Saturday, March 27, 2010

it is about time...

Hey, haven't been writing much lately, just because everything here is kinda crazy. But I know I shouldn't be complaining at all. Anyways, Haven't forgotten about you. Believe me there is not a single day I am not thinking off you.
The letters I am collecting from everybody are doing pretty good. I got a good number and mixture of letters together. And in addition to that I started to get the Petition out there. All I can say so far is, that most people are not hesitating to sign for you. I find it awesome and amazing that people most likely not even bother to read the petition. See, you got a few friends out here.
The gym is crazy as always and I think, no better, I strongly believe that the kickboxing class/group and Ian are the only normaly functioning people there.
Karen has resigned and has left already. But before she left she has seen Scott's and Sid's termination papers. So the 2 guys are not coming back for sure. Right now Jason, a corporate guy is running the gym. Funny, he is wearing the same white dress shirt and blue tie everyday. And as far as I heard with the same stains too. Ruan has resigned too. Ruan actually resigned without any notice. He came back from his trip to South Africa and the next day he was gone. But corporate had already someone taking over his job. So Archie is running the show in the Health Center right now. Archie is that big chubby and build guy with an asian face from Toronto. So corporate is trying to find him an apartment or a house here in Kingston. Ridiculous but true!!!
I also met with Alysa the other day to hand over some more letters and to catch up on news. I can't wait for April 8th, and the info what the NPB decided on your case. I always think how it would be, to be locked up majority of the time. And I have to be honest, I could not do it. It would drive me insane to only be in my room. So I can totally see you pacing up and down the floor/room.Not sure how you do it, but promise me to stay out of any kind of trouble for the remaining few days. Will see ya soon, I already put in the order for sunshine.
Miss you lots here!

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