Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eye Opener

You are right! Do I really know you? No, I don't. At least I can't say O know you or better I don't know all about you. But what I Know is what or who I met over a year ago. I met a Corey that highly inspired me. A Corey that was capable og going above and beyond to train his students. A Corey who knew how to push me beyond my limits. Someone that helped me not to give up. I also met a Corey that had some kind of past. A past he wouldn't want to talk about. In fact I met a Corey that was available for everybody to help out, to listen, to teach, but not opening up to anyone about himself. It wasn't hard to figure out the "dark secret". So shortly after that I met a new Corey. Someone that is a bit more the true Corey. Is it though? I don't know. I believe I do know, but truly I don't. The few weeks I was able to watch you, I saw many different yous. I saw you funny, playing with kids, but I also saw the irrate Corey. Someone so upset, close to loosing it. A Corey that is harsh to his students, trying to contain the upsetness. I saw you falling for someone. Which I thought wasn't possible. But you did anyways, and it gave you strength. Strength to resist the one Corey who got himself in trouble.
Here is what I think about that Corey, that I met. I know sometime in the past he did a mistake. He paid for it and learned that this is not what he wants for his life. I think Corey wants to be free. Corey wants to teach, "make good people". I think Corey does not want to go back to jail. He has to work hard for it, that much is clear. It might be easier to just let the old Corey out, but that would not help to accomplish that goal. The goal of freedom. I also just recently learned minor facts about you. You do believe in god! You have a brother that you are proud of! Your middle name is William! Just some small facts, but I am open for more. I want to meet more of Corey. If he wants and allows me, I want to get to know the angry Corey so I understand why he thinks he has a right to rule and be as angry as he is. I want to know the Corey that opened up his heart and revealed himself, all guards down. And therefore got hurt and betrayed. Just like every other person out here. I want to meet the "god believing" and "family loving" Corey. The one that cares for his mom and tries to protect her just as she did when he was unprotected. The on brother that is proud of his brother and wishes him well. In fact I want to neet every single version of Corey that is out ther, inside of you. Why? I want to understand. I want to be able to do the right thing as a friend. I do understand I won't get all of the stories, I am surely not looking for those anyways. I want to be able to help th current Corey to become and accomplish what he wants. I am not afraid of any of the Coreys. Why? Because you promised me once that you wouldn't hurt me. And I think that all the different yous agreed on that promise. So you go ahead and give me the evil face, the clinched fist or showing me your strength. You might be able to scare me for a moment btu only because I worry about you.

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