Monday, February 28, 2011

207 days and nothing but good news

hey you,

thanks for the call yesterday! I am so happy for you that you get to go in front of the parole board to get things straightened out! And in a month, that is super early as well. Isn't it that you usually would have to wait way longer for such an appointment? My fingers are crossed and I hope it will all go well. But if it is the same people as the last time I am not worried. Your mom must be super happy too.
I am on my way to Toronto. Lucky me I got internet on the bus, that givews me something to do for 3hrs. Just like writting you or checking my emails or waiting for that special man to wake up and get online.
Yeppers, I am still seeing the guy I told you about in the last letter. He is really amazing. Last saturday he took me to Ottawa. Just because I have never been there and he wanted to show me around. So we went skating on the Rideau Canal and he bought me a Beavertail to eat and after that he took me to the Parliament Building on a big tour. Keep your fingers crossed that this will work out for longer, because I really like him much. But for now I should get in vacation mood! Woot woot! So this is my plan for my 2 weeks in Germany: arriving Tuesday, chilling spending the day with my parents. Wednesday my sister will come and join us at my parents and my best friend Petra is gonna come too. Thursday, we will get up very early and take the train to Cologne. Dressed in costumes and drinks in the bag! Man the train will be crazy and drinking starts early in the morning. In Cologne we will meet another friend of mine, Tina! She flew in from Ireland to party with us. So party all day and night in Cologne. Friday we will take the train back home to my parents place and just have a chill day and propably a hang over! Saturday we go to the neighbor village and watch the Karneval's Parade and after that go to the big party there. Sunday it's the other neighbor village's parade and party and on monday we will go back to Cologne to watch the big and awesome Parade there. And Monday in Cologne we will meet another friend of mine from Heidelberg to party with.
Tuesday seightseeing in Cologne with my Roomy Jess. I think she either leaves Tuesday or Wednesday to go and meet her relatives in the Netherlands, so as of then I will spend my time driving to Mannheim to meet some friends and spend some days with my parents too! They are already complaining that I won't spend enough time with them, hahahahahahahaaa.
Yes, I will make sure that I take lots of pictures. But I won't promise you that I will behave, it's freaking Karneval. Nobody behaves during Karneval!!!
Anyways, I gotta go and enjoy the trip. Will talk to you as soon as I get back home! cheerio

Monday, February 21, 2011

214 days to go

214 days left, in 2 weeks you will beat the 200 mark. Woot Woot!
So I heard from your mom you are in Collins Bay and you got a cell all to yourself. I am glad that it worked out well for you. This way you have no one interrupting you and you won't have to sleep on the floor either.
I bet your mom told you I had a date. Hahahahahahaaa, come on you can be proud of me. It worked out very well. The guy is really nice and we even meet the following day again. He is lots of fun and we actually get along very well. He went to Totonto for the long weekend but I got a message from him everyday, wishing me a nice day or a good night. Oh now, come on be happy for me, will ya. I will make sure when you are out I will get your approval, but until then you will have to live with it as it is, lol.
Oh you wanna know more about him, okay: he is 31, works as an IT Coordinator for Queen's University. He is a bit taller than me not much though, brown eyes and brown hair. He for sure is not as build as you or any guy at the gym but that's not what is important.
He took me bowling the other day, he tried to let me win but I sucked and he won both games. lol, it was my second time bowling, ever. But we had a good time.
Anyways, that's that!
Nothing new at the gym. Same old same old. I just go do my work out and out I am. I barely know anyone anymore. It's not the same as before. More and more cardio machines break down and still nothing gets fixed. Then for Valentine's Day they had this ridiculous decoration from the Dollarstore all over. Little sparkling hearts in pink, red and purple. I swear all over the gym! It just looked hideous. Let's see what the pull out for Easter!
So in 7days I will be on my way toy Germany. I hope by the time I get back my visitor's application will be approved so I can come and visit you. If I have time I will send you a few postcards, but do not hope for much writing on it, I might have to write them drunk, since we are celebrating Karneval! lol
I told you about Karneval, right? It's that big old tradition that starts November 11th, every year and goes to Ashwednesday. And the Thursday before Ashwednesday is the 1st day of the final 5 days of Karneval. Everything is crazy and nobody works. Well at leats not in Cologne. Except paramedics and Police and stuff. They will have their hands full with those ones not knowing their limits in regards of alcohol. But besides that Cologne turns into a big Party. All over the streets and all the bars and pubs. Everybody celebrates with everybody. And everybody is friends with everybody for 5 days. I love it! Just the perfect time when nobody fights for stupid reasons. and everybody wears some kind of a costume. So I will be a cookie monster, lol! People come up with the most funiest costumes ever. The usually make them themselves. Once I saw a group of girls and every girl was a different fruit, like straberry, pear, banan, cherry, apple, etc. I asked what they were and the said they are a fruit salad! Man, I laughed so hard. But that is how Karneval is! And in Cologne they celebrate it every year.
I will take lot's of pics and will bring them for the visit, but you gotta promise me not to laugh at me! Maybe I will leave the really bad ones out, lol!
Anyways, I just wanted to check on you. Glad to hear that you are doing fine and that you are at Collins Bay. You know you are kinda my neighbor right now, eh?
Well, behave, do not get yourself in trouble. It's just for a few months more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

221 days to go!

So what's new??? I have talked to your mom last saturday night. She told me you were in the TD Unit in Kingston. Let's see where the gonna decide to put you. I hope you are behaving yourself and not getting into any stupid fights.
I had a little apartment warming. Only a few people came over. It was kinda sad but I guess now I know who are my good friends. My ex-roomates were over, Becky, a guy that I boxed with with Daniele, one of my employees and Daniele. Nice little group and we had lots of fun. We played Jenga for most of the time. Sunday I went shopping to the US. The guy at US customs asks me why I came over from Germany? I said I wanted to live in the best country of the whole wide world! He asked if I meant the US? Nope, Sir I mean Canada! Why not the US?, he asked. Well, I had a gun pointed at my face in the US, not so nice. That won't happen in Canada! lol!
Silly Americans, think they got the best country, but they don't! But sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh, do not tell them, they would deny it anyways.
On Monday morning I just got to work, just took my coat off and went to the desk to check what's new and exciting. And here he walks in. My big boss! He asked if I had a few minutes? What a silly question, of course do I have a few minutes for him, even if I would not have any time, I would make time. So we sit down and he starts questioning my schedlue and labour hours. Well, I go get the schedules for the next 4 weeks and show him why I schedule the way I do and *boooom* it makes all sense to him. Then I pull a report that states that I only have a 9% labour cost compared to my revenue and he is blown of the chair! *baaaaaam*
Then he starts questioning the room rates and if we are competitive enough and stuff. So I explain everything in detail again and tell him the whys and stuff. Finally he seems to be a happy camper. And leaves with the comment: Biba I can't say often enough how thrilled I am that you are with us!
*Jackpot, Baby! * Yes, that is what I want to hear! After all the crazy hours I work someone acknowledging my work! Nice! That just made my day!
The gym is pretty boring nowadays! Nothing going on there. No one to chat too. Joey is gone, but I told you that. And they have those 2 new guys that I could swear are from across the street. They seem to be doing a good job. That Tom guy, the GM, is still there too. He is there all the time. Even on the weekends or late at night. It seems he is living at the damn gym. But it also seems like he is getting little things done. For example the rusty little shelfs in the shower cabins are finally gone! Man, they were disgusting! Now there are no shelfs to put your shampoo. Pretty inconvenient but better than the rusty shelfs.
Besides that all the same at the gym.
Oh something I wanted to tell you. I just finished reading the autobiographie of Charles Chaplin. Awesome book, that man was a very intellegent man and he wrote a lot of very good things in his book. And his life was very exciting too. All the ups and downs he went through and all the challenges he mastered. It is totally worth reading!!! You should check if you can get it.
Okay that is the exciting stuff for today. Make sure you are okay! Behave and do not get yourself in trouble.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

another 225 days...

Hey you,

I am glad I was able to see you last Sunday. Since this could be my last visit for the next 5 weeks. You never know.
So, the judge made his decision and decided for 2 years, less time served. Wow, what a bummer. But I still think it was a "fair" meet in the middle. A compromise that I guess both sides can handle. It will be another tough time for you, to stay on track and not let go the thought of a "normal" life without all the hassle. And what is 225 days if we already managed over 365 days??? That sounds like peanuts, and those months hopefully will fly by in no time.
To bad that your lawyer wasn't able to submit my offer of accommodation for you. I am not certain it would have helped but it would have been nice to have the judge see that there are people out here that see the positive you.
Now I do not know what to do in my apartment. I got 2 bedrooms but only really use 1. hahahahahahaaaa! I already was fine with the thought of giving up that little piece of freedom and have you live here, cook for me and just be around. Well, I guess that is not happening. But I want to let you know that that offer will always be there for you.
So, you have 225 days left and I do have 18 days left until my big trip. I was asked if I did start packing yet. lmao! People are too funny. I do not start packing until the day before. You never know what the weather is gonna be like, and before I gonna tear apart the entire suitcase I rather wait until the day before. I am very much excited to see my family. I can not believe I haven't seen them for 2 years now. Time really flew by without stopping.
The gym is the same old same old. Nothing new. I told you about Joey and him staying in his hometown. I hope he will not fall back in old habits. I wish him the best for his future.
I attended some aerobic classes with a co-worker. Just to get a different workout, since Daniele has dropped me as a student I need something different. I still can not believe that after all I did for Daniele, that she just stopped training me. I guess that's what you get sometimes for being a supportive friend. It's a rough world!
Anyways, gotta hit the dreamland for tonight.
Keep your head up 225 days is nothing. You can do it!