Tuesday, February 15, 2011

221 days to go!

So what's new??? I have talked to your mom last saturday night. She told me you were in the TD Unit in Kingston. Let's see where the gonna decide to put you. I hope you are behaving yourself and not getting into any stupid fights.
I had a little apartment warming. Only a few people came over. It was kinda sad but I guess now I know who are my good friends. My ex-roomates were over, Becky, a guy that I boxed with with Daniele, one of my employees and Daniele. Nice little group and we had lots of fun. We played Jenga for most of the time. Sunday I went shopping to the US. The guy at US customs asks me why I came over from Germany? I said I wanted to live in the best country of the whole wide world! He asked if I meant the US? Nope, Sir I mean Canada! Why not the US?, he asked. Well, I had a gun pointed at my face in the US, not so nice. That won't happen in Canada! lol!
Silly Americans, think they got the best country, but they don't! But sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh, do not tell them, they would deny it anyways.
On Monday morning I just got to work, just took my coat off and went to the desk to check what's new and exciting. And here he walks in. My big boss! He asked if I had a few minutes? What a silly question, of course do I have a few minutes for him, even if I would not have any time, I would make time. So we sit down and he starts questioning my schedlue and labour hours. Well, I go get the schedules for the next 4 weeks and show him why I schedule the way I do and *boooom* it makes all sense to him. Then I pull a report that states that I only have a 9% labour cost compared to my revenue and he is blown of the chair! *baaaaaam*
Then he starts questioning the room rates and if we are competitive enough and stuff. So I explain everything in detail again and tell him the whys and stuff. Finally he seems to be a happy camper. And leaves with the comment: Biba I can't say often enough how thrilled I am that you are with us!
*Jackpot, Baby! * Yes, that is what I want to hear! After all the crazy hours I work someone acknowledging my work! Nice! That just made my day!
The gym is pretty boring nowadays! Nothing going on there. No one to chat too. Joey is gone, but I told you that. And they have those 2 new guys that I could swear are from across the street. They seem to be doing a good job. That Tom guy, the GM, is still there too. He is there all the time. Even on the weekends or late at night. It seems he is living at the damn gym. But it also seems like he is getting little things done. For example the rusty little shelfs in the shower cabins are finally gone! Man, they were disgusting! Now there are no shelfs to put your shampoo. Pretty inconvenient but better than the rusty shelfs.
Besides that all the same at the gym.
Oh something I wanted to tell you. I just finished reading the autobiographie of Charles Chaplin. Awesome book, that man was a very intellegent man and he wrote a lot of very good things in his book. And his life was very exciting too. All the ups and downs he went through and all the challenges he mastered. It is totally worth reading!!! You should check if you can get it.
Okay that is the exciting stuff for today. Make sure you are okay! Behave and do not get yourself in trouble.

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