Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's, well at least at Denny's

I finally got to meet Alysa after such a long time. And it was so good to talk to her. You got a fine woman there and you better keep her close and not let her go again.
We talked about everything. About her play and her role as Portia, the gym and what's going on there and of course you and how we get you out. So we have that master plan made up and I am pretty sure it will all work out perfectly. I will be still collecting as many letters for you as possible and after the 23rd we will have a petition ready for all those to sign that are too lazy to get something tipped up for you. I mean seriously, people, it only takes a couple minutes and not more. And while talking about letters, oh man this is hilarious. Steve wrote you a nice letter, it was just that he did write it on a ripped out piece of paper. hahahahhahahaha, I guess I could say: "Men!"
And his workmate Jeff, you might remember him, he attended a couple classes, was even better. He just scribbled something on an even smaller piece of paper that was ripped out somewhere. Well, no hope lost here, I took the initiative and tipped them up and had them signed. So all good. I went to the Play it Again Sports store in Frontenac Mall, you know, where you always took your students to get hand wraps. And Jim, he works there, remembered you coming in often and after I gave him a brief explanation about your situation he will be writing a letter for you too. Isn't that awesome? He was really nice and understood right away and had no problem to give you that reference. I am still trying to track down Sam and her husband, but I was told she will be working today. Yeah, so I will stop by the Chit Chat Cafe before gym and see if I get to talk to her. You see, we got everything covered for you! Hope to see ya soon! Stay out of trouble!

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