Sunday, May 23, 2010


hope you are doing better than I am right now. No, I am doing physically fine it's just that I doubt myself right now. Not sure if I can do everything I want to do and so on. You know with me picking up a part-time job and then also wanting to keep up my work out every day and so on. I mean I have come so far already with my work out and it makes me feel so good, but at the same time I really need that part-time job. I have some plans and they involve that I might go back to university. So, want to get some money set aside before I start that whole project "back to school". Besides that, I sometimes wonder and wish I could know what people think about me. Why people are grumpy at me or why they react the way they do. But it seems like nobody in this freaking world is open enough to speak about it. It really annoys me and bothers me the same time. It breaks my self confidence.
I talked the other day with Joey for a long time. And we also came about to talk why I am still in contact with you and why I did help with the letters and stuff and so on. Well, I explained to Joey that I feel and always felt like I could tell you everything that bothered me and you would listen with an open ear and it would make me understand myself sometimes better and that makes me fell protected. Hahahahahahaaa, not in a physical way, more in a way that I could trust you. Just like a big brother. That's what a good friend is all about, at least for me. A friend should be like family! Anyways, I shouldn't bother you with that. Right! You got way more important things to worry and think about. And by the way I am supposed to keep you updated on any news at the gym.
So here you go. Julie was back on friday. Really weird. I got to talk to her quickly, she said she was only back to talk to the big boss (not Marc but the guy above Marc). So she was back at the gym but not officially. She was just running around and talking to members. So I am not to sure yet if she got what she wanted and therefore is still at the gym or if she is gone for good. She was out for about 2 weeks and you know what? She looked really relaxed. After all the last weeks where she was almost running the freaking gym on her own she really needed that time out! I also told her that I went to see you and she said I have to pass on a HELLO for her! Here you go: HELLO, from Julie!
Mark, the personal trainer is not at the gym no more. Not sure if he quite or if they fired him. Apparently, he was training people of the books and just using the gyms facilities to train his clients. That is at least what Mike (the new boxing dude) told me. But Mike doesn't talk to any one in the gym. Not to any members outside the boxing club neither to any people working there. But Archie, he talks to Archie. So, Mike is planning a boxing boot camp in the first week of June. He charges $25 for boxing members and $50 for non-members. And as of him all this money goes straight back to the boxing club. So he can get training gear and stuff. You know more gloves, pads and so on. and he also wants a ring installed in the boxing club. I might have mentioned that before. He says he can get a custom made ring 12x12 for about $7.000! Yeah right as if the gym is gonna pay for that! Good luck, dude!
Krista is ready for her Half Marathon. She said she wants to try and run it below 2 hours. I think if she even makes it to the end that would be pretty respectful already!
Becky moved in my neighborhood. Her first own place. And next month on her birthday she is gonna get a german shepherd.
Steve I think is not coming no more. Haven't seen him for a while and I am pretty sure his membership was up too.
Morgan struggles with his little brother. His brother wants to take steroids to get bigger. Bigger in a way of more muscles. He is at the gym everyday lifting weights like a maniac. So Morgan is worried now that his brother is going way to far and is under the wrong influence. He tries to watch him as much as he can and tries to convince him to stay away from all the chemical crap.
Tyler became best friends with Mike! You should see the 2 of them. OMG! I can't stand it. I am glad for every class that Tyler can't make it!
Oh and I forgot to tell you that about 2 months ago Marc Waters walked into the boxing club and took down your sand bag! He wheeled it himself out of the gym. Not sure where exactly he took it too. So, when you come back you should claim that bag back! How else are you supossed to harden your chins??? lol
So, what is new on your side? Any new trouble you got yourself in too? I hope not! Haven't had a chance to talk to your mom lately. Been pretty busy. Will have to give her a call sometime this week.
Well, so much for today. You behave, please! You know you can't risk any serious trouble!

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