Friday, March 12, 2010

Tiger Balm

Oh do I miss Tiger Balm. How I got to think of that? Good question. Well, I was thinking about how Ian manages to make us sweat so much more than you did through classes but he never made me be so sore the day after like you did. So for the longest time I did not have to use my Tiger Balm. lol
Okay, I got a letter from Becky for your NPB hearing and Bevan dropped one off with Ian today. I got to talk to Renee too and she said she was going to write one too, hope she will so. Julie is just super over worked and Karen promised she will have the letter on Monday early morning. I guess Morgan had one dropped off with Ian too yesterday so let's hope he remembered. Not sure about Steve. I hope he did drop off a couple letters with my roomie. They work together so that is pretty convenient for him. I can't wait to meet Alysa on Monday and get all the news on you.
Another thing I was thinking about lately is your hair. Geez, they better let you cut it otherwise you can start braiding those corn rolls. Hope you will be out soon and we can catch up and go for a coffee. So stay out of trouble and we will see ya soon out in the sun!

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