pre-season game, but still it is NHL! It was so much fun. We talked about everything but work! And the funniest thing ever, I was wearing short pants because it's hot in Atlanta, but once we got to the Arena I put my hockey jersey on. Yeah, that jersey is so big and long it looked like I was just wearing the jersey and nothing else. The guys were making fun of me, we were cracking on the floor! Awesome times at the hockey game!
On my flight back I again had a connecting flight in Charlotte. My plane from Atlanta started to descend and got ready for touch down when all of a sudden the pilot pulls through and takes off again. Man, a lot of the people on the plane got panicky and started asking what was going on? Like: are we being hijacked??? hahahahahahahaaaaaa Did I mention americans are not the brightest breed? Anyways, the pilot had to do this because they were to close to the plane ahead, so no biggie, just security procedure! The rest of my journey was pretty uneventful.
Getting back to work that sunday I found myself being super busy with catching up with a lot of things. New hires, guest issues, etc.....
But I am still loving my life here in Canada and I would not want to switch or change it. Not for anything in the world! I am a happy camper!
Last monday on your trial date, Alysa and your mom kept me pretty much updated all day long. Which is super nice of them to do. Not sure when exactly Alysa left for Europe but I know she will have an awesome time! I hooked her up with all the infos I could get for Munich. I have some good friends that live there. So I was able to get some insider infos. And for Cologne I was able to go through ,y memory. Cologne, the city I grew up in. I could guide you through it blind. Beautiful city! Lot's to see there. Something you would probably love is the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. Yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy! So I made her a map of Cologne and marked all the places to go for shopping, sightseeing, party, etc...
She is going to have the time of her life!
And while Alysa travels and explores Europe I try to keep in touch with your mom for any news. Just texted with her today a few times. Making sure it was okay that I would come and see you while Alysa is gone and stuff. She seems pretty exhausted with all the stuff going on and all the delays. I can see it being hard on your mom. I mean you are her son and what mom would not be devastated seeing that being done to her son??? I would be furious, if I would have to be in her shoes. Man, nobody wants to mess with my "kids"! If I should ever get lucky and have some! lol But if, well you better not mess with them! Anyways, I feel with your mom, and therefore also for her sake I hope it will be all over and done with in November!
There is only one tiny problem here with November! Remember I promised you sunshine when you get back to Kingston??? Well, yeah, I am not sure if I can keep that for November! I might be able to get you some snow if that is alright? lol
Besides that there is not much new. I am still going to the gym daily and train with Daniele Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! Oh yeah, we actuallly train at the gym now. archie gave her the okay to go ahead and bring her students in and train them at the gym! Really weird but awesome! Not sure what Mike thinks of this but so far he is very polite to Daniele. Even offered her all his equipment! All this politness makes me throw up! Fake jerk, he is. But his face was priceless when he saw me training with her. Man, I am telling you his jaw drop right down to the ground!
The other day Daniele was practicing hooks with me. She said I had an inside hook, meaning it's more a close punch then a distant punch. Anyways, she said it might be because I am not getting my elbow up and my fist out. Not sure how but we ended up practicing elbows. Well, it figures that I have a vicious right elbow that you would not want to meet in a fight, if I could get it out. Hahahahahahahahaaa, it just snapped out on the pad, bam bam bam! Who did I learn that fro again? Help me remember here, would you please! Oh yeah wait I rememeber: YOU! Woot woot!
Well, enough for today! I know I will be stoping by Saturday but this will reach you after my hopefully this time successful visit! I know I won't have time to tell you all this so I am not worried you would have known about all this before you get the letter.
Pretty late right now I need some beauty sleep!
You stay out of trouble and remember no pleading guilty! I will come and climb the fence to smack you on the forehead if you do so! Stay strong and do not give up!

Monday, August 16, 2010

not much going on in K-town

another normal day in Kingston today! This years summer is just amazing! I wish the day had more hours so I could actually fit everything in the day what I wanna do and what I have to do. You know working the regular 8hrs + sleeping 8hrs (beauty sleep) + go boxing for 3hrs + go sit in the sun and read for another endless time, okay maybe 3hrs. Oh wait that would be already 22hrs. When would I eat and do all the other stuff. Geeeeeez, I am telling you a day is way too short nowadays!
Well, guess I have to prioritize! Hate doing that, I can't decide what I wanna do more. I mean just sitting in the sun won't give me the workout I need but it's soooooo relaxing, but I also wanna work out and keep going to Daniele's classes or to the gym. Meeh, guess the sun has to wait. I have to admit though I am slacking on the treadmill! Haven't been on one in for ages! I swear you could easily beat me on one even for your usual 5 min.! lol
But guess who is staying at the hotel tonight! Yeppers, Mr. Mark Waters himself! He called and asked me for a favor again! Guess he owes me now a few favors! Let's see if he remembers when it's time for that. Anyways, I like keeping him close, you never know what that mifght be good for. Right?
So, not sure if I told you about the plan Daniele and I have! Remember stupid Mike, the new boxing dude at Premier? Well yeah the plan is about him. Daniele wants to get me in shape and then we both wanna go and attend one of his classes. Daniele pretending she never boxed before and so. Mike doesn't know I am training with her right now, he assumes I gave it up all together.
So, when time comes and I have some good basics together we will go to one of his classes and bam bam bammmmmm. I wanna see his jaw drop right down to the hardwood floor. muahahahahahahahahahaa!
What do you think? Sounds hilarious, eh. Would be even better if I could learn some more of your tricks, but I guess I can't have all! Last friday I actually fainted in class. Hahahaha, no worries all good I guess I just had to reboot! After I was back on my feet I felt like reborn! I was only out for about 30 seconds but for me it felt like a whole day of rest! So I just kept going and going, actually was able to land some nice hooks on Daniele.
Well, so much for tonight! Hope as always you are doing alrighty! Only a few more days until your laywer has the appointment with the judge! Let's see what the will bring! My fingers are crossed.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

it was all worth it...

after a couple hours at the bar we were able to check in the hotel for the one night. Girls in that room and guys in that room! Just like in the old times during school trips. Just way better! So we girls all dressed up in our tradition Bavarian dresses. You know the Oktoberfest dresses. Geez, did we look amazing! And off we were for my friends bachelorette night! We hopped from bar to bar, started at 7pm all the way until 7am! What a night! In between bars we dipped our sore feet and legs in the Mediterranean sea! Beautiful, just perfect. Once you will be back home I can show you some pics! The next morning wasn't that beautiful though. We had to be check out of the hotel by 10am! Awwwwwwww, I think I took 3 Tyleno 500! We took cabs to the cruise ship. We had to drive to the other side of Mallorca! Who would have thought that a spanish little Island could be that big. But finally we were able to see the harbour and our ship! What a beauty! And even we had to be out the hotel that early we were glad it had to be that way. Because we were with in the firsts who could check in the cruise and get on board. Woot woot! No line ups at check in and nothing! Just perfect! So we drop our luggage with the valet guys and only take the pool stuff with us. You know bathing suites and towels oh yeah and sun blocker for me! While touring the ship we decide first to have lunch and then head to the pool to get some rest. I tell you, food on a cruise is amazing! Only the best food was offered on the buffets. Everyday a different specialty! I am surprised I did not gain any weight. But that is also because we were walking a hell lot and I went to the gym as often as I could. Hahahaha, gym on a cruise ship is fun! Especially when we were on the sea! The ship was hoovering to the right and back to the left, waves smashing against it's body, now imagine while being swung back and forth you run on a treadmill. Just like the best intervall training ever.
Half of our group got sea sick the first day. Not me! I had so much fun, the rougher the sea the more fun I had! The rest is pretty much what I wrote you on the cards from all the stops. It was hard to say good bye to my friend after it was all over. But I know I will see her again within the next 365 days! We promised each other to at least see each other once a year!
But enough from me. How are you doing??? Hope you stayed out of trouble! I got to talk to your mom finally! Geez, it is harder to get a hold of your mom than the freaking pope! lol
Anyways, she said not much new. Same old, same old. And I also met with Alysa when I got back from the trip. She said your laywer had an appointment coming up on August 20th, with the judge assigned to your case to determine what the actuall charges are. Well, let me help them a little here: THERE ARE NO FREAKING CHARGES!!! Geez, it is time that they give in and let you be. The have ruined enough of your life and have waisted enough of your precious time. Damn it, you are not immortal that you would have eternity to catch up on everything! Ohhhh, just thinking about the whole situation makes me angry! I really hope it will all be over soon! Just for the sake of it!
Alysa is going to europe for 3 weeks, she told me. She is going to have soooo much fun! She will be going to Cologne, that is where I am from, well not from Cologne but the area. So I am just seeing what I could recommened her to do! But there is sooooo much to do! But I have an idea what she needs to do for sure! There are the best breweries in Cologne and they actually offer a brewery tour through all Cologne! Beer tasting through Cologne. Awesome! And she needs to walk up the bell tower of the cathedrale in Cologne, the view is just amazing! It's not as high as the CN Tower but still the view is stunning. Cologne is beautiful!
Oh and Alysa said she found a new apartment. From one tiny room to a one bedroom apartment! Woot woot! She will love it!
I am still going to the gym to work out but I do not attend boxing classes anymore. After all the dilema Marc Waters finally let me out my boxing contract. But no worries, do you remember Daniele from your classes. She is the woman that boxed professionally for a while but had to stop because of her knees. Short blond hair, glasses...... Got it? Well, I stay in touch with her since and she actually started her own little boxing school. It's just boxing, because she doesn't know any other MMA but at least it is professional and good. So for now I am with her 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all the other days I go to the gym and just do my own thing. I sometimes watch stupid Mike teaching (if it is that what you call it) his class, but he never exceeds the number of 4 students per class.
I haven't seen Joey in forever, wondering if he is still around? He was saying something about moving away. mmmmmmh
I talk to Marc Waters a lot now. He is around at least once a week. Sometimes he stays at my hotel. I usually make sure to mention your existence! So he doesn't forget. I usually do it in comparison to the lousy classes Mike does! Reminding him how many people we had in class when you were teaching and stuff. Lately I am also telling him that I am training with Daniele for now. He asked why not give Mike another chance, I just chuckled at him and said: No thanks!
Besides that, not much going on. I think Morgan and Krista are the only ones remaining in class. Oh wait let me correct that, Krista is the only one! Morgan went back to the Kingston Boxing Club for boxing training. And as far as I know Krista just wants to use up all her PTs and then stop too! So you see it is time for you to come back!
Well, so much for today! I will keep my fingers crossed for you for the 20th! Hopefully it will all be good this time!
I ordered a long summer, so we should still have lots of sunshine in August and September. I am telling you, it is worth it staying out of trouble!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A trip worth it....

I am back form my 2 weeks vacation. And yes I have to admit it was a blast and worth every minute! I hope you got my postcard collection, I am never too sure what they will let go through to you and what not. But I think I did everything right, the postcards were in an envelope and not sentenced with any fragrances and I saved the lipstick mark for the not exsiting cute guys on the boat, lol! So, as you have seen from my cards I have seen quiet a bit of europe in just a few days. My favorite country and city by far was Malta and it was too bad the wedding was in Malta. But I could have not thought of any better place to get married for my friends than Malta. Everything was just perfect. It was all small and beautiful and intimite, just as they wanted it for their special day. Even the wedding planner had tears in her eyes through out the ceremony. No, I did not cry! Even I was close, but I have to say, I was the only one not crying! And out of the 4 bridesmaids I was the best looking one! pahahaahahahahahaa! So all the worries washed aside about their dresses. They acctually looked pretty cheap and the girls were complaining all day long that it was too hot in their dresses or that the dresses were so stretched at noon that they were falling off, bla bla bla... Good canadian quality saved my a** and made me look just amazing, next to the bride. Of course she was the best looking princess of the day!
Anyways, I better start off at the beginning, let me see if I get everything back together. It was a lot in a short time. Well I took a flight from Ottawa to Washington D.C., and have to say it was a pretty good flight,even it was operated by United. Not a big fan of american airlines. In Washington I had a 6 hour lay over. And because I lived in D.C. for a year and a half I knew the airport well. So I went to the main terminal to get some lunch. OMG, decisions, decisions... I am telling you if you only have 6 hours but you have a FIVE GUYS and a CHIPOTLE to choose from, well that is a challenge! After walking back and forth between the two places I decided for FIVE GUYS. Best Burgers and fries EVER! And promised I was coming for CHIPOTLE on my way back home. Oh I loved my Burger, fries and CHERRY COKE! To bad coke doesn't sell any cherry coke in Canada! After the most delicious lunch I went shopping at the airport. Nope, not clothe shopping. I needed a book for my trip. So I went to the american version of Chapters, which was Borders. And lucky me I still had my Borders membership from when I lived in D.C.! So I bought 2 books, got all the discounts I could have asked for and was really happy! I went and started reading one of my newly purchased books, but I was more fascinated by the airplanes landing and taking off. I find it unbelievable that such heavy things build of mostly steal can fly! After a while I made my way to the gate for my flight to Madrid. This time the flight was operated by Air Lingus. Yeppers, an irish airline. And nope we did not stop in Ireland. Weird eh? That's what I thought but the service was really good. Okay I was glad I had a big FIVE GUYS bruger before the flight, because the on board food is not even enough for a baby. Geez, they serve a hand full of food. Are you kidding me, I am trapped here for 8.5 hours and you just provide me with a lousy hand full of food! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! But I had time in Madrid to grab something for breakfast. You gotta love time zones. I left D.C. in the afternoon and arrived in Spain, Madrid in the morning! Awwwwwww! But I can not recommend to fly over any spanish airports. Damn what a nightmare. So I get of my flight from D.C. and look for signs for the gate for my connecting flight to Palma de Mallorca. Yeah right, now signs. So I walk to the information booth. Since it is marked "Information" I thought I would get information on where I have to go to catch my connecting flight. Yeah, nope! 6 Ladies are behind the counter, one working her nails, one busy on the computer, 2 chatting and the last two just ignoring me. Well, I walk up to the counter and ask, showing my boarding pass for my connecting flight, where I would have to go. Answer: I DO NOT KNOW! What? Okay, so I ask her if she was working here? YES! Okay, so again where do I have to go? I DO NOT KNOW! OMG, I was fuming. So with good luck I started walking in a random direction and luckily it was the right one! I finally made it to the correct gate. My flight 30 minutes late. At that point I was so looking forward seeing my friend, I didn't care about any delays, I just wanted to get there. Leaving Madrid I left rain and clouds behind me. This was the beginning of 10 days burning sunshine and lots of fun!
I finally arrive at the hotel were my friend was already with the rest of the wedding party! I was the last one to arrive. Well, the best comes last! muahahahaha!
I drop my bags and walk to the patio bar and started drinking with the rest of our group! What a start off my vacation! Our group is amazing, everybody just clicks right away with each other! But I find it hard talking German all the time, so I find shelter with Hilary. She is from Halifax, perfect for an English escape if needed!

Monday, June 28, 2010

lots of news

woot woot, I am going on vacation soon. I have 5 days left of work and then I will take off and I will be out and about to Spain. For 2 whole weeks. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Okay, okay, okay. I know I can't leave without getting you all the news from here. So here you go read well and enjoy.
So after all the stupid incidents with Mike I went to Archie to get out of my boxing contract. I think that I have more then the right to have that contract canceled without any penalty. Anyways, Archie scheduled a meeting with him, Mike and me. Ridiculous. So during the meeting Archie was like all about that Mike and I have to get along and stuff. Wait, wait wait, you getting something wrong here. I am not working with Mike or for the gym, therefore I do not have to get along with anyone here. I pay to receive the service of well trained boxing classes. So I am actually partly paying Mike's paycheck. Then Archie wanted me to go back for one class at least to give Mike a chance. As if I would not have given Mike enough chances already. Anyways I told Archie even I wanted to I could not return to class because I would not receive training. You should have seen his look. Man, I enjoyed that one. So I explained to Archie, while Mike was sitting right next to me, that due to the new rule and the big sign I would not receive training. Archie had no clue about the sign Mike put up. It said: no shoes, no gloves, NO TRAINING!!!
Hahahahahaahaha, Mike's head turned fire red! I am not even kidding, fire red. I really enjoyed that one too. So the result of that meeting was that Archie can not cancel my boxing membership! Sucks, but I am not done yet. As Joey likes to say: it's Biba's way or NO way! So, I started to complain to who ever was at the gym from the headoffice. Terry, Steve, Michelle! I talked to all of them. And finally I got what I wanted and even more. Michelle gave me 6 months free gym membership. Which is the same amount of money as my remaining boxing memebrship. I am still on the boxing contract, so if a miracle happens I can still go back to classes and continue boxing/kickboxing/MMA. Which is awesome. Then I received a call from Michelle on friday at my hotel and she was asking me a favor. Mark Waters had given her my work number, she needed a room. Well, guess what? I showed her what customer service is. And Mark Waters wants to set up a meeting with me to negotiate rates and to make up for what Mike screwed up! Nice, eh!
Besides that I am pulling the strings now at my hotel. I got a promotion, which makes me Guest Service Manager. And since we not really have a General Manager, well you can imagine! I am enjoying the new position and I guess my team is okay with me taking over.
Last weekend I took off and went down south Ontario to see my cousin. Just as I mentioned before. My cousin is the very best ever. She threw me a hug birthday BBQ. Holy, there were people I have never met before but it was so much fun! I was in the pool all afternoon long, throwing the kids up and down. Getting burned in the sun. I chilled in the hammock, ate the best BBQ ever and just enjoyed myself. It was only for the weekend but coming back home to Kingston yesterday felt like I was gone for a week.
So, I talked to your mom the other day and she told me September 27th would be the new date. Geez, that is a long time, but not that far away no more. And as I said before, you dare play with the thought of pleeding guilty just for the heck of it! You didn't do any so you are NOT guilty!
Okay, I guess that is that for now. You behae and stay away from trouble! Guess we see you September 28th in Kingston. It's about time you get back in shape, that Buddah Belly keeps growing, eh! Miss ya much!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


so yesterday something really uncool happened at class and I was ready to leave before I could do something stupid. Yeah I almost got myself in trouble, lol. So, I was on the speedbag and all of a sudden something really heavy fell down on my head. OMG, it hurt and I was ready to pass out. Well, everybody was looking at me like I was an alien. I looked down to my feet and there it was a 2 pound weight. Wtf??? I looked up and there was the second weight right on the edge of falling down. Some stupid idiot had put the 2 weights on top of the speed bag. So I picked up the one that fell on my head and the one on the speed bag and put them on the desk. Mike and Tyler were laughing there freaking asses of. Yes, they were laughing at me! I was in pain, ready to just leave. But hey I heard I was a trooper. So I stayed in class. After about 10min, the bump on my head really hurt so I went out to get a wet cold cloth to cool the selling. Walking back in class with that cloth Mike came to me and started making fun like: did you hurt your little head, does it hurt??? bla bla bla Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I was mad. I looked at him and just told him to F**CK off! Yes, I did. In front of everybody I did tell him to f**k off. Felt good but not good enough.
I also talked to Terry about Mike making those comments about you in class. You know, Terry the Sales VP or so. Terry was pretty upset about it and thanked me for letting him know. So, I hope he will sit little Mike down and tell him to behave.
Anyways, no worries my head is fine, I had heavier things fall on my head. A couple days of headache and a nice bruse on my forehead. YEAH!
So, I am getting ready for a weekend trip to my cousins down southern Ontario. You know just for the weekend before I will leave for Spain. And let me tell you I have the most amazing cousins in the whole wide world! My one cousin and his wife cancel a camping trip to see me, my other cousin is throwing a family BBQ for me with everybody. So all my 4 cousins and their families will be there! That is amazing and I can't wait to see them. Haven't seen them for a while. Hopefully the weather will be nice so I can take advantage of my cousins pool or even hop into lake Huron. Yeah, I do go swimming, just not in gym pools that are full of burning chlorine! lol
I also talked to your mom the other day. I hope she is doing fine. I heard she did hurt her elbow and it isn't healing as good as she would like to. So, she said she was spending lots of time at the emergency room. That really sucks much. And she told me your trial date is set for September 27th, 2010. Yeah! That is coming up soon. Only 13 more weeks, and since 13 is my lucky number I know you gonna have luck this time. And what did your mom say as well? Oh yeah she said something like you are being tired of being in Quinte. Well, here is the deal, you did NOT do anything wrong so stay strong and fight for your rights! Do not make that BS be another stupid record on your file. Just because somebody is trying to fool around with you. You know you have all the support out here that you could possibly have. There are people out here that are having your back! So by all means stay strong and fight for your right, have not anyone take your pride away! You are an amazing person with a good heart, stay like that, eventually it will all turn out good!
There is always sunshine after rain! Even after the biggest thunderstorm!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

lots of changes

not that lately a lot of things were changing already, no no no, there is more to come. I will stop working 2 jobs. hahahaha no I am good, I just do not need it no more. Why? Well, call me genius! I got a promotion. Not just a promotion no no no I got the one I wanted. Yeeeeehaaaaaw!
Anyways here we go with the news from the gym: Joey is doing fine. I think he is the last man standing! lol Haven't seen James for ever, think he already moved back to Kitchener. Too bad he was doing a good job. Julie is gone gone and oh gone! After her talk she basically packed up her stuff and left. There is rumor that the gym is trying to convince her to come back, well good luck on that.
Mike the boxing dude, oh man he still drives me bananas! Telling you he is unbelievable. So last week he almost walked out without return, but Archie gave in and gave him a raise and weekends off!!! And then last week he came to class complaining about that they promised him all the money to buy all the equipment he wanted for class and that now they won't give it to him. Well, guess what? We could all have told you that that would happen. He was really upset, after he organized the bootcamp were people actually pay $25 (members) or $50 (non-members) and they still do not give him the money. And he teaches bootcamp on his own time without pay! Stupid idiot! I had to go out because I could not hold on laughing! That was a fun class, he was pretty upset and all red in the face. He was pairing us up on the bags and had us practice different punching combination. I didn't hear the next combination so I asked Becky what it was, but she didn't know either. So I asked Mike he was so upset that he just repeated the combination and then added tat I should do whatever I want to do, since this is what I do anyways. Excuse me??? What an idiot.
Oh and her comes the worst! And you need to promise me that you won't do anything stupid before you keep reading. Promised? You sure? Okay here you go: the one class a couple weeks ago Mike had us on the target mits and on my turn he said I should punch harder. So I told him I do not need to punch harder but I need to get quicker. He said: don't be afraid just punch harder, I won't hit you back, I am not like Corey who hits women!" WOW! I was speechless! What the FUCK! So I asked him why he made that comment. All he could say was that he read all your paperwork that the gym had and if I knew what you are in jail for? Well, excuse me, yes I know but it shouldn't be any of his business and he shouldn't be making any of these comments. He doesn't even know you! Ohhhh, believe me I was really mad and I told him he better not say stuff like it no more! And believe me I will have a chat with either Marc or someone higher up when I get them between my fingers. That is big bullshit, he should not even have had any access to those papers in the first place.
Well, that would be it for today! I will keep you updated!
Stay out of trouble!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


hope you are doing better than I am right now. No, I am doing physically fine it's just that I doubt myself right now. Not sure if I can do everything I want to do and so on. You know with me picking up a part-time job and then also wanting to keep up my work out every day and so on. I mean I have come so far already with my work out and it makes me feel so good, but at the same time I really need that part-time job. I have some plans and they involve that I might go back to university. So, want to get some money set aside before I start that whole project "back to school". Besides that, I sometimes wonder and wish I could know what people think about me. Why people are grumpy at me or why they react the way they do. But it seems like nobody in this freaking world is open enough to speak about it. It really annoys me and bothers me the same time. It breaks my self confidence.
I talked the other day with Joey for a long time. And we also came about to talk why I am still in contact with you and why I did help with the letters and stuff and so on. Well, I explained to Joey that I feel and always felt like I could tell you everything that bothered me and you would listen with an open ear and it would make me understand myself sometimes better and that makes me fell protected. Hahahahahahaaa, not in a physical way, more in a way that I could trust you. Just like a big brother. That's what a good friend is all about, at least for me. A friend should be like family! Anyways, I shouldn't bother you with that. Right! You got way more important things to worry and think about. And by the way I am supposed to keep you updated on any news at the gym.
So here you go. Julie was back on friday. Really weird. I got to talk to her quickly, she said she was only back to talk to the big boss (not Marc but the guy above Marc). So she was back at the gym but not officially. She was just running around and talking to members. So I am not to sure yet if she got what she wanted and therefore is still at the gym or if she is gone for good. She was out for about 2 weeks and you know what? She looked really relaxed. After all the last weeks where she was almost running the freaking gym on her own she really needed that time out! I also told her that I went to see you and she said I have to pass on a HELLO for her! Here you go: HELLO, from Julie!
Mark, the personal trainer is not at the gym no more. Not sure if he quite or if they fired him. Apparently, he was training people of the books and just using the gyms facilities to train his clients. That is at least what Mike (the new boxing dude) told me. But Mike doesn't talk to any one in the gym. Not to any members outside the boxing club neither to any people working there. But Archie, he talks to Archie. So, Mike is planning a boxing boot camp in the first week of June. He charges $25 for boxing members and $50 for non-members. And as of him all this money goes straight back to the boxing club. So he can get training gear and stuff. You know more gloves, pads and so on. and he also wants a ring installed in the boxing club. I might have mentioned that before. He says he can get a custom made ring 12x12 for about $7.000! Yeah right as if the gym is gonna pay for that! Good luck, dude!
Krista is ready for her Half Marathon. She said she wants to try and run it below 2 hours. I think if she even makes it to the end that would be pretty respectful already!
Becky moved in my neighborhood. Her first own place. And next month on her birthday she is gonna get a german shepherd.
Steve I think is not coming no more. Haven't seen him for a while and I am pretty sure his membership was up too.
Morgan struggles with his little brother. His brother wants to take steroids to get bigger. Bigger in a way of more muscles. He is at the gym everyday lifting weights like a maniac. So Morgan is worried now that his brother is going way to far and is under the wrong influence. He tries to watch him as much as he can and tries to convince him to stay away from all the chemical crap.
Tyler became best friends with Mike! You should see the 2 of them. OMG! I can't stand it. I am glad for every class that Tyler can't make it!
Oh and I forgot to tell you that about 2 months ago Marc Waters walked into the boxing club and took down your sand bag! He wheeled it himself out of the gym. Not sure where exactly he took it too. So, when you come back you should claim that bag back! How else are you supossed to harden your chins??? lol
So, what is new on your side? Any new trouble you got yourself in too? I hope not! Haven't had a chance to talk to your mom lately. Been pretty busy. Will have to give her a call sometime this week.
Well, so much for today. You behave, please! You know you can't risk any serious trouble!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

banned form the gym and arrangments with the crown

hey ho man,
yeppers it's time again for me to put some words down on paper. lol
So, listen to this new story from the gym, it is the absolute truth and just happened today. Ian (the previous boxing instructor) has/had a gym membership. So today he goes in to work out and get his rehab in the private clinic for his back but they deniy him access to the gym. The hand him a paper saying his membership has been canceled and he is banned from the Premier Fitness Property. If he should try to trespass they would have to call the police on him. This is just unreal. I am telling you, they are going insane at the gym. All this just because he quite his job, because they weren't paying him correctly. They still own him money! I hope they do not bane me from the gym, lol... Poor Ian, now he has to find somewhere else for his rehab and his work out. I hope someone at Goodlife will be able to set him up. You should see Ian's facebook, man it is going crazy. Everybody is commenting on the situation, hahahahaaaaa.
I guess I mentioned that Julie quite too. Oh geez, who is going to be left? Julie is gone, James leaves soon to Kitchener and Joey is done with his time by the end of the year. I barely know the faces at the gym no more. And I am there every day. No more fun! Really just no more fun at all.
Anyways, you will see yourself when you get back here.
So, I just asked Alysa about your trial date and she said it was in September. Hmmmpfffff.... Not cool! But she also said you are trying to get something arranged to see the crown earlier or so. Man, I do not have a clue about all that stuff. Anyways, I think everything that is legal to try to get you back home is cool. The sooner the better. And that guy that got you in the miserable situation needs to pay his bill too. Hey, you know that you need to let me know if I can help you with anything, eh? Just let me know, please. I hope by then the dude (Mike boxing instructor) has given up and has left too. Just so you can take the spot that was always yours.
Mike is driving me really crazy! Not only is he still bothering me that I should fight an official fight, no he is also making fun of me in front of me and laughing about me with Tyler. Oh Corey, he is making me really angry! How can a person be so immature?
Oh, yeah I told ya I am going to Spain in July for 2 weeks. The flight cost me a fortune so now that I need money to spend on the trip I am actually starting a part time job. Eugene is a friend of mine, you met him once at the gym. Anyways, he is opening up a really nice restaurant in Kingston and he needed a hostess. Paaahahahahaha, so he asked me if I could help him out. Why not, it's only part time and if I miss 1 or 2 out of the 6 classes the week I will save myself from having a heart attack anyways. I gonna be super busy!!!
But enough of me. How is your back? Is the new medication helping you? I really hope it does. Back pain is one of the worst pains.And if the medications work you could actually start working on your lost abs, lol. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you, hahahahaaaa! But you showed me your buddah belly yourself! It was just too funny.
Oh ya one more thing I always forgot to mention. Becky said that when you come back if you could please not be angry anymore. I guess we all like you better smiley and bubbly!
And to make that happen you better stay away from trouble makers. We do not like trouble makers. No, no, noooooo!
And just in case we all really have to wait until September to see ya again, meeh, I will just make sure we have an extra long summer then. I promised sun, you will have sun!

Monday, May 17, 2010


hey you, should I still be calling you Troubles! lol Hope you are behaving yourself right now. No I am not your mom, I am just worried that if you get yourself in trouble everything will be harder to get you out.
Okay, have you heard anything yet about a trial date for you? I have seen James today and I passed on your hello. He was asking about the news. I gave him the quick break down. He is moving to Kitchener in a few months, at least that's what I heard. Then it will only be Joey left at the gym. Everybody else is gone. More than time for you to return.
I was thinking about Ruan leaving a message for you. So, here is what I thought: if he can get you a real nice job and if that would help you to get a bail or so you should do it. I really mean it. You could still come and work out at Premier every day (which I hope you would do, because I am not switching gym) and then when they see you working out and heading to work for the competition they will offer you a job very quickly and then you could drop Goodlife and come back to Premier. I do not care where you work, as long as it gets you out and back home.
Different topic, back to the new/old struggle. This new dude is really not someone I could like. Well, at least not now. So, I get to class today and it seemed like I was going to be the only one. So he tries to threaten me with extra work out and stuff. Yeah, no, not working! lol Anyways, Tyler came like 10 min. later and Shawn too. Shawn is new, much fun guy! Anyways, so he slowed down the work out. Yes, it is more a work out than boxing. Anyaways, during class he comes to me and says he has me registered for a fight in 3 months, bla bla bla... So I just reply: well, you gonna be the only one there, waiting for me. I won't show up! Not fighting for ya, man!
I knew he was just saying it, but now he starts making fun of me in front of others. I am not liking that at all. You know me, I am not very much self-confident and he is crushing the little bit of self confidence that I have with those stupid comments. Saying I am so tough and hard, bla bla bla and then laughing with Tyler about it. Yeah no, I don't like that! First of all it is very unprofessional and besides that it hurts people feelings.
He also talks on the phone during class. Yes, while teaching he just calls random friends and talks, or he picks up phone calls. Then he favors students. Today it was only Tyler, Shawn and me and he was doing stuff with Tyler all the time. Shawn and I were kinda on our own. Everybody seems to like him though. Morgan is already running errands for him! Would have never thought Morgan was a puppy like that. lol
The other day after class, Mike actually tried to convince that girl (Tina) to go and buy protein shakes and she should have one after her work out or class. And he said I should get my own boxing gloves and stuff. Yeah no, not getting any. Hand wraps are good enough, they worked just fine with you as well as with Ian. They will do just fine for him too!
I was off on sunday. Woot Woot! My first sunday in forever! So I went on a 3hrs 1000 Island Cruise. It was for free, through work. It was just amazing. I love being on the water. But geez, I got burned! lol My face looks just like a lobster. I think I will peel in a few days. Luckily I came and visit you before I got burned, lol. This is so embarrassing running around like a lobster face. People give me the weird looks. Meeh, well, what can I do. I did put on sun screen, really I promise I did. It just doesn't work with my skin.
Oh yeah, before I forget, I will attach a copy of the Petition to my letter. So you get to read what we wrote and how people think you are. And that's why they all signed for you. To bad I do not have a copy of the letters, I could have copied them and attached them for you to read. I was positive surprised to read some of them. It is really amazing what people where writing about you.
So much for today. As always know that you are missed and please do not get yourself in trouble.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

everybody is leaving...

went to the gym today for boxing class. Talked to Pat from the desk. Well she had her last day friday, so she ain't working there no more. She told me that Julie has left as well. She just walked out, she must have been fed up with all the bull shit going on at the gym. So Julie the good soul of the mademoiselle is gone too!!! That really sucks. She was also a active supporter of yours. Hmpf...
Got to see Joey so I passed on the Hello of yours. He was happy to hear that you are doing fine. He was laughing about me telling him about your Buddha belly and the orange shirt and short.
Okay, rewinding my visit I have to say you also lost some of your arm muscles. Your arms didn't look as big no more, as they were. Doubt though that you are not able to fight no more, lol. But you are right you need to get your hands back on some free weights. It's gonna be fun watching you when you back at the gym, starting off with the lighter weights and not the super heavy ones. "AWKWARD!"
So I want to declare one more time that I do NOT like that new dude, doing the boxing classes. He makes me angry. Like really angry. Can you imagine me being angry? hahahaaaa He is just a dump ass. Pardon my language, lol. So he does some core exercises with me and the other girl (she is new at class). Starting with sit ups and a 4 pound ball. So we did 10, but with Ian we trained those ones with the 12 pound ball. So for the second round I asked him for the 12 pound ball, since I am not getting my work out. His comment: "oh, you are trying to be hard, eh!" Oh, Corey, I am telling you I was angry! Really angry. No, I am not trying to play hard, I want my work out! Dump ass! No, I did not say it, but thought it a few times. Then he starts talking about getting a 12x12 boxing ring in the the boxing club, it only costs about $7000. Yeah right as if Premier is going to pay for that! *muahahahaha* Then when he was done talking about his vision of the boxing ring he comes and asks me if he would sign me up in a competitive fight if I would fight? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wouldn't. Not for you, dump ass. Why I am taking boxing classes? Well, for the work out! Ever thought about that? Geez, really I am telling you this dude is messed up. So during a break I ask him about what else besides boxing he will train us in. Well, guess what? Only boxing, nothing else. He is not into all that MMA stuff! He doesn't consider it real fighting. I am not kidding you, I have never heard anything more stupid than this! So I just give him the silence treatment. At least my anger makes me work out more and harder. So much to my day at the gym today. Unbelievable, but true!
So, what's going on with you? Anymore trouble you got yourself into? Ever tried not to be the leader of everybody? Yeah, no doesn't go with your personality! I hear ya. Well, as long as you do not get yourself in anymore trouble, please.

Friday, May 14, 2010


finally I was able to get to see you. And it felt amazing to see for myself that you are still yourself. Well at least as much as you can.
The orange looks awesome on you, lol. No for real, orange is a good color, muahahahaaaaa. I didn't tell you that I even had my toe nails with orange nail polish. Like for real, orange nail polish. But I guess we matched anyways, since I was wearing my "wu sien" shirt. Made it myself, was a heck of work but totally worth it.
So, that was my first time in a detention centre. Before I moved to Kingston I never had a friend that liked to hang out in those establishments. But it must be true what they say about Kingston, eh.
Coming to Napanee, I thought I would find my way anyways so I didn't ask your mom or Alysa how exactly it would all work. Geez, I must have had a blond moment. I didn't see all the big, giant signs saying VISITOR'S PARKING! So, I ended up calling your mom anyways. What a nice lady she is. She was actually thinking about calling me and giving me all the information last night. So, with her help I was able to see all those big signs telling me where to go.
That lady at the main entrance is a real nice lady. Very friendly. I felt like walking into a 5-star hotel with bars in front of the windows. That lady had to explain me 3 times where I had to go, lol. I just wanted to make sure I am not getting lost in between all these bars.
Seeing you was amazing. As I like to say it was about time. Geez, what I liked your Buddah Belly! Hilarious! You and a Buddah Belly, I wish I would have had a camera. That is a picture worth. I could feel that you are struggling and that it must be hard for you to wake up day by day and being still there. But you had your moments where I could see that you haven't lost your humor. And I am glad that you still have that. Make sure you won't let anyone take that away, it might be hard right now but eventually all will work out just fine and you will have your freedom.
To bad we only had so little time to talk, I guess I have to wait until you are back out to get all my questions answered. I make sure I will have a list ready for you, it will come with the chocolate. lol
Holy moly, it was so loud in that room. I hardly understood everything that you were saying. And these "chairs", not made for me, not at all. So uncomfortable, I haven't had that in for a long time. But I guess they don't want you (me) to get to comfy. I could enjoy it so much talking to you through a glass window that I decided to stay, eh. lol
I will make sure to pass on all the HELLOs for the others at the gym. They will be happy to hear that you are doing fairly well.
And hey, though guy, don't feel bad only because I write you letters. It gives me something to do at work and I think it will give you something to do and actually stay out of trouble. lol
Besides, isn't it nice every now and then to receive that nice old fashioned letter? I wish I would receive one every odd day. And how are you supposed to know what's going on at the gym if I won't keep you updated? Hah, I can see ya smiling right now! I am right! YEAH!
Okay, for today I guess we have talked enough. But not enough for the following: stay out of trouble!!! Please! It' s the only favor I ask you for. Eventually I hope to see ya back at the gym, loosing your belly!

finally get to see you

so I finally get to see you. I mean it was about time! Haven't seen you since January. I am super excited to see you again. Your mom and Alysa actually helped me with the visiting days and hours, I truly appreciated that. It makes it much easier for me. I still have no clue where I would have to go. I just know that I have to bring 2 picture IDs, well no prob here I have actually 3 in my wallet. lol
I hope we have some stuff to talk about and we won't end up in those awkward moments. You know, total silence, starring, feet shuffling on the floor, etc...
But I think there is enough to catch up on, and maybe some more to talk about. Oh man, I am really excited.
Okay, I gotta get ready, don't want to be late, not today! See ya in a bit...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


could I have done more to get the necessary things done to get you back home? Sometimes I think I did not do all I could have done. The day that your mom was waiting for the call from Archie or Mark to go and pick up that letter I was at the gym. I could have gone to them and could have reminded them that little time was left to get that letter written.
Isn't it all about following up? After talking to Archie weeks ago I should have followed up with him. I should have asked him every time I saw him. And why did I not have the guts to say that he needs to man up. If he really wanted you back why could he not convince corporate office? Or was he just sweet talking me so I would let him go? Geez, it is really bothering me if he was just sweet talking me.
And why would Mark promise your mom that he would go ahead and write that letter on time and then he didn't do it? That was a really cheap trick. Makes me sick thinking about it. How can you be such a mean person to play those tricks on others. I mean if he had no interest what so ever in hiring you back why would he not say so? Aren't we all adults and can we not talk about it? I can see that in the interest of the company there are certain concerns about your employment, but just talk about it. Let those ones know that have to rely on you. I am pretty sure if Mark would have expressed the concerns you would have understood. Yes it would have been disappointing, but not as much as that flat out lie to you and your mom. That was not fair at all.
Maybe it is for the better you won't be working for them. I mean you are the best in what you do. At least in this area. I doubt that anyone in Kingston or eastern Ontario has you skills. So it is actually there loose not hiring you back. And someone out there will be able to appreciate your knowledge and get you a good job. There are a lot of gyms and martial arts places in Kingston.
I wish I would know more people out here, I would for sure spread the word for you and make them hear about you.
I am not sure how you make it through all that big BS. I would be freaking out for sure. Even I knew there is not much that can be done. lol
Well, soon you will be back home. You never know there might be a miracle happening or so.
Until then as always stay out of trouble!

Monday, May 10, 2010

let's start all over again....

man I really thought this time we really had you out and on your way back home again. But life had another plan for you and us. Right now I am not liking that plan what so ever. Seriously, what is the sense of you being half way between Peterborough and Kingston, while you should be in Kingston? What is the sens of me having to go through another instructor while there is one out there that would be capable of instructing exactly what I want to learn? What is the sense of having your mom struggle through all this again, while there is no serious reason for the freaking situation. What is the sense of Alysa having to suffer and not being able to enjoy your company while she wants to support you and be there for you? I do not understand it. Do you?
Ian gave his notice and since May 1st we were without an instructor. There was so much hope you would get that chance to come back and it would have been just perfect. But no, it wasn't meant to be. Today I go to the gym just for my regular work out, not expecting a new dude there for classes. While walking up the stairs to my beloved cardio machines I see all these new pictures hanging on that little spot of wall, where your grandpa's gloves used to hang. The whole strip of wall is covered in pictures. What the hell is going on here??? Of course, it had to be someone new that was trying to take over classes. So I am doing my cardio program and peek over to the boxing club every now and then, and finally here he is. Talking to "big man" Archie. Geez, the dude looks like he is only 20 years old! For real. I mean how could I take him serious? Does he know what he is doing? Anyways, today I won't have time to join class, I meet up with friends I haven't seen for a while. But I text all the others and let them know there is a new guy and there might be class.
After meeting up with my friends I get home. Sure enough I check my mails and facebook and stuff. And here it is a message from Ian. Saying the new dude knows his stuff and I should go and "soak it in". Ehm, nope. Not gonna happen! So I officially declared on my facebook status that I do refuse to like the new boxing instructor! People might consider it childish, I think it is more than my right. The first instructor I had was amazing, but unfortunately he was taken away! The second instructor was much different and I gave him the well deserved chance to proof himself. He did and I appreciated his hard work. I am not gonaa put all that effort in the new dude again, so that in about 3 months I have to start all that all over again. I want the first instructor back! Pretty simple, I would guess!
Too bad that won;t happen anytime soon. Because you are not here and you won't be here for a while.
So I took all my strength together and call the Detention Centre, to find out what I have to do to come and visit you. It is pretty simple, 2 picture IDs, that's it! I can come anytime, just have to make sure you haven't had your 2 visits yet. Unbelievable, but they really restrict you to 2 visits per week only. So, here is a new challenge. Now I have to coordinate with your mom and Alysa to make sure I am not taking any of their visits away. Thinking about it, I came up with different options, like I could come either with your mom or Alysa. Which could be considered only 1 visit. But then I assume you would want to be alone with Alysa, or you would have to talk important things over with your mom, which I would be totally in the way. Then how will I find out if you even wanted me to come and stop by? Would you really want to be entertained by the crazy German? I wish it would be much easier to communicate with you. But I do not want you to call me and spend all your money on those ridiculous phone calls. You should spend that money on more important phone calls. So, I am trying to have your mom check for me if you would be fine with me stopping by and saying HEY! So far no answer from your mom yet! I tried to call her yesterday, but she must have been busy, at least she didn't answer the phone. I hope she got my text message. I really want to come and see you.
I am also not getting any new information anymore. I do not know when the trial is, or what is going on. After all our hopes got destroyed, total silence fell over the world. Well, at least over the possible news. What am I gonna do with all the yummy chocolate that I have sitting in my secret stash, waiting for your return? For sure Ia m not going to eat it all myself, besides I am no big fan of it either.
Well, there are lots of questions that need to be answered in the near future. Until then I would say: stay out of trouble and make sure you doing fine. I hope I get to see you anytime soon.
Miss ya lots!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I did it again!

Hey you! Be prepared I gonna beat ya on the treadmill soon! Last Wednesday I did 45 minutes at 7.0 speed!!! Working on your 9.0 speed, believe me soon I gonna beat ya!
So, nothing big happened besides that. All the same old here in Kingston. The gym is still as crazy as always. I would say even worse. This morning I had to discuss my rights being in the boxing club again for about 15 min. The new girl there was super rude. She was saying she does not know about a key being at the front desk, bla bla bla... and just turned around and left me standing there. I went behind her and said: Excuse me! I know ther eis a key, bla bla bla... Explaining her where the key is and what it looks like and she still did not wanted to give it to me.
Like seriously, do I have to go through this every time I go there? Man, I was so upset!
Anyways, Joey is back at the gym working again! Only on the weekends but he is back. At least someone to talk to that is not crazy.
Ian is asking about your case all the time too. So I give him the heads up on it too. He is a cool guy. Lot's of fun and a good coach. But sooooo much different from your classes.

We have 5 days left until your big day. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope all goes well. Guess I see you soon, the sunshine is ordered.

Monday, March 29, 2010

time for the truth...

Oh, I am so angry right now. So, I guess it is time for the truth!
Remember the morning Alysa and you trained together for the very first time? Well, I was there too, and you asked me a couple days later why I did not say Hello, or if I did not see you? Well, guess what I saw you and I saw Alysa too. And when she walked in the gym and I saw the time it struck me like a lightning. I knew what was going on that very moment. Seriously, I like her and she is a nice girl and super friendly and stuff, but I can't stand her near you. Walking from the ladies area to the every bodies area and seeing what I knew I was seeing made my breath stuck. I turned right away, pretending not to see you or her. Well I had said Hello to Alysa already when she walked in the gym. So I walked right up to my treadmill, and started running like a maniac. listening to the same song over and over again. Keeping me pounding and running. I was mad, really mad.
Now circumstances have changed and it gets even harder for me. I thought I would be fine dealing with the situation that she would have more contact to you, than me. But, I am trying to get all these people together and make them write letters and sign the petition. I try to contact people that I have never spoken to before. Like seriously, I am doing all the work. I understood Alysa had no time to help during reading week, but now? She could come to the gym and talk to people like I do. Or she could have clicked when I told her I was off the very Thursday April 8th, when you would have your appointment and she is going. She could have offered for me to come along. I would have done so, if I would have been her. I know I would, I would have thought that the more friendly faces would be a stronger support for you. No, nothing! And now I am receiving this e-mail saying she has visited you and she will be visiting you again tomorrow. Arrrrrrrrggggghhh! I know you are fine and you are looking forward to see her probably more than me, but I am still a friend worrying about you. I just had 10 minutes to talk to you on the phone, haven't seen you since January. I mean I just want to know for myself.
I probably shouldn't been thinking like I do, but it just drives insane. Maybe it drives me as insane as it drives you insane to be locked up.
Anyways, I can't wait for you to be back in town. I really miss you to be around!
Just 9 more days, okay!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

it is about time...

Hey, haven't been writing much lately, just because everything here is kinda crazy. But I know I shouldn't be complaining at all. Anyways, Haven't forgotten about you. Believe me there is not a single day I am not thinking off you.
The letters I am collecting from everybody are doing pretty good. I got a good number and mixture of letters together. And in addition to that I started to get the Petition out there. All I can say so far is, that most people are not hesitating to sign for you. I find it awesome and amazing that people most likely not even bother to read the petition. See, you got a few friends out here.
The gym is crazy as always and I think, no better, I strongly believe that the kickboxing class/group and Ian are the only normaly functioning people there.
Karen has resigned and has left already. But before she left she has seen Scott's and Sid's termination papers. So the 2 guys are not coming back for sure. Right now Jason, a corporate guy is running the gym. Funny, he is wearing the same white dress shirt and blue tie everyday. And as far as I heard with the same stains too. Ruan has resigned too. Ruan actually resigned without any notice. He came back from his trip to South Africa and the next day he was gone. But corporate had already someone taking over his job. So Archie is running the show in the Health Center right now. Archie is that big chubby and build guy with an asian face from Toronto. So corporate is trying to find him an apartment or a house here in Kingston. Ridiculous but true!!!
I also met with Alysa the other day to hand over some more letters and to catch up on news. I can't wait for April 8th, and the info what the NPB decided on your case. I always think how it would be, to be locked up majority of the time. And I have to be honest, I could not do it. It would drive me insane to only be in my room. So I can totally see you pacing up and down the floor/room.Not sure how you do it, but promise me to stay out of any kind of trouble for the remaining few days. Will see ya soon, I already put in the order for sunshine.
Miss you lots here!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's, well at least at Denny's

I finally got to meet Alysa after such a long time. And it was so good to talk to her. You got a fine woman there and you better keep her close and not let her go again.
We talked about everything. About her play and her role as Portia, the gym and what's going on there and of course you and how we get you out. So we have that master plan made up and I am pretty sure it will all work out perfectly. I will be still collecting as many letters for you as possible and after the 23rd we will have a petition ready for all those to sign that are too lazy to get something tipped up for you. I mean seriously, people, it only takes a couple minutes and not more. And while talking about letters, oh man this is hilarious. Steve wrote you a nice letter, it was just that he did write it on a ripped out piece of paper. hahahahhahahaha, I guess I could say: "Men!"
And his workmate Jeff, you might remember him, he attended a couple classes, was even better. He just scribbled something on an even smaller piece of paper that was ripped out somewhere. Well, no hope lost here, I took the initiative and tipped them up and had them signed. So all good. I went to the Play it Again Sports store in Frontenac Mall, you know, where you always took your students to get hand wraps. And Jim, he works there, remembered you coming in often and after I gave him a brief explanation about your situation he will be writing a letter for you too. Isn't that awesome? He was really nice and understood right away and had no problem to give you that reference. I am still trying to track down Sam and her husband, but I was told she will be working today. Yeah, so I will stop by the Chit Chat Cafe before gym and see if I get to talk to her. You see, we got everything covered for you! Hope to see ya soon! Stay out of trouble!

Friday, March 12, 2010

unexpected phone call

okay that was the best thing that could have happened to me today. Work isn't that exciting tonight, so I grab my cell and started texting several people. While being busy for 5 min. at work I missed a call from some number I did not know. But I was so curious that I called back to find out. And within a minute I find myself talking to your mom. WOW! And here I find out it was you that tried to call me. YEAH!!! Geez, your mom was super friendly. So after chatting to her for like 2 minutes she directs your call to me. *speechless* I am so happy to hear you. Good to know that you are still kinda okay. You even joke a little around. It is good to hear that you have found some ways to teach again, even it is not the same as here with your crazy class. I swear you have no chatty chickens there, and no Steve you can use as punching bag, lol. But at least you teach them to become a willow tree in the wind. So April 8th, is gonna be the big day. I will make sure I think off you and keep my fingers crossed all day long. I will trouble everybody to write those letters and make sure they get there on time, promised! Thanks so much for calling, you won't believe how that made my day! Can't wait to see ya, so let's set that date for April 20th, 2010! I know it will work out just fine!!!

Tiger Balm

Oh do I miss Tiger Balm. How I got to think of that? Good question. Well, I was thinking about how Ian manages to make us sweat so much more than you did through classes but he never made me be so sore the day after like you did. So for the longest time I did not have to use my Tiger Balm. lol
Okay, I got a letter from Becky for your NPB hearing and Bevan dropped one off with Ian today. I got to talk to Renee too and she said she was going to write one too, hope she will so. Julie is just super over worked and Karen promised she will have the letter on Monday early morning. I guess Morgan had one dropped off with Ian too yesterday so let's hope he remembered. Not sure about Steve. I hope he did drop off a couple letters with my roomie. They work together so that is pretty convenient for him. I can't wait to meet Alysa on Monday and get all the news on you.
Another thing I was thinking about lately is your hair. Geez, they better let you cut it otherwise you can start braiding those corn rolls. Hope you will be out soon and we can catch up and go for a coffee. So stay out of trouble and we will see ya soon out in the sun!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ui ui ui, here we go. Now I have to come up with a letter to the NPB. I mean it wouldn't be a big deal for most people but I am not the most talented person in putting words on paper. Let me talk to who ever and I convince them that I rule the world. But putting that down on paper, that is a different story. Anyways, I still have a couple days time until I meet with Alysa, so I will push that letter a little bit.
Not sure if I maybe should write up some letters. I mean different kind of letters so that people just need to sign them with their names and good is. Everybody I have talked to is very willing to help you out here, but noone seems to have time to put words on paper. I guess that would be the usual bla bla bla YES we help. But nothing will happen. I hope that all these people will stick to their word and write that letter. I also went to the coffee shop in the mall to track down Sam and her husband. I left her a message to call me so I can explain her what is going on. But there was this other ladie and she knows you too, I guess she will write a letter too. Hopefully.
Besides that not much going on. Oh, wait, yep there is something. Shawn got fired. So he is no more problem. Not sure for what exactly, but I think my main concern is that he is not interrupting the classes no more with his wanna-be smartness. lol
Steve asked me for that paper I got from KP with all the restrictions to send stuff to you. I guess he wants to send you some goodies, if he didn't do it yet. He was checking with Ian last week if he would be allowed to send in magazines. Ian has some friends that are in a similar situatuon like you. So they were talking about what Steve was allowed to send in and what not.
Julie is super stressed out at the gym right now. I am not sure what's going on there but they have fired so much staff, almost half of the people are gone. Weird things going on there. Sid is now working the desk too.
Besides that not much going on here. sun is shining and getting ready for spring. So, let's see if we can have a spring celebration coffee together soon. I will meet Alysa next week and talk to her then. So you stick to the usual and stay out of trouble.