Sunday, May 23, 2010


hope you are doing better than I am right now. No, I am doing physically fine it's just that I doubt myself right now. Not sure if I can do everything I want to do and so on. You know with me picking up a part-time job and then also wanting to keep up my work out every day and so on. I mean I have come so far already with my work out and it makes me feel so good, but at the same time I really need that part-time job. I have some plans and they involve that I might go back to university. So, want to get some money set aside before I start that whole project "back to school". Besides that, I sometimes wonder and wish I could know what people think about me. Why people are grumpy at me or why they react the way they do. But it seems like nobody in this freaking world is open enough to speak about it. It really annoys me and bothers me the same time. It breaks my self confidence.
I talked the other day with Joey for a long time. And we also came about to talk why I am still in contact with you and why I did help with the letters and stuff and so on. Well, I explained to Joey that I feel and always felt like I could tell you everything that bothered me and you would listen with an open ear and it would make me understand myself sometimes better and that makes me fell protected. Hahahahahahaaa, not in a physical way, more in a way that I could trust you. Just like a big brother. That's what a good friend is all about, at least for me. A friend should be like family! Anyways, I shouldn't bother you with that. Right! You got way more important things to worry and think about. And by the way I am supposed to keep you updated on any news at the gym.
So here you go. Julie was back on friday. Really weird. I got to talk to her quickly, she said she was only back to talk to the big boss (not Marc but the guy above Marc). So she was back at the gym but not officially. She was just running around and talking to members. So I am not to sure yet if she got what she wanted and therefore is still at the gym or if she is gone for good. She was out for about 2 weeks and you know what? She looked really relaxed. After all the last weeks where she was almost running the freaking gym on her own she really needed that time out! I also told her that I went to see you and she said I have to pass on a HELLO for her! Here you go: HELLO, from Julie!
Mark, the personal trainer is not at the gym no more. Not sure if he quite or if they fired him. Apparently, he was training people of the books and just using the gyms facilities to train his clients. That is at least what Mike (the new boxing dude) told me. But Mike doesn't talk to any one in the gym. Not to any members outside the boxing club neither to any people working there. But Archie, he talks to Archie. So, Mike is planning a boxing boot camp in the first week of June. He charges $25 for boxing members and $50 for non-members. And as of him all this money goes straight back to the boxing club. So he can get training gear and stuff. You know more gloves, pads and so on. and he also wants a ring installed in the boxing club. I might have mentioned that before. He says he can get a custom made ring 12x12 for about $7.000! Yeah right as if the gym is gonna pay for that! Good luck, dude!
Krista is ready for her Half Marathon. She said she wants to try and run it below 2 hours. I think if she even makes it to the end that would be pretty respectful already!
Becky moved in my neighborhood. Her first own place. And next month on her birthday she is gonna get a german shepherd.
Steve I think is not coming no more. Haven't seen him for a while and I am pretty sure his membership was up too.
Morgan struggles with his little brother. His brother wants to take steroids to get bigger. Bigger in a way of more muscles. He is at the gym everyday lifting weights like a maniac. So Morgan is worried now that his brother is going way to far and is under the wrong influence. He tries to watch him as much as he can and tries to convince him to stay away from all the chemical crap.
Tyler became best friends with Mike! You should see the 2 of them. OMG! I can't stand it. I am glad for every class that Tyler can't make it!
Oh and I forgot to tell you that about 2 months ago Marc Waters walked into the boxing club and took down your sand bag! He wheeled it himself out of the gym. Not sure where exactly he took it too. So, when you come back you should claim that bag back! How else are you supossed to harden your chins??? lol
So, what is new on your side? Any new trouble you got yourself in too? I hope not! Haven't had a chance to talk to your mom lately. Been pretty busy. Will have to give her a call sometime this week.
Well, so much for today. You behave, please! You know you can't risk any serious trouble!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

banned form the gym and arrangments with the crown

hey ho man,
yeppers it's time again for me to put some words down on paper. lol
So, listen to this new story from the gym, it is the absolute truth and just happened today. Ian (the previous boxing instructor) has/had a gym membership. So today he goes in to work out and get his rehab in the private clinic for his back but they deniy him access to the gym. The hand him a paper saying his membership has been canceled and he is banned from the Premier Fitness Property. If he should try to trespass they would have to call the police on him. This is just unreal. I am telling you, they are going insane at the gym. All this just because he quite his job, because they weren't paying him correctly. They still own him money! I hope they do not bane me from the gym, lol... Poor Ian, now he has to find somewhere else for his rehab and his work out. I hope someone at Goodlife will be able to set him up. You should see Ian's facebook, man it is going crazy. Everybody is commenting on the situation, hahahahaaaaa.
I guess I mentioned that Julie quite too. Oh geez, who is going to be left? Julie is gone, James leaves soon to Kitchener and Joey is done with his time by the end of the year. I barely know the faces at the gym no more. And I am there every day. No more fun! Really just no more fun at all.
Anyways, you will see yourself when you get back here.
So, I just asked Alysa about your trial date and she said it was in September. Hmmmpfffff.... Not cool! But she also said you are trying to get something arranged to see the crown earlier or so. Man, I do not have a clue about all that stuff. Anyways, I think everything that is legal to try to get you back home is cool. The sooner the better. And that guy that got you in the miserable situation needs to pay his bill too. Hey, you know that you need to let me know if I can help you with anything, eh? Just let me know, please. I hope by then the dude (Mike boxing instructor) has given up and has left too. Just so you can take the spot that was always yours.
Mike is driving me really crazy! Not only is he still bothering me that I should fight an official fight, no he is also making fun of me in front of me and laughing about me with Tyler. Oh Corey, he is making me really angry! How can a person be so immature?
Oh, yeah I told ya I am going to Spain in July for 2 weeks. The flight cost me a fortune so now that I need money to spend on the trip I am actually starting a part time job. Eugene is a friend of mine, you met him once at the gym. Anyways, he is opening up a really nice restaurant in Kingston and he needed a hostess. Paaahahahahaha, so he asked me if I could help him out. Why not, it's only part time and if I miss 1 or 2 out of the 6 classes the week I will save myself from having a heart attack anyways. I gonna be super busy!!!
But enough of me. How is your back? Is the new medication helping you? I really hope it does. Back pain is one of the worst pains.And if the medications work you could actually start working on your lost abs, lol. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you, hahahahaaaa! But you showed me your buddah belly yourself! It was just too funny.
Oh ya one more thing I always forgot to mention. Becky said that when you come back if you could please not be angry anymore. I guess we all like you better smiley and bubbly!
And to make that happen you better stay away from trouble makers. We do not like trouble makers. No, no, noooooo!
And just in case we all really have to wait until September to see ya again, meeh, I will just make sure we have an extra long summer then. I promised sun, you will have sun!

Monday, May 17, 2010


hey you, should I still be calling you Troubles! lol Hope you are behaving yourself right now. No I am not your mom, I am just worried that if you get yourself in trouble everything will be harder to get you out.
Okay, have you heard anything yet about a trial date for you? I have seen James today and I passed on your hello. He was asking about the news. I gave him the quick break down. He is moving to Kitchener in a few months, at least that's what I heard. Then it will only be Joey left at the gym. Everybody else is gone. More than time for you to return.
I was thinking about Ruan leaving a message for you. So, here is what I thought: if he can get you a real nice job and if that would help you to get a bail or so you should do it. I really mean it. You could still come and work out at Premier every day (which I hope you would do, because I am not switching gym) and then when they see you working out and heading to work for the competition they will offer you a job very quickly and then you could drop Goodlife and come back to Premier. I do not care where you work, as long as it gets you out and back home.
Different topic, back to the new/old struggle. This new dude is really not someone I could like. Well, at least not now. So, I get to class today and it seemed like I was going to be the only one. So he tries to threaten me with extra work out and stuff. Yeah, no, not working! lol Anyways, Tyler came like 10 min. later and Shawn too. Shawn is new, much fun guy! Anyways, so he slowed down the work out. Yes, it is more a work out than boxing. Anyaways, during class he comes to me and says he has me registered for a fight in 3 months, bla bla bla... So I just reply: well, you gonna be the only one there, waiting for me. I won't show up! Not fighting for ya, man!
I knew he was just saying it, but now he starts making fun of me in front of others. I am not liking that at all. You know me, I am not very much self-confident and he is crushing the little bit of self confidence that I have with those stupid comments. Saying I am so tough and hard, bla bla bla and then laughing with Tyler about it. Yeah no, I don't like that! First of all it is very unprofessional and besides that it hurts people feelings.
He also talks on the phone during class. Yes, while teaching he just calls random friends and talks, or he picks up phone calls. Then he favors students. Today it was only Tyler, Shawn and me and he was doing stuff with Tyler all the time. Shawn and I were kinda on our own. Everybody seems to like him though. Morgan is already running errands for him! Would have never thought Morgan was a puppy like that. lol
The other day after class, Mike actually tried to convince that girl (Tina) to go and buy protein shakes and she should have one after her work out or class. And he said I should get my own boxing gloves and stuff. Yeah no, not getting any. Hand wraps are good enough, they worked just fine with you as well as with Ian. They will do just fine for him too!
I was off on sunday. Woot Woot! My first sunday in forever! So I went on a 3hrs 1000 Island Cruise. It was for free, through work. It was just amazing. I love being on the water. But geez, I got burned! lol My face looks just like a lobster. I think I will peel in a few days. Luckily I came and visit you before I got burned, lol. This is so embarrassing running around like a lobster face. People give me the weird looks. Meeh, well, what can I do. I did put on sun screen, really I promise I did. It just doesn't work with my skin.
Oh yeah, before I forget, I will attach a copy of the Petition to my letter. So you get to read what we wrote and how people think you are. And that's why they all signed for you. To bad I do not have a copy of the letters, I could have copied them and attached them for you to read. I was positive surprised to read some of them. It is really amazing what people where writing about you.
So much for today. As always know that you are missed and please do not get yourself in trouble.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

everybody is leaving...

went to the gym today for boxing class. Talked to Pat from the desk. Well she had her last day friday, so she ain't working there no more. She told me that Julie has left as well. She just walked out, she must have been fed up with all the bull shit going on at the gym. So Julie the good soul of the mademoiselle is gone too!!! That really sucks. She was also a active supporter of yours. Hmpf...
Got to see Joey so I passed on the Hello of yours. He was happy to hear that you are doing fine. He was laughing about me telling him about your Buddha belly and the orange shirt and short.
Okay, rewinding my visit I have to say you also lost some of your arm muscles. Your arms didn't look as big no more, as they were. Doubt though that you are not able to fight no more, lol. But you are right you need to get your hands back on some free weights. It's gonna be fun watching you when you back at the gym, starting off with the lighter weights and not the super heavy ones. "AWKWARD!"
So I want to declare one more time that I do NOT like that new dude, doing the boxing classes. He makes me angry. Like really angry. Can you imagine me being angry? hahahaaaa He is just a dump ass. Pardon my language, lol. So he does some core exercises with me and the other girl (she is new at class). Starting with sit ups and a 4 pound ball. So we did 10, but with Ian we trained those ones with the 12 pound ball. So for the second round I asked him for the 12 pound ball, since I am not getting my work out. His comment: "oh, you are trying to be hard, eh!" Oh, Corey, I am telling you I was angry! Really angry. No, I am not trying to play hard, I want my work out! Dump ass! No, I did not say it, but thought it a few times. Then he starts talking about getting a 12x12 boxing ring in the the boxing club, it only costs about $7000. Yeah right as if Premier is going to pay for that! *muahahahaha* Then when he was done talking about his vision of the boxing ring he comes and asks me if he would sign me up in a competitive fight if I would fight? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wouldn't. Not for you, dump ass. Why I am taking boxing classes? Well, for the work out! Ever thought about that? Geez, really I am telling you this dude is messed up. So during a break I ask him about what else besides boxing he will train us in. Well, guess what? Only boxing, nothing else. He is not into all that MMA stuff! He doesn't consider it real fighting. I am not kidding you, I have never heard anything more stupid than this! So I just give him the silence treatment. At least my anger makes me work out more and harder. So much to my day at the gym today. Unbelievable, but true!
So, what's going on with you? Anymore trouble you got yourself into? Ever tried not to be the leader of everybody? Yeah, no doesn't go with your personality! I hear ya. Well, as long as you do not get yourself in anymore trouble, please.

Friday, May 14, 2010


finally I was able to get to see you. And it felt amazing to see for myself that you are still yourself. Well at least as much as you can.
The orange looks awesome on you, lol. No for real, orange is a good color, muahahahaaaaa. I didn't tell you that I even had my toe nails with orange nail polish. Like for real, orange nail polish. But I guess we matched anyways, since I was wearing my "wu sien" shirt. Made it myself, was a heck of work but totally worth it.
So, that was my first time in a detention centre. Before I moved to Kingston I never had a friend that liked to hang out in those establishments. But it must be true what they say about Kingston, eh.
Coming to Napanee, I thought I would find my way anyways so I didn't ask your mom or Alysa how exactly it would all work. Geez, I must have had a blond moment. I didn't see all the big, giant signs saying VISITOR'S PARKING! So, I ended up calling your mom anyways. What a nice lady she is. She was actually thinking about calling me and giving me all the information last night. So, with her help I was able to see all those big signs telling me where to go.
That lady at the main entrance is a real nice lady. Very friendly. I felt like walking into a 5-star hotel with bars in front of the windows. That lady had to explain me 3 times where I had to go, lol. I just wanted to make sure I am not getting lost in between all these bars.
Seeing you was amazing. As I like to say it was about time. Geez, what I liked your Buddah Belly! Hilarious! You and a Buddah Belly, I wish I would have had a camera. That is a picture worth. I could feel that you are struggling and that it must be hard for you to wake up day by day and being still there. But you had your moments where I could see that you haven't lost your humor. And I am glad that you still have that. Make sure you won't let anyone take that away, it might be hard right now but eventually all will work out just fine and you will have your freedom.
To bad we only had so little time to talk, I guess I have to wait until you are back out to get all my questions answered. I make sure I will have a list ready for you, it will come with the chocolate. lol
Holy moly, it was so loud in that room. I hardly understood everything that you were saying. And these "chairs", not made for me, not at all. So uncomfortable, I haven't had that in for a long time. But I guess they don't want you (me) to get to comfy. I could enjoy it so much talking to you through a glass window that I decided to stay, eh. lol
I will make sure to pass on all the HELLOs for the others at the gym. They will be happy to hear that you are doing fairly well.
And hey, though guy, don't feel bad only because I write you letters. It gives me something to do at work and I think it will give you something to do and actually stay out of trouble. lol
Besides, isn't it nice every now and then to receive that nice old fashioned letter? I wish I would receive one every odd day. And how are you supposed to know what's going on at the gym if I won't keep you updated? Hah, I can see ya smiling right now! I am right! YEAH!
Okay, for today I guess we have talked enough. But not enough for the following: stay out of trouble!!! Please! It' s the only favor I ask you for. Eventually I hope to see ya back at the gym, loosing your belly!

finally get to see you

so I finally get to see you. I mean it was about time! Haven't seen you since January. I am super excited to see you again. Your mom and Alysa actually helped me with the visiting days and hours, I truly appreciated that. It makes it much easier for me. I still have no clue where I would have to go. I just know that I have to bring 2 picture IDs, well no prob here I have actually 3 in my wallet. lol
I hope we have some stuff to talk about and we won't end up in those awkward moments. You know, total silence, starring, feet shuffling on the floor, etc...
But I think there is enough to catch up on, and maybe some more to talk about. Oh man, I am really excited.
Okay, I gotta get ready, don't want to be late, not today! See ya in a bit...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


could I have done more to get the necessary things done to get you back home? Sometimes I think I did not do all I could have done. The day that your mom was waiting for the call from Archie or Mark to go and pick up that letter I was at the gym. I could have gone to them and could have reminded them that little time was left to get that letter written.
Isn't it all about following up? After talking to Archie weeks ago I should have followed up with him. I should have asked him every time I saw him. And why did I not have the guts to say that he needs to man up. If he really wanted you back why could he not convince corporate office? Or was he just sweet talking me so I would let him go? Geez, it is really bothering me if he was just sweet talking me.
And why would Mark promise your mom that he would go ahead and write that letter on time and then he didn't do it? That was a really cheap trick. Makes me sick thinking about it. How can you be such a mean person to play those tricks on others. I mean if he had no interest what so ever in hiring you back why would he not say so? Aren't we all adults and can we not talk about it? I can see that in the interest of the company there are certain concerns about your employment, but just talk about it. Let those ones know that have to rely on you. I am pretty sure if Mark would have expressed the concerns you would have understood. Yes it would have been disappointing, but not as much as that flat out lie to you and your mom. That was not fair at all.
Maybe it is for the better you won't be working for them. I mean you are the best in what you do. At least in this area. I doubt that anyone in Kingston or eastern Ontario has you skills. So it is actually there loose not hiring you back. And someone out there will be able to appreciate your knowledge and get you a good job. There are a lot of gyms and martial arts places in Kingston.
I wish I would know more people out here, I would for sure spread the word for you and make them hear about you.
I am not sure how you make it through all that big BS. I would be freaking out for sure. Even I knew there is not much that can be done. lol
Well, soon you will be back home. You never know there might be a miracle happening or so.
Until then as always stay out of trouble!

Monday, May 10, 2010

let's start all over again....

man I really thought this time we really had you out and on your way back home again. But life had another plan for you and us. Right now I am not liking that plan what so ever. Seriously, what is the sense of you being half way between Peterborough and Kingston, while you should be in Kingston? What is the sens of me having to go through another instructor while there is one out there that would be capable of instructing exactly what I want to learn? What is the sense of having your mom struggle through all this again, while there is no serious reason for the freaking situation. What is the sense of Alysa having to suffer and not being able to enjoy your company while she wants to support you and be there for you? I do not understand it. Do you?
Ian gave his notice and since May 1st we were without an instructor. There was so much hope you would get that chance to come back and it would have been just perfect. But no, it wasn't meant to be. Today I go to the gym just for my regular work out, not expecting a new dude there for classes. While walking up the stairs to my beloved cardio machines I see all these new pictures hanging on that little spot of wall, where your grandpa's gloves used to hang. The whole strip of wall is covered in pictures. What the hell is going on here??? Of course, it had to be someone new that was trying to take over classes. So I am doing my cardio program and peek over to the boxing club every now and then, and finally here he is. Talking to "big man" Archie. Geez, the dude looks like he is only 20 years old! For real. I mean how could I take him serious? Does he know what he is doing? Anyways, today I won't have time to join class, I meet up with friends I haven't seen for a while. But I text all the others and let them know there is a new guy and there might be class.
After meeting up with my friends I get home. Sure enough I check my mails and facebook and stuff. And here it is a message from Ian. Saying the new dude knows his stuff and I should go and "soak it in". Ehm, nope. Not gonna happen! So I officially declared on my facebook status that I do refuse to like the new boxing instructor! People might consider it childish, I think it is more than my right. The first instructor I had was amazing, but unfortunately he was taken away! The second instructor was much different and I gave him the well deserved chance to proof himself. He did and I appreciated his hard work. I am not gonaa put all that effort in the new dude again, so that in about 3 months I have to start all that all over again. I want the first instructor back! Pretty simple, I would guess!
Too bad that won;t happen anytime soon. Because you are not here and you won't be here for a while.
So I took all my strength together and call the Detention Centre, to find out what I have to do to come and visit you. It is pretty simple, 2 picture IDs, that's it! I can come anytime, just have to make sure you haven't had your 2 visits yet. Unbelievable, but they really restrict you to 2 visits per week only. So, here is a new challenge. Now I have to coordinate with your mom and Alysa to make sure I am not taking any of their visits away. Thinking about it, I came up with different options, like I could come either with your mom or Alysa. Which could be considered only 1 visit. But then I assume you would want to be alone with Alysa, or you would have to talk important things over with your mom, which I would be totally in the way. Then how will I find out if you even wanted me to come and stop by? Would you really want to be entertained by the crazy German? I wish it would be much easier to communicate with you. But I do not want you to call me and spend all your money on those ridiculous phone calls. You should spend that money on more important phone calls. So, I am trying to have your mom check for me if you would be fine with me stopping by and saying HEY! So far no answer from your mom yet! I tried to call her yesterday, but she must have been busy, at least she didn't answer the phone. I hope she got my text message. I really want to come and see you.
I am also not getting any new information anymore. I do not know when the trial is, or what is going on. After all our hopes got destroyed, total silence fell over the world. Well, at least over the possible news. What am I gonna do with all the yummy chocolate that I have sitting in my secret stash, waiting for your return? For sure Ia m not going to eat it all myself, besides I am no big fan of it either.
Well, there are lots of questions that need to be answered in the near future. Until then I would say: stay out of trouble and make sure you doing fine. I hope I get to see you anytime soon.
Miss ya lots!