Thursday, May 20, 2010

banned form the gym and arrangments with the crown

hey ho man,
yeppers it's time again for me to put some words down on paper. lol
So, listen to this new story from the gym, it is the absolute truth and just happened today. Ian (the previous boxing instructor) has/had a gym membership. So today he goes in to work out and get his rehab in the private clinic for his back but they deniy him access to the gym. The hand him a paper saying his membership has been canceled and he is banned from the Premier Fitness Property. If he should try to trespass they would have to call the police on him. This is just unreal. I am telling you, they are going insane at the gym. All this just because he quite his job, because they weren't paying him correctly. They still own him money! I hope they do not bane me from the gym, lol... Poor Ian, now he has to find somewhere else for his rehab and his work out. I hope someone at Goodlife will be able to set him up. You should see Ian's facebook, man it is going crazy. Everybody is commenting on the situation, hahahahaaaaa.
I guess I mentioned that Julie quite too. Oh geez, who is going to be left? Julie is gone, James leaves soon to Kitchener and Joey is done with his time by the end of the year. I barely know the faces at the gym no more. And I am there every day. No more fun! Really just no more fun at all.
Anyways, you will see yourself when you get back here.
So, I just asked Alysa about your trial date and she said it was in September. Hmmmpfffff.... Not cool! But she also said you are trying to get something arranged to see the crown earlier or so. Man, I do not have a clue about all that stuff. Anyways, I think everything that is legal to try to get you back home is cool. The sooner the better. And that guy that got you in the miserable situation needs to pay his bill too. Hey, you know that you need to let me know if I can help you with anything, eh? Just let me know, please. I hope by then the dude (Mike boxing instructor) has given up and has left too. Just so you can take the spot that was always yours.
Mike is driving me really crazy! Not only is he still bothering me that I should fight an official fight, no he is also making fun of me in front of me and laughing about me with Tyler. Oh Corey, he is making me really angry! How can a person be so immature?
Oh, yeah I told ya I am going to Spain in July for 2 weeks. The flight cost me a fortune so now that I need money to spend on the trip I am actually starting a part time job. Eugene is a friend of mine, you met him once at the gym. Anyways, he is opening up a really nice restaurant in Kingston and he needed a hostess. Paaahahahahaha, so he asked me if I could help him out. Why not, it's only part time and if I miss 1 or 2 out of the 6 classes the week I will save myself from having a heart attack anyways. I gonna be super busy!!!
But enough of me. How is your back? Is the new medication helping you? I really hope it does. Back pain is one of the worst pains.And if the medications work you could actually start working on your lost abs, lol. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you, hahahahaaaa! But you showed me your buddah belly yourself! It was just too funny.
Oh ya one more thing I always forgot to mention. Becky said that when you come back if you could please not be angry anymore. I guess we all like you better smiley and bubbly!
And to make that happen you better stay away from trouble makers. We do not like trouble makers. No, no, noooooo!
And just in case we all really have to wait until September to see ya again, meeh, I will just make sure we have an extra long summer then. I promised sun, you will have sun!

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