Friday, March 12, 2010

unexpected phone call

okay that was the best thing that could have happened to me today. Work isn't that exciting tonight, so I grab my cell and started texting several people. While being busy for 5 min. at work I missed a call from some number I did not know. But I was so curious that I called back to find out. And within a minute I find myself talking to your mom. WOW! And here I find out it was you that tried to call me. YEAH!!! Geez, your mom was super friendly. So after chatting to her for like 2 minutes she directs your call to me. *speechless* I am so happy to hear you. Good to know that you are still kinda okay. You even joke a little around. It is good to hear that you have found some ways to teach again, even it is not the same as here with your crazy class. I swear you have no chatty chickens there, and no Steve you can use as punching bag, lol. But at least you teach them to become a willow tree in the wind. So April 8th, is gonna be the big day. I will make sure I think off you and keep my fingers crossed all day long. I will trouble everybody to write those letters and make sure they get there on time, promised! Thanks so much for calling, you won't believe how that made my day! Can't wait to see ya, so let's set that date for April 20th, 2010! I know it will work out just fine!!!

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