Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another one bites the dust...

here we go, Krista quit the gym about a month ago. That would explain why I haven't seen her in forever. She doesn't have a gym membership right now but she wants to join GoodLife soon. And if all goes well she is going to run a marathon in spring in Vancouver. That is super exciting!!! I hope she is able to achieve that goal of hers.
What else is new? Let me think...
I ma currently working my a*** off! I am not even kiding! For the last 3 weeks I have been working 6 days and there are 3 more weeks to come I think. So I might end up insane, oh wait I am already insane, lol!
Mark Waters was at the gym the other day but I wasn't able to catch him, sorry I really tried. It was late and I guess he was on his way out anyways. But I know where to find him, so when you get back to Kingston in about 28 days we will find him.
Halloween, well, yeah, I guess I am working! Besides that date that I hoped for is apparently not happening. Geez, what is wrong with you guys??? First they sound all soooo excited and then when it gets to the point of setting the date and stuff, well pooooooffff they are gone! Anyways, I have to work anyways so not too bad I will be distracted. I guess I will survive, as always. Prince Charming is somewhere out there, hopefully.
So Mike, the boxing dude, figured that his girlfriend works for me, well not for me directly but at my hotel. She most have gone home and must have started talking about me. Too bad there is only one Biba in god damn Kingston. So the very next day he stops Daniele at the gym and goes: so my girlfriend works for Biba, and she said Biba is an awesome Manager and she is the big boss there and is super friendly and really cares about her employees. I didn't know Biba is nice, she is always so negativ around me! But my girlfriend really likes her as boss.
Pahahahahahaha, Take that! Bam! Daniele told me, I loved itw. I knew his girlfriend was working at my hotel, but that's all. Why would I connect her to the trouble that Mike has with me? It's nothing that has to do anything with her working there. Besides, I think I am a pretty decent person, just don't screw up with me! He still ignores me when I see him at the gym.
Can you please come back, please, please pretty please? I miss the days that I walk in the gym and make my way through the machines and you come pacing back from the water fountain to the weights, a little chit chat about whatever some motivating words and on we go our own ways and work out. I feel like I need a new inspiration at the gym! I am loosing interest.
and then a couple days ago I was at work on the phone with a guest and my cell goes off ringing. The display says Heather. Man, I wish I could have answered. My first thought was if everything is alright or if something happened. So I texted your mom and figured it was you trying to call. I missed it! A day later I am at the gym just working my frustration off my cell in the locker no reception there. When I was done and back home I get a text from your mom saying you tried again calling but my cell was off if I had a homme phone. Man, really I missed a 2nd call from you. You must be thinking I didn;t want to talk to you. But that is truly not the case. I wish I could talk to you daily just to keep you hopeful. Give you some strength and be there and listen when you need someone to listen. But you shouldn't be calling either. It is expensive and you should save that money! If I need to know something or I want to know something I can ask your mom. And as long as I don't hear back from you all is fine! Don't get me wrong it makes my day when you call but still...

Oh and before I forget, stupid Quinte people, I had a letter in the mail. Retunred to sender. A letter I did send to you way before you were transfered. Must take forever for them to pass on the mail to you. I hope they enjoy reading the pages and pages I usually send, lol! Anyways, just so you have it all I will put it in with this letter, okay.

Well so much for today! Hope you are doing well and staying out of trouble! Keep your hopes up 28 days to go! That is less than a month! Woot Woot!!!

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