Tuesday, May 11, 2010


could I have done more to get the necessary things done to get you back home? Sometimes I think I did not do all I could have done. The day that your mom was waiting for the call from Archie or Mark to go and pick up that letter I was at the gym. I could have gone to them and could have reminded them that little time was left to get that letter written.
Isn't it all about following up? After talking to Archie weeks ago I should have followed up with him. I should have asked him every time I saw him. And why did I not have the guts to say that he needs to man up. If he really wanted you back why could he not convince corporate office? Or was he just sweet talking me so I would let him go? Geez, it is really bothering me if he was just sweet talking me.
And why would Mark promise your mom that he would go ahead and write that letter on time and then he didn't do it? That was a really cheap trick. Makes me sick thinking about it. How can you be such a mean person to play those tricks on others. I mean if he had no interest what so ever in hiring you back why would he not say so? Aren't we all adults and can we not talk about it? I can see that in the interest of the company there are certain concerns about your employment, but just talk about it. Let those ones know that have to rely on you. I am pretty sure if Mark would have expressed the concerns you would have understood. Yes it would have been disappointing, but not as much as that flat out lie to you and your mom. That was not fair at all.
Maybe it is for the better you won't be working for them. I mean you are the best in what you do. At least in this area. I doubt that anyone in Kingston or eastern Ontario has you skills. So it is actually there loose not hiring you back. And someone out there will be able to appreciate your knowledge and get you a good job. There are a lot of gyms and martial arts places in Kingston.
I wish I would know more people out here, I would for sure spread the word for you and make them hear about you.
I am not sure how you make it through all that big BS. I would be freaking out for sure. Even I knew there is not much that can be done. lol
Well, soon you will be back home. You never know there might be a miracle happening or so.
Until then as always stay out of trouble!

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