Monday, March 29, 2010

time for the truth...

Oh, I am so angry right now. So, I guess it is time for the truth!
Remember the morning Alysa and you trained together for the very first time? Well, I was there too, and you asked me a couple days later why I did not say Hello, or if I did not see you? Well, guess what I saw you and I saw Alysa too. And when she walked in the gym and I saw the time it struck me like a lightning. I knew what was going on that very moment. Seriously, I like her and she is a nice girl and super friendly and stuff, but I can't stand her near you. Walking from the ladies area to the every bodies area and seeing what I knew I was seeing made my breath stuck. I turned right away, pretending not to see you or her. Well I had said Hello to Alysa already when she walked in the gym. So I walked right up to my treadmill, and started running like a maniac. listening to the same song over and over again. Keeping me pounding and running. I was mad, really mad.
Now circumstances have changed and it gets even harder for me. I thought I would be fine dealing with the situation that she would have more contact to you, than me. But, I am trying to get all these people together and make them write letters and sign the petition. I try to contact people that I have never spoken to before. Like seriously, I am doing all the work. I understood Alysa had no time to help during reading week, but now? She could come to the gym and talk to people like I do. Or she could have clicked when I told her I was off the very Thursday April 8th, when you would have your appointment and she is going. She could have offered for me to come along. I would have done so, if I would have been her. I know I would, I would have thought that the more friendly faces would be a stronger support for you. No, nothing! And now I am receiving this e-mail saying she has visited you and she will be visiting you again tomorrow. Arrrrrrrrggggghhh! I know you are fine and you are looking forward to see her probably more than me, but I am still a friend worrying about you. I just had 10 minutes to talk to you on the phone, haven't seen you since January. I mean I just want to know for myself.
I probably shouldn't been thinking like I do, but it just drives insane. Maybe it drives me as insane as it drives you insane to be locked up.
Anyways, I can't wait for you to be back in town. I really miss you to be around!
Just 9 more days, okay!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

it is about time...

Hey, haven't been writing much lately, just because everything here is kinda crazy. But I know I shouldn't be complaining at all. Anyways, Haven't forgotten about you. Believe me there is not a single day I am not thinking off you.
The letters I am collecting from everybody are doing pretty good. I got a good number and mixture of letters together. And in addition to that I started to get the Petition out there. All I can say so far is, that most people are not hesitating to sign for you. I find it awesome and amazing that people most likely not even bother to read the petition. See, you got a few friends out here.
The gym is crazy as always and I think, no better, I strongly believe that the kickboxing class/group and Ian are the only normaly functioning people there.
Karen has resigned and has left already. But before she left she has seen Scott's and Sid's termination papers. So the 2 guys are not coming back for sure. Right now Jason, a corporate guy is running the gym. Funny, he is wearing the same white dress shirt and blue tie everyday. And as far as I heard with the same stains too. Ruan has resigned too. Ruan actually resigned without any notice. He came back from his trip to South Africa and the next day he was gone. But corporate had already someone taking over his job. So Archie is running the show in the Health Center right now. Archie is that big chubby and build guy with an asian face from Toronto. So corporate is trying to find him an apartment or a house here in Kingston. Ridiculous but true!!!
I also met with Alysa the other day to hand over some more letters and to catch up on news. I can't wait for April 8th, and the info what the NPB decided on your case. I always think how it would be, to be locked up majority of the time. And I have to be honest, I could not do it. It would drive me insane to only be in my room. So I can totally see you pacing up and down the floor/room.Not sure how you do it, but promise me to stay out of any kind of trouble for the remaining few days. Will see ya soon, I already put in the order for sunshine.
Miss you lots here!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's, well at least at Denny's

I finally got to meet Alysa after such a long time. And it was so good to talk to her. You got a fine woman there and you better keep her close and not let her go again.
We talked about everything. About her play and her role as Portia, the gym and what's going on there and of course you and how we get you out. So we have that master plan made up and I am pretty sure it will all work out perfectly. I will be still collecting as many letters for you as possible and after the 23rd we will have a petition ready for all those to sign that are too lazy to get something tipped up for you. I mean seriously, people, it only takes a couple minutes and not more. And while talking about letters, oh man this is hilarious. Steve wrote you a nice letter, it was just that he did write it on a ripped out piece of paper. hahahahhahahaha, I guess I could say: "Men!"
And his workmate Jeff, you might remember him, he attended a couple classes, was even better. He just scribbled something on an even smaller piece of paper that was ripped out somewhere. Well, no hope lost here, I took the initiative and tipped them up and had them signed. So all good. I went to the Play it Again Sports store in Frontenac Mall, you know, where you always took your students to get hand wraps. And Jim, he works there, remembered you coming in often and after I gave him a brief explanation about your situation he will be writing a letter for you too. Isn't that awesome? He was really nice and understood right away and had no problem to give you that reference. I am still trying to track down Sam and her husband, but I was told she will be working today. Yeah, so I will stop by the Chit Chat Cafe before gym and see if I get to talk to her. You see, we got everything covered for you! Hope to see ya soon! Stay out of trouble!

Friday, March 12, 2010

unexpected phone call

okay that was the best thing that could have happened to me today. Work isn't that exciting tonight, so I grab my cell and started texting several people. While being busy for 5 min. at work I missed a call from some number I did not know. But I was so curious that I called back to find out. And within a minute I find myself talking to your mom. WOW! And here I find out it was you that tried to call me. YEAH!!! Geez, your mom was super friendly. So after chatting to her for like 2 minutes she directs your call to me. *speechless* I am so happy to hear you. Good to know that you are still kinda okay. You even joke a little around. It is good to hear that you have found some ways to teach again, even it is not the same as here with your crazy class. I swear you have no chatty chickens there, and no Steve you can use as punching bag, lol. But at least you teach them to become a willow tree in the wind. So April 8th, is gonna be the big day. I will make sure I think off you and keep my fingers crossed all day long. I will trouble everybody to write those letters and make sure they get there on time, promised! Thanks so much for calling, you won't believe how that made my day! Can't wait to see ya, so let's set that date for April 20th, 2010! I know it will work out just fine!!!

Tiger Balm

Oh do I miss Tiger Balm. How I got to think of that? Good question. Well, I was thinking about how Ian manages to make us sweat so much more than you did through classes but he never made me be so sore the day after like you did. So for the longest time I did not have to use my Tiger Balm. lol
Okay, I got a letter from Becky for your NPB hearing and Bevan dropped one off with Ian today. I got to talk to Renee too and she said she was going to write one too, hope she will so. Julie is just super over worked and Karen promised she will have the letter on Monday early morning. I guess Morgan had one dropped off with Ian too yesterday so let's hope he remembered. Not sure about Steve. I hope he did drop off a couple letters with my roomie. They work together so that is pretty convenient for him. I can't wait to meet Alysa on Monday and get all the news on you.
Another thing I was thinking about lately is your hair. Geez, they better let you cut it otherwise you can start braiding those corn rolls. Hope you will be out soon and we can catch up and go for a coffee. So stay out of trouble and we will see ya soon out in the sun!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ui ui ui, here we go. Now I have to come up with a letter to the NPB. I mean it wouldn't be a big deal for most people but I am not the most talented person in putting words on paper. Let me talk to who ever and I convince them that I rule the world. But putting that down on paper, that is a different story. Anyways, I still have a couple days time until I meet with Alysa, so I will push that letter a little bit.
Not sure if I maybe should write up some letters. I mean different kind of letters so that people just need to sign them with their names and good is. Everybody I have talked to is very willing to help you out here, but noone seems to have time to put words on paper. I guess that would be the usual bla bla bla YES we help. But nothing will happen. I hope that all these people will stick to their word and write that letter. I also went to the coffee shop in the mall to track down Sam and her husband. I left her a message to call me so I can explain her what is going on. But there was this other ladie and she knows you too, I guess she will write a letter too. Hopefully.
Besides that not much going on. Oh, wait, yep there is something. Shawn got fired. So he is no more problem. Not sure for what exactly, but I think my main concern is that he is not interrupting the classes no more with his wanna-be smartness. lol
Steve asked me for that paper I got from KP with all the restrictions to send stuff to you. I guess he wants to send you some goodies, if he didn't do it yet. He was checking with Ian last week if he would be allowed to send in magazines. Ian has some friends that are in a similar situatuon like you. So they were talking about what Steve was allowed to send in and what not.
Julie is super stressed out at the gym right now. I am not sure what's going on there but they have fired so much staff, almost half of the people are gone. Weird things going on there. Sid is now working the desk too.
Besides that not much going on here. sun is shining and getting ready for spring. So, let's see if we can have a spring celebration coffee together soon. I will meet Alysa next week and talk to her then. So you stick to the usual and stay out of trouble.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the unbelievable happened

After kickboxing yesterday, I went to my locker and got changed. And as usual I checked my cell phone too. And here it shows I have 2 new text messages. "Geez" I think, what do my roomies want again, don't they know by now I am at the gym every freaking tuesday and wednesday night??? Well, checking anyways what they want. But to my surprise the text messages weren't from my lovely roomies. They came from an unknown number. MMMMh, let's see what it is about and who it is. Wow, I am speechless. Not sure if I wanna sit down for that. It's Alysa, trying to contact me. Freaking awesome. So here her message says she got my number from you and that she wanted to talk to me. Still in the locker room I am dailing her number. Man I wanna know whats going on too. All I get is a busy signal. So I text her back to call me ASAP she has a minute. I am super excited and finally get my mind together to make my way home. staring at my cell phone while driving, luckily not many cars on the road. Once I got home my cell goes off and it shows another text message by Alysa. YEAH! She is busy right now but she is going to call me back. Oh I am telling you, I was so happy. But I was still wondering how did you get my number? I mean you won't have your cell on you and you won't have my number memorized. Well, the answer to that question came to me this morning. Apparently you recieved my first letter, that I mailed to the Kingston Pen., which I thought got returned. But it was only the chocolate that they returned because I can not send in and foods/candy. That sucks, but at least you got that damn letter. lol
Well, Alysa and I had a long talk on the phone and I was so happy to hear from her that you are doing fine and that there is still hope. And she actually has a good plan how we could help you out a little. I know there is probably not much we can do but every little thing will help. And that is what we will go for. So, the plan is to get supporting/recommending letters form co-workers and students for ya. The more the merrier. And I have already talked to Julie and Karen and both agreed to put some good words for you on paper. Julie actually was very glad to hear from you. She was smiling all over when I told her what I just had learned. I will make sure that the word spreads at the gym and that everybody that has to say good things will put them down on paper.
Alysa is freaking amazing. So, we will see where that will get us.
You just stay out of trouble and do not give up. Because there are people that care for you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

somewhere up north...

geez, that sucks. Just found out from Joey today that they have moved you somewhere up north. Seriously, how am I supossed to find out now where the heck you are??? I am out of ideas. I wish I would know more people around here. I know that guy and he said he was able to get that info for me, but that was good 3 weeks ago. So, I did bother him for a while to get me that info but I kinda guess he is not going to find anything out. I assume he had a major crush on me and slowly but surely he sensed that I was not interested in a relationship with him. Like don't get me wrong he is a good guy but never more than just a friend. So now I think that he thinks I have a major crush on you and he is jealous. Which even sucks more, because he would be the one with the connections, at least that's what he said. Now I do not wanna ask him anymore, because it feels ackward and I do not want him to think I only use him for my advantage. Grrrrr...
Ian played a trick on me. When I came back from Vancouver I asked if Ian had seen Joey. Ian said he wasn't working at the gym no more. Oh, what a shock. I mean Joey is my only source of information right now when it comes to you. Anyways, Ian told Joey. I guess the guys had a good laugh about it. So, Joey came to me today and we talked for a while. Apparently Steph told Joey that you are up north somewhere. Which kinda matches my returned mail to you. So I am back to the beginning. Becky had asked if I had found out any news and Krista too. Well Krista is gone to Mexcio for 2 weeks, that gives me some time to find out more.
But what I was going to say is that Joey told me that they found something to charge you with. Apparently they are going to charge you for keeping a relationship "secret". If you can call it secret. I would say you kept it privat.
But I wanna say something, which may sounds like your mom, lol. But I told you it wasn't a good idea getting the hotel room. I may thought because of different reasons, but the result is basically the same. And all because of that one random lady. I mean come on, if it would have been for Elisa, I would have understood the risk you would have taken, but that one random, nothing meaning lady? Seriously???
Well, I guess I have to get another master plan for all my questions and see what I can do. In the meantime, please stay out of trouble and do not give up. It will all be good. It might take a while longer now but it will all be fine.