Thursday, February 10, 2011

another 225 days...

Hey you,

I am glad I was able to see you last Sunday. Since this could be my last visit for the next 5 weeks. You never know.
So, the judge made his decision and decided for 2 years, less time served. Wow, what a bummer. But I still think it was a "fair" meet in the middle. A compromise that I guess both sides can handle. It will be another tough time for you, to stay on track and not let go the thought of a "normal" life without all the hassle. And what is 225 days if we already managed over 365 days??? That sounds like peanuts, and those months hopefully will fly by in no time.
To bad that your lawyer wasn't able to submit my offer of accommodation for you. I am not certain it would have helped but it would have been nice to have the judge see that there are people out here that see the positive you.
Now I do not know what to do in my apartment. I got 2 bedrooms but only really use 1. hahahahahahaaaa! I already was fine with the thought of giving up that little piece of freedom and have you live here, cook for me and just be around. Well, I guess that is not happening. But I want to let you know that that offer will always be there for you.
So, you have 225 days left and I do have 18 days left until my big trip. I was asked if I did start packing yet. lmao! People are too funny. I do not start packing until the day before. You never know what the weather is gonna be like, and before I gonna tear apart the entire suitcase I rather wait until the day before. I am very much excited to see my family. I can not believe I haven't seen them for 2 years now. Time really flew by without stopping.
The gym is the same old same old. Nothing new. I told you about Joey and him staying in his hometown. I hope he will not fall back in old habits. I wish him the best for his future.
I attended some aerobic classes with a co-worker. Just to get a different workout, since Daniele has dropped me as a student I need something different. I still can not believe that after all I did for Daniele, that she just stopped training me. I guess that's what you get sometimes for being a supportive friend. It's a rough world!
Anyways, gotta hit the dreamland for tonight.
Keep your head up 225 days is nothing. You can do it!

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