Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ui ui ui, here we go. Now I have to come up with a letter to the NPB. I mean it wouldn't be a big deal for most people but I am not the most talented person in putting words on paper. Let me talk to who ever and I convince them that I rule the world. But putting that down on paper, that is a different story. Anyways, I still have a couple days time until I meet with Alysa, so I will push that letter a little bit.
Not sure if I maybe should write up some letters. I mean different kind of letters so that people just need to sign them with their names and good is. Everybody I have talked to is very willing to help you out here, but noone seems to have time to put words on paper. I guess that would be the usual bla bla bla YES we help. But nothing will happen. I hope that all these people will stick to their word and write that letter. I also went to the coffee shop in the mall to track down Sam and her husband. I left her a message to call me so I can explain her what is going on. But there was this other ladie and she knows you too, I guess she will write a letter too. Hopefully.
Besides that not much going on. Oh, wait, yep there is something. Shawn got fired. So he is no more problem. Not sure for what exactly, but I think my main concern is that he is not interrupting the classes no more with his wanna-be smartness. lol
Steve asked me for that paper I got from KP with all the restrictions to send stuff to you. I guess he wants to send you some goodies, if he didn't do it yet. He was checking with Ian last week if he would be allowed to send in magazines. Ian has some friends that are in a similar situatuon like you. So they were talking about what Steve was allowed to send in and what not.
Julie is super stressed out at the gym right now. I am not sure what's going on there but they have fired so much staff, almost half of the people are gone. Weird things going on there. Sid is now working the desk too.
Besides that not much going on here. sun is shining and getting ready for spring. So, let's see if we can have a spring celebration coffee together soon. I will meet Alysa next week and talk to her then. So you stick to the usual and stay out of trouble.

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