Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lindsay eh?

Man, I was soooo excited to come and visit. But of course it didn't happen. Must be a curse on me or something. Seems like lately whenever I have a chance to come and visit I'm being denied.
So they moved you further away from Kingston. I google mapped it and it is a 3hrs drive from here. Okay for me German Style Driving I could probably make it in about 2 hrs. If the troopers won't stop me. But even then I would just pull the innocent puppy eyes and they would let me go with a warning! muahahahahahahahaaaaaa! Usually works very well!

So, I hopefully get together with your mom for coffee tomorrow morning. Looking forward to meet her and talk to her.

Oh and I forgot to tell you that Steve says HELLO. When you called me a couple weeks ago I actually posted on my facebook (yeah I do have a facebook account) that you said HELLO. So he replied and asked how you were and he wanted me to pass on a big HELLO! Don't ask me where he is nowadays, I have no clue. I just hear from him every now and then through my roommate, she works with him at Leonard Hall on Queens Campus. So as far as I know he is doing just splendid and even offered me a 2Min. Biba Freestyle Punch the other day!

Geez, it got cold in the last days. A few weeks ago we all were still sweating in the sun and now I am freezing like a little puppy. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Guess I have to start to seriously work out again! I remember when I started working out at the gym I did not freeze no more. Or I might be coming down with a cold. I sooo hope I don't, can't handle that right now, too much to do.

Do you have a clue what happened to Joey? Man, I haven't seen him around at all for the longest time. He is not at the gym no more. And I remember him talking about going home and stuff but he never really said a date when or so. Really weird. But what isn't when dealing with ya guys, eh? *smile*
I should be used to sudden changes and weird decisions by now. After all these months that you have been stuck in all these places. You must know all the Institutions in Ontario after all that moving around. Corrections Canada might as well just hire you as an advisor or so. You might know more about their needs of improvement then they do. That thought actually makes me giggle. Can you imagine after all you working for CSC, pahahahahahahaaaa, that would be hilarious! They could even hire you as self defence instructor! Maybe worth a thought!

My thoughts are going wild again, I better stop thinking and get myself busy. I always had and always will have a wild imagination. Once I start a thought man, I can keep going and going on it and it's so much fun!

So, another friend of mine is getting married next year in June. She is from Kingston, but she wants to get married in Mexico. Guess who she invited! Me! Why do first of all, all my friends decide to get married right now? (guess it's the age, should make me think) And second of all, why do all of them have to get married at far away places? Why not just a nice local wedding? No, local weddings seem to be so out of fashion. So here I find myself again struggling to get the time off approved by my boss and get myself maybe another ridiculous bridesmaid dress. Let's just hope I won't end up like the girl in the movie 12 Dresses!
Oh and my sister is expecting another baby! Woot woot! I gonna be an auntie again in May! So excited, another baby to spoil. So I thought I was going to Germany in June for a few days, but I guess Mexico it might be. I am already going to Germany in March 2011! Going to celebrate Karneval in Cologne! Have you heard about it? It is amazing. I was raised with the culture of celebrating Karneval. The Karneval Season starts Nov. 11th every year and goes all the way to Ash Wednesday! But the last 5 days are the highlight and Cologne turns into a giant party. People from all over the world come from everywhere and party together on the streets and bars and pubs and everywhere. They start early in the morning around 7am and go all night long and all this for 5 full days! The have parades where they throw candy and chocolate and flowers for the pretty girls. I love it! And my friends back in Germany are pretty excited that I am coming next year! I guess my whole 10 days are pretty much planned already! So yes I am planning on some travelling for the next year, so be ready to receive some Picture Postcards in the mail!

Okay, that should be all for today! I hope you get settled in Lindsay. And they don't move ya no more, except for back to K-Town! It's just another 52 days until November 24th, 2010. And even less by the time you get that letter here. So stay out of trouble and do NOT plead anything but innocent! *smile* We'll get ya home sooner or later! They can't keep you forever! That would mean they would have to deal with me for a very long time too. Yeah, they don't want that, they don't know yet but they will know!

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