Monday, May 17, 2010


hey you, should I still be calling you Troubles! lol Hope you are behaving yourself right now. No I am not your mom, I am just worried that if you get yourself in trouble everything will be harder to get you out.
Okay, have you heard anything yet about a trial date for you? I have seen James today and I passed on your hello. He was asking about the news. I gave him the quick break down. He is moving to Kitchener in a few months, at least that's what I heard. Then it will only be Joey left at the gym. Everybody else is gone. More than time for you to return.
I was thinking about Ruan leaving a message for you. So, here is what I thought: if he can get you a real nice job and if that would help you to get a bail or so you should do it. I really mean it. You could still come and work out at Premier every day (which I hope you would do, because I am not switching gym) and then when they see you working out and heading to work for the competition they will offer you a job very quickly and then you could drop Goodlife and come back to Premier. I do not care where you work, as long as it gets you out and back home.
Different topic, back to the new/old struggle. This new dude is really not someone I could like. Well, at least not now. So, I get to class today and it seemed like I was going to be the only one. So he tries to threaten me with extra work out and stuff. Yeah, no, not working! lol Anyways, Tyler came like 10 min. later and Shawn too. Shawn is new, much fun guy! Anyways, so he slowed down the work out. Yes, it is more a work out than boxing. Anyaways, during class he comes to me and says he has me registered for a fight in 3 months, bla bla bla... So I just reply: well, you gonna be the only one there, waiting for me. I won't show up! Not fighting for ya, man!
I knew he was just saying it, but now he starts making fun of me in front of others. I am not liking that at all. You know me, I am not very much self-confident and he is crushing the little bit of self confidence that I have with those stupid comments. Saying I am so tough and hard, bla bla bla and then laughing with Tyler about it. Yeah no, I don't like that! First of all it is very unprofessional and besides that it hurts people feelings.
He also talks on the phone during class. Yes, while teaching he just calls random friends and talks, or he picks up phone calls. Then he favors students. Today it was only Tyler, Shawn and me and he was doing stuff with Tyler all the time. Shawn and I were kinda on our own. Everybody seems to like him though. Morgan is already running errands for him! Would have never thought Morgan was a puppy like that. lol
The other day after class, Mike actually tried to convince that girl (Tina) to go and buy protein shakes and she should have one after her work out or class. And he said I should get my own boxing gloves and stuff. Yeah no, not getting any. Hand wraps are good enough, they worked just fine with you as well as with Ian. They will do just fine for him too!
I was off on sunday. Woot Woot! My first sunday in forever! So I went on a 3hrs 1000 Island Cruise. It was for free, through work. It was just amazing. I love being on the water. But geez, I got burned! lol My face looks just like a lobster. I think I will peel in a few days. Luckily I came and visit you before I got burned, lol. This is so embarrassing running around like a lobster face. People give me the weird looks. Meeh, well, what can I do. I did put on sun screen, really I promise I did. It just doesn't work with my skin.
Oh yeah, before I forget, I will attach a copy of the Petition to my letter. So you get to read what we wrote and how people think you are. And that's why they all signed for you. To bad I do not have a copy of the letters, I could have copied them and attached them for you to read. I was positive surprised to read some of them. It is really amazing what people where writing about you.
So much for today. As always know that you are missed and please do not get yourself in trouble.

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