Thursday, September 30, 2010

is it ever gonna be over?

so we all thought last monday was the day it all was going to be over and done with. But again life has proven us wrong! I mean seriously how much bad luck can a person have???
I find it more than unfair that all the bad luck in the world is coming down on one single person.
But there is not much that can be done but wait. Wait another 2 months and hope for another happy end that might not come. But let me tell you so much: the outcoming off all this will not be decided by you. You won't surrender to them and plead guilty. I will climb all security fences and come personally to you to smack you on the forehead if you do so! There is no freaking reason for you to do so. You made it so far for all these past months you can do another 2 months! What are another 2 months after all this? And if you should ever start wondering if, just remember you have plenty of friends out here that can't wait to see your return.
Just a few days ago I met Jen at the gym and we caught up on somethings and stuff and of course she asks if there is anything new with you. So I gave her all the news and updates. And now guess what! She wanted me to make sure you know that she thinks of you at least twice a week and wishes for you to return.
Morgan wants to switch to GoodLife Fitness, but I bet if you would be back he would stay put where he is. He mentioned to me that he would love to work out with you again, even extend the work out to the weights! He is in need of a good weight partner. And who better to hope for but you??? Well, I thought so, I couldn't think of anyone better either!
And I don't need to start about my thoughts on the whole story here? Because that would probably take up way too much space! So I save you that one.
I am glad we talked about that and we are clear on the fact you are not going to pleady anything but innocent!
So I went to Atlanta last week for a course I had to take for work. I love travelling. But these americans are crazy!
So I get to the Hotel in Atlanta after some hours in the planes and on airports. The Charlotte Airport is a really nice airport. And they actually provide free Internet access for all the travelers, which makes it easy to wait for a connecting flight.
Anyways, I arrive at my hotel in Atlanta, sun is shining like no tomorrow, at least 30 degrees outside. The hotel is really nice but it is obvious they need some updating. But I do get a nice upgrade! Woot woot, here it goes, me staying at a hotel pretty much for the first time on business and I do get my first free upgrade to a junior suite. Not sure what to do with all the space but I am not complaining. Got a nice big dinning table, little kitchenette with a little sink and stuff, a fridge (very important) and microwave. Only one other guy form the course and me got an upgrade out of all 20 of us. Pretty awesome!
The coach of the class is awesome. I could not have asked for any better coach. His name: Michael Jackson! Nope, not joking Michael Jackson aka MJ! MJ is about 6,11" and super skinny. He knows what he is talking about and he is awesome in bringing over the facts. So I find myself in a positive situation of productive information overflow! Not sure if my brain can soak all that up and implement it now that I am back in Kingston.
Nevertheless, the week flys by in Atlanta and by Wednesday I feel super exhausted. Everyday from 8am to 5pm in a room with all the people, constant information thrown at me, no daylight. After that rush to the room, get changed in something comfy and off to dinner with the group. And all they do at dinner, because we didn't talk about it all day long, is talk about freaking work.
So, I spent 5 days (about 10 - 12hrs) talking about work!
The only highlight and break from all this is Tuesday evening. 2 of the guys and me escape the work talk and go to a hockey game in Atlanta. The Altanta Thrashers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets! Just a pre-season game, but still it is NHL! It was so much fun. We talked about everything but work! And the funniest thing ever, I was wearing short pants because it's hot in Atlanta, but once we got to the Arena I put my hockey jersey on. Yeah, that jersey is so big and long it looked like I was just wearing the jersey and nothing else. The guys were making fun of me, we were cracking on the floor! Awesome times at the hockey game!
On my flight back I again had a connecting flight in Charlotte. My plane from Atlanta started to descend and got ready for touch down when all of a sudden the pilot pulls through and takes off again. Man, a lot of the people on the plane got panicky and started asking what was going on? Like: are we being hijacked??? hahahahahahahaaaaaa Did I mention americans are not the brightest breed? Anyways, the pilot had to do this because they were to close to the plane ahead, so no biggie, just security procedure! The rest of my journey was pretty uneventful.
Getting back to work that sunday I found myself being super busy with catching up with a lot of things. New hires, guest issues, etc.....
But I am still loving my life here in Canada and I would not want to switch or change it. Not for anything in the world! I am a happy camper!
Last monday on your trial date, Alysa and your mom kept me pretty much updated all day long. Which is super nice of them to do. Not sure when exactly Alysa left for Europe but I know she will have an awesome time! I hooked her up with all the infos I could get for Munich. I have some good friends that live there. So I was able to get some insider infos. And for Cologne I was able to go through ,y memory. Cologne, the city I grew up in. I could guide you through it blind. Beautiful city! Lot's to see there. Something you would probably love is the Chocolate Museum in Cologne. Yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy! So I made her a map of Cologne and marked all the places to go for shopping, sightseeing, party, etc...
She is going to have the time of her life!
And while Alysa travels and explores Europe I try to keep in touch with your mom for any news. Just texted with her today a few times. Making sure it was okay that I would come and see you while Alysa is gone and stuff. She seems pretty exhausted with all the stuff going on and all the delays. I can see it being hard on your mom. I mean you are her son and what mom would not be devastated seeing that being done to her son??? I would be furious, if I would have to be in her shoes. Man, nobody wants to mess with my "kids"! If I should ever get lucky and have some! lol But if, well you better not mess with them! Anyways, I feel with your mom, and therefore also for her sake I hope it will be all over and done with in November!
There is only one tiny problem here with November! Remember I promised you sunshine when you get back to Kingston??? Well, yeah, I am not sure if I can keep that for November! I might be able to get you some snow if that is alright? lol
Besides that there is not much new. I am still going to the gym daily and train with Daniele Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! Oh yeah, we actuallly train at the gym now. archie gave her the okay to go ahead and bring her students in and train them at the gym! Really weird but awesome! Not sure what Mike thinks of this but so far he is very polite to Daniele. Even offered her all his equipment! All this politness makes me throw up! Fake jerk, he is. But his face was priceless when he saw me training with her. Man, I am telling you his jaw drop right down to the ground!
The other day Daniele was practicing hooks with me. She said I had an inside hook, meaning it's more a close punch then a distant punch. Anyways, she said it might be because I am not getting my elbow up and my fist out. Not sure how but we ended up practicing elbows. Well, it figures that I have a vicious right elbow that you would not want to meet in a fight, if I could get it out. Hahahahahahahahaaa, it just snapped out on the pad, bam bam bam! Who did I learn that fro again? Help me remember here, would you please! Oh yeah wait I rememeber: YOU! Woot woot!
Well, enough for today! I know I will be stoping by Saturday but this will reach you after my hopefully this time successful visit! I know I won't have time to tell you all this so I am not worried you would have known about all this before you get the letter.
Pretty late right now I need some beauty sleep!
You stay out of trouble and remember no pleading guilty! I will come and climb the fence to smack you on the forehead if you do so! Stay strong and do not give up!