Saturday, April 3, 2010

I did it again!

Hey you! Be prepared I gonna beat ya on the treadmill soon! Last Wednesday I did 45 minutes at 7.0 speed!!! Working on your 9.0 speed, believe me soon I gonna beat ya!
So, nothing big happened besides that. All the same old here in Kingston. The gym is still as crazy as always. I would say even worse. This morning I had to discuss my rights being in the boxing club again for about 15 min. The new girl there was super rude. She was saying she does not know about a key being at the front desk, bla bla bla... and just turned around and left me standing there. I went behind her and said: Excuse me! I know ther eis a key, bla bla bla... Explaining her where the key is and what it looks like and she still did not wanted to give it to me.
Like seriously, do I have to go through this every time I go there? Man, I was so upset!
Anyways, Joey is back at the gym working again! Only on the weekends but he is back. At least someone to talk to that is not crazy.
Ian is asking about your case all the time too. So I give him the heads up on it too. He is a cool guy. Lot's of fun and a good coach. But sooooo much different from your classes.

We have 5 days left until your big day. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope all goes well. Guess I see you soon, the sunshine is ordered.