Thursday, March 4, 2010

the unbelievable happened

After kickboxing yesterday, I went to my locker and got changed. And as usual I checked my cell phone too. And here it shows I have 2 new text messages. "Geez" I think, what do my roomies want again, don't they know by now I am at the gym every freaking tuesday and wednesday night??? Well, checking anyways what they want. But to my surprise the text messages weren't from my lovely roomies. They came from an unknown number. MMMMh, let's see what it is about and who it is. Wow, I am speechless. Not sure if I wanna sit down for that. It's Alysa, trying to contact me. Freaking awesome. So here her message says she got my number from you and that she wanted to talk to me. Still in the locker room I am dailing her number. Man I wanna know whats going on too. All I get is a busy signal. So I text her back to call me ASAP she has a minute. I am super excited and finally get my mind together to make my way home. staring at my cell phone while driving, luckily not many cars on the road. Once I got home my cell goes off and it shows another text message by Alysa. YEAH! She is busy right now but she is going to call me back. Oh I am telling you, I was so happy. But I was still wondering how did you get my number? I mean you won't have your cell on you and you won't have my number memorized. Well, the answer to that question came to me this morning. Apparently you recieved my first letter, that I mailed to the Kingston Pen., which I thought got returned. But it was only the chocolate that they returned because I can not send in and foods/candy. That sucks, but at least you got that damn letter. lol
Well, Alysa and I had a long talk on the phone and I was so happy to hear from her that you are doing fine and that there is still hope. And she actually has a good plan how we could help you out a little. I know there is probably not much we can do but every little thing will help. And that is what we will go for. So, the plan is to get supporting/recommending letters form co-workers and students for ya. The more the merrier. And I have already talked to Julie and Karen and both agreed to put some good words for you on paper. Julie actually was very glad to hear from you. She was smiling all over when I told her what I just had learned. I will make sure that the word spreads at the gym and that everybody that has to say good things will put them down on paper.
Alysa is freaking amazing. So, we will see where that will get us.
You just stay out of trouble and do not give up. Because there are people that care for you!

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