Saturday, May 15, 2010

everybody is leaving...

went to the gym today for boxing class. Talked to Pat from the desk. Well she had her last day friday, so she ain't working there no more. She told me that Julie has left as well. She just walked out, she must have been fed up with all the bull shit going on at the gym. So Julie the good soul of the mademoiselle is gone too!!! That really sucks. She was also a active supporter of yours. Hmpf...
Got to see Joey so I passed on the Hello of yours. He was happy to hear that you are doing fine. He was laughing about me telling him about your Buddha belly and the orange shirt and short.
Okay, rewinding my visit I have to say you also lost some of your arm muscles. Your arms didn't look as big no more, as they were. Doubt though that you are not able to fight no more, lol. But you are right you need to get your hands back on some free weights. It's gonna be fun watching you when you back at the gym, starting off with the lighter weights and not the super heavy ones. "AWKWARD!"
So I want to declare one more time that I do NOT like that new dude, doing the boxing classes. He makes me angry. Like really angry. Can you imagine me being angry? hahahaaaa He is just a dump ass. Pardon my language, lol. So he does some core exercises with me and the other girl (she is new at class). Starting with sit ups and a 4 pound ball. So we did 10, but with Ian we trained those ones with the 12 pound ball. So for the second round I asked him for the 12 pound ball, since I am not getting my work out. His comment: "oh, you are trying to be hard, eh!" Oh, Corey, I am telling you I was angry! Really angry. No, I am not trying to play hard, I want my work out! Dump ass! No, I did not say it, but thought it a few times. Then he starts talking about getting a 12x12 boxing ring in the the boxing club, it only costs about $7000. Yeah right as if Premier is going to pay for that! *muahahahaha* Then when he was done talking about his vision of the boxing ring he comes and asks me if he would sign me up in a competitive fight if I would fight? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wouldn't. Not for you, dump ass. Why I am taking boxing classes? Well, for the work out! Ever thought about that? Geez, really I am telling you this dude is messed up. So during a break I ask him about what else besides boxing he will train us in. Well, guess what? Only boxing, nothing else. He is not into all that MMA stuff! He doesn't consider it real fighting. I am not kidding you, I have never heard anything more stupid than this! So I just give him the silence treatment. At least my anger makes me work out more and harder. So much to my day at the gym today. Unbelievable, but true!
So, what's going on with you? Anymore trouble you got yourself into? Ever tried not to be the leader of everybody? Yeah, no doesn't go with your personality! I hear ya. Well, as long as you do not get yourself in anymore trouble, please.

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