Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A trip worth it....

I am back form my 2 weeks vacation. And yes I have to admit it was a blast and worth every minute! I hope you got my postcard collection, I am never too sure what they will let go through to you and what not. But I think I did everything right, the postcards were in an envelope and not sentenced with any fragrances and I saved the lipstick mark for the not exsiting cute guys on the boat, lol! So, as you have seen from my cards I have seen quiet a bit of europe in just a few days. My favorite country and city by far was Malta and it was too bad the wedding was in Malta. But I could have not thought of any better place to get married for my friends than Malta. Everything was just perfect. It was all small and beautiful and intimite, just as they wanted it for their special day. Even the wedding planner had tears in her eyes through out the ceremony. No, I did not cry! Even I was close, but I have to say, I was the only one not crying! And out of the 4 bridesmaids I was the best looking one! pahahaahahahahahaa! So all the worries washed aside about their dresses. They acctually looked pretty cheap and the girls were complaining all day long that it was too hot in their dresses or that the dresses were so stretched at noon that they were falling off, bla bla bla... Good canadian quality saved my a** and made me look just amazing, next to the bride. Of course she was the best looking princess of the day!
Anyways, I better start off at the beginning, let me see if I get everything back together. It was a lot in a short time. Well I took a flight from Ottawa to Washington D.C., and have to say it was a pretty good flight,even it was operated by United. Not a big fan of american airlines. In Washington I had a 6 hour lay over. And because I lived in D.C. for a year and a half I knew the airport well. So I went to the main terminal to get some lunch. OMG, decisions, decisions... I am telling you if you only have 6 hours but you have a FIVE GUYS and a CHIPOTLE to choose from, well that is a challenge! After walking back and forth between the two places I decided for FIVE GUYS. Best Burgers and fries EVER! And promised I was coming for CHIPOTLE on my way back home. Oh I loved my Burger, fries and CHERRY COKE! To bad coke doesn't sell any cherry coke in Canada! After the most delicious lunch I went shopping at the airport. Nope, not clothe shopping. I needed a book for my trip. So I went to the american version of Chapters, which was Borders. And lucky me I still had my Borders membership from when I lived in D.C.! So I bought 2 books, got all the discounts I could have asked for and was really happy! I went and started reading one of my newly purchased books, but I was more fascinated by the airplanes landing and taking off. I find it unbelievable that such heavy things build of mostly steal can fly! After a while I made my way to the gate for my flight to Madrid. This time the flight was operated by Air Lingus. Yeppers, an irish airline. And nope we did not stop in Ireland. Weird eh? That's what I thought but the service was really good. Okay I was glad I had a big FIVE GUYS bruger before the flight, because the on board food is not even enough for a baby. Geez, they serve a hand full of food. Are you kidding me, I am trapped here for 8.5 hours and you just provide me with a lousy hand full of food! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! But I had time in Madrid to grab something for breakfast. You gotta love time zones. I left D.C. in the afternoon and arrived in Spain, Madrid in the morning! Awwwwwww! But I can not recommend to fly over any spanish airports. Damn what a nightmare. So I get of my flight from D.C. and look for signs for the gate for my connecting flight to Palma de Mallorca. Yeah right, now signs. So I walk to the information booth. Since it is marked "Information" I thought I would get information on where I have to go to catch my connecting flight. Yeah, nope! 6 Ladies are behind the counter, one working her nails, one busy on the computer, 2 chatting and the last two just ignoring me. Well, I walk up to the counter and ask, showing my boarding pass for my connecting flight, where I would have to go. Answer: I DO NOT KNOW! What? Okay, so I ask her if she was working here? YES! Okay, so again where do I have to go? I DO NOT KNOW! OMG, I was fuming. So with good luck I started walking in a random direction and luckily it was the right one! I finally made it to the correct gate. My flight 30 minutes late. At that point I was so looking forward seeing my friend, I didn't care about any delays, I just wanted to get there. Leaving Madrid I left rain and clouds behind me. This was the beginning of 10 days burning sunshine and lots of fun!
I finally arrive at the hotel were my friend was already with the rest of the wedding party! I was the last one to arrive. Well, the best comes last! muahahahaha!
I drop my bags and walk to the patio bar and started drinking with the rest of our group! What a start off my vacation! Our group is amazing, everybody just clicks right away with each other! But I find it hard talking German all the time, so I find shelter with Hilary. She is from Halifax, perfect for an English escape if needed!

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