Friday, May 14, 2010


finally I was able to get to see you. And it felt amazing to see for myself that you are still yourself. Well at least as much as you can.
The orange looks awesome on you, lol. No for real, orange is a good color, muahahahaaaaa. I didn't tell you that I even had my toe nails with orange nail polish. Like for real, orange nail polish. But I guess we matched anyways, since I was wearing my "wu sien" shirt. Made it myself, was a heck of work but totally worth it.
So, that was my first time in a detention centre. Before I moved to Kingston I never had a friend that liked to hang out in those establishments. But it must be true what they say about Kingston, eh.
Coming to Napanee, I thought I would find my way anyways so I didn't ask your mom or Alysa how exactly it would all work. Geez, I must have had a blond moment. I didn't see all the big, giant signs saying VISITOR'S PARKING! So, I ended up calling your mom anyways. What a nice lady she is. She was actually thinking about calling me and giving me all the information last night. So, with her help I was able to see all those big signs telling me where to go.
That lady at the main entrance is a real nice lady. Very friendly. I felt like walking into a 5-star hotel with bars in front of the windows. That lady had to explain me 3 times where I had to go, lol. I just wanted to make sure I am not getting lost in between all these bars.
Seeing you was amazing. As I like to say it was about time. Geez, what I liked your Buddah Belly! Hilarious! You and a Buddah Belly, I wish I would have had a camera. That is a picture worth. I could feel that you are struggling and that it must be hard for you to wake up day by day and being still there. But you had your moments where I could see that you haven't lost your humor. And I am glad that you still have that. Make sure you won't let anyone take that away, it might be hard right now but eventually all will work out just fine and you will have your freedom.
To bad we only had so little time to talk, I guess I have to wait until you are back out to get all my questions answered. I make sure I will have a list ready for you, it will come with the chocolate. lol
Holy moly, it was so loud in that room. I hardly understood everything that you were saying. And these "chairs", not made for me, not at all. So uncomfortable, I haven't had that in for a long time. But I guess they don't want you (me) to get to comfy. I could enjoy it so much talking to you through a glass window that I decided to stay, eh. lol
I will make sure to pass on all the HELLOs for the others at the gym. They will be happy to hear that you are doing fairly well.
And hey, though guy, don't feel bad only because I write you letters. It gives me something to do at work and I think it will give you something to do and actually stay out of trouble. lol
Besides, isn't it nice every now and then to receive that nice old fashioned letter? I wish I would receive one every odd day. And how are you supposed to know what's going on at the gym if I won't keep you updated? Hah, I can see ya smiling right now! I am right! YEAH!
Okay, for today I guess we have talked enough. But not enough for the following: stay out of trouble!!! Please! It' s the only favor I ask you for. Eventually I hope to see ya back at the gym, loosing your belly!

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