Saturday, October 30, 2010


I am worried. Really I am worried right now. I had no chance to hear what the medical issue is but your mom said it will take a long time for you to get back in shape.
But I am more worried about the Alysa situation. I know it upsets you. And I probably didn't say the things you wanted me to say. I probably should not have said not to call me. Because right now you are in the need of someone to talk to. And it probably sounded like I don't want you to call me. Which is not the case. I love it when you call unexpected. Hearing that you hanging in there, behaving and still going your way. But today you really have me worried.
I feel with you. I know how it feels having the heart broken by someone that you trust completly. I hear you, when you say you don't understand what's going on, you just received postcards form europe saying she loves you and wants to take you all those places and show you the world and the next moment she won't talk to you and kind of disappears. You are far away from home and still not where you should be. The whole situation is F**ked up! But I am pretty sure you can handle it. You have been through worth and as I always say, you have friends here waiting for you, your mom is here to support you as much as she can and so is your brother.
By the way I didn't know you had a brother until your mom mentioned something when I talked to here the other day. So there is another one of your kind out there, ey!
Now it's time to smile again. Come on just a tiny one! Please, please, pretty please?!?
See here we go! *SMILE*
Life is gonna go on and you will be alright! As my mom used to say to me when I was little: until you get married all wounds will be healed. (translation is terrible but it kinda states the point)

So much for today, not sure if I will drive you mom down to Lindsay tomorrow so she can see you, but I hope she will do it. I think you need a familiar person right now. Someone you know and can talk to. Besides when did you see your mom last??? She misses you much.
Anyways, I'm here for you! I might be harder to reach than the pope but I am here. And you know how to leave my a message. These stubborn GErmans never go away, believe me! lol

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