Monday, March 1, 2010

somewhere up north...

geez, that sucks. Just found out from Joey today that they have moved you somewhere up north. Seriously, how am I supossed to find out now where the heck you are??? I am out of ideas. I wish I would know more people around here. I know that guy and he said he was able to get that info for me, but that was good 3 weeks ago. So, I did bother him for a while to get me that info but I kinda guess he is not going to find anything out. I assume he had a major crush on me and slowly but surely he sensed that I was not interested in a relationship with him. Like don't get me wrong he is a good guy but never more than just a friend. So now I think that he thinks I have a major crush on you and he is jealous. Which even sucks more, because he would be the one with the connections, at least that's what he said. Now I do not wanna ask him anymore, because it feels ackward and I do not want him to think I only use him for my advantage. Grrrrr...
Ian played a trick on me. When I came back from Vancouver I asked if Ian had seen Joey. Ian said he wasn't working at the gym no more. Oh, what a shock. I mean Joey is my only source of information right now when it comes to you. Anyways, Ian told Joey. I guess the guys had a good laugh about it. So, Joey came to me today and we talked for a while. Apparently Steph told Joey that you are up north somewhere. Which kinda matches my returned mail to you. So I am back to the beginning. Becky had asked if I had found out any news and Krista too. Well Krista is gone to Mexcio for 2 weeks, that gives me some time to find out more.
But what I was going to say is that Joey told me that they found something to charge you with. Apparently they are going to charge you for keeping a relationship "secret". If you can call it secret. I would say you kept it privat.
But I wanna say something, which may sounds like your mom, lol. But I told you it wasn't a good idea getting the hotel room. I may thought because of different reasons, but the result is basically the same. And all because of that one random lady. I mean come on, if it would have been for Elisa, I would have understood the risk you would have taken, but that one random, nothing meaning lady? Seriously???
Well, I guess I have to get another master plan for all my questions and see what I can do. In the meantime, please stay out of trouble and do not give up. It will all be good. It might take a while longer now but it will all be fine.

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