Friday, May 14, 2010

finally get to see you

so I finally get to see you. I mean it was about time! Haven't seen you since January. I am super excited to see you again. Your mom and Alysa actually helped me with the visiting days and hours, I truly appreciated that. It makes it much easier for me. I still have no clue where I would have to go. I just know that I have to bring 2 picture IDs, well no prob here I have actually 3 in my wallet. lol
I hope we have some stuff to talk about and we won't end up in those awkward moments. You know, total silence, starring, feet shuffling on the floor, etc...
But I think there is enough to catch up on, and maybe some more to talk about. Oh man, I am really excited.
Okay, I gotta get ready, don't want to be late, not today! See ya in a bit...

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