Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy F**king New Year!

Hey man,

hope you had some decent holidays. I know, what can be decent about the where abouts where you actually had to spend the holidays, but you never know. Did they feed you good turkey at least? I bet you traded all you festiv deserts for more turkey and sweet potatos! lol
What did you do for new years eve? Probably just hanging around and reading.
In Germany New Years Eve is celebrated with big fireworks. Everybody goes out and buys fireworks to blow off at midnight. In the big cities those fireworks go on for at least half an hour sometimes longer. It's awesome. You see them go up all around you, every direction. Just beautiful! And bars and clubs are open all night long, just like every weekend. hahahahaahaaaa
What I did this year? Well I went down southern Ontario spending some time with the family. My cousin actually played at a bar with his band for New Years Eve. So we went there. Good times! Partied until 5am!
I am kinda glad the holidays are over. Man, people go crazy over the holidays. I mean the forget how to drive, they are being rude and ignorant. What happened to the christmas spirit?
Back to normal! I like my daily routine. Work, gym, sleep! Okay, okay I know, no wonder I am still single, this is not the way to meet people, but I like it. And you know what Prince Charming will find me and will come riding along the road on his white horse in shining armour! pahahahahahahahahaaaaa (as if...)
Anyways, let's see what else is happening right now. Oh yeah I finally got my christmas package from Germany. The one that was in the mail for over 5 weeks. The cookies are still good, a bit dry but yummy. And I got my presents. 2 CDs from German musicians that I like. Woot woot...
And German Chocolate. I wish I could share some with ya, but I will make sure I get ya some when it's time.
I am back to work. Did I tell you I hired Daniele as my new Night Audit. She was looking for a job with a regular paycheck and I was in desperate need for a Night Audit. Here we go problem solved. So this morning (Jan. 3rd) I got to work early and met Daniele before she left. I forgot to ask her though when we would be back training so I texted her. Her reply is: oh no you gotta go back to train with Corey. Me: what? did I miss anything? Daniele: well, yes, remember when we talked mid december about me working overnight not sleeping right and not being able to train early in the evening but only late, bla bla bla... Me: well yes but I thought we would schedule last minute and do it that way.
So end of the story: I am with no f**king coach no more! What the hell? How am I supposed to train now? Man, I tell you I am angry. I really am the last one standing at Premier Fitnes and now Daniele drops me too. So sucks. This year ain't starting good, at all. Can you please come back? I know if it would be that easy...
Well, here you go those are all the news for today.
57 days to go to Germany. Can't wait for the trip. And I promise you I will still be coming and seeing you and writing you and talking to you.
Oh oh oh, did I tell you what costume I want for Karneval? I want to be a cookie monster. Hahahahahaahaaa..., yes a cookie monster. The blue goes really well with my eyes and the cookie monster costume I have seen for women is actually really cute. I will send ya a picture when I got the costume.
Well, I better go and text your mom that I am back before she will send the K9 out to look for me. I guess I will talk to you soon, if not see ya in a few.
As always, stay out of trouble and something new: don't get comfortable! :)

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