Monday, May 10, 2010

let's start all over again....

man I really thought this time we really had you out and on your way back home again. But life had another plan for you and us. Right now I am not liking that plan what so ever. Seriously, what is the sense of you being half way between Peterborough and Kingston, while you should be in Kingston? What is the sens of me having to go through another instructor while there is one out there that would be capable of instructing exactly what I want to learn? What is the sense of having your mom struggle through all this again, while there is no serious reason for the freaking situation. What is the sense of Alysa having to suffer and not being able to enjoy your company while she wants to support you and be there for you? I do not understand it. Do you?
Ian gave his notice and since May 1st we were without an instructor. There was so much hope you would get that chance to come back and it would have been just perfect. But no, it wasn't meant to be. Today I go to the gym just for my regular work out, not expecting a new dude there for classes. While walking up the stairs to my beloved cardio machines I see all these new pictures hanging on that little spot of wall, where your grandpa's gloves used to hang. The whole strip of wall is covered in pictures. What the hell is going on here??? Of course, it had to be someone new that was trying to take over classes. So I am doing my cardio program and peek over to the boxing club every now and then, and finally here he is. Talking to "big man" Archie. Geez, the dude looks like he is only 20 years old! For real. I mean how could I take him serious? Does he know what he is doing? Anyways, today I won't have time to join class, I meet up with friends I haven't seen for a while. But I text all the others and let them know there is a new guy and there might be class.
After meeting up with my friends I get home. Sure enough I check my mails and facebook and stuff. And here it is a message from Ian. Saying the new dude knows his stuff and I should go and "soak it in". Ehm, nope. Not gonna happen! So I officially declared on my facebook status that I do refuse to like the new boxing instructor! People might consider it childish, I think it is more than my right. The first instructor I had was amazing, but unfortunately he was taken away! The second instructor was much different and I gave him the well deserved chance to proof himself. He did and I appreciated his hard work. I am not gonaa put all that effort in the new dude again, so that in about 3 months I have to start all that all over again. I want the first instructor back! Pretty simple, I would guess!
Too bad that won;t happen anytime soon. Because you are not here and you won't be here for a while.
So I took all my strength together and call the Detention Centre, to find out what I have to do to come and visit you. It is pretty simple, 2 picture IDs, that's it! I can come anytime, just have to make sure you haven't had your 2 visits yet. Unbelievable, but they really restrict you to 2 visits per week only. So, here is a new challenge. Now I have to coordinate with your mom and Alysa to make sure I am not taking any of their visits away. Thinking about it, I came up with different options, like I could come either with your mom or Alysa. Which could be considered only 1 visit. But then I assume you would want to be alone with Alysa, or you would have to talk important things over with your mom, which I would be totally in the way. Then how will I find out if you even wanted me to come and stop by? Would you really want to be entertained by the crazy German? I wish it would be much easier to communicate with you. But I do not want you to call me and spend all your money on those ridiculous phone calls. You should spend that money on more important phone calls. So, I am trying to have your mom check for me if you would be fine with me stopping by and saying HEY! So far no answer from your mom yet! I tried to call her yesterday, but she must have been busy, at least she didn't answer the phone. I hope she got my text message. I really want to come and see you.
I am also not getting any new information anymore. I do not know when the trial is, or what is going on. After all our hopes got destroyed, total silence fell over the world. Well, at least over the possible news. What am I gonna do with all the yummy chocolate that I have sitting in my secret stash, waiting for your return? For sure Ia m not going to eat it all myself, besides I am no big fan of it either.
Well, there are lots of questions that need to be answered in the near future. Until then I would say: stay out of trouble and make sure you doing fine. I hope I get to see you anytime soon.
Miss ya lots!

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