Thursday, February 25, 2010

... where is Joey?

Where the heck is Joey hiding? Went to the gym today with big hopes, seeing Joey and asking him all the questions and getting the right answers. Well, guess what? I didn't see Joey. Well, I saw him but he was busy in the Kid's area. Damn kids, I needed to talk to him.
So, I have to get through another day without an answer to my question. If I would not be so shy I would just try your phone and see if you answer. But that is a whole different story here.
Not much new to tell about the gym. All the same here. Some got fired and some left, but freaking Shawn is still there and is now becoming a personal trainer. Seriously, I am not kidding, he really tries to train people. I kinda feel sorry for those poor folks that get paired up with him. But they should know pretty quickly that he is a fake. Since Ian is there Shawn has not come to the classes anymore. But he must have asked Ian if he could set him up with an amateur fight. OMG, I would love to see that. When he is trying his snake punches, thingy thing and stuff. Pahahahahahahahaaa, he must be getting knocked out within a minute. Anyways, Ian is not able to do that for Shawn, which is really to bad.
Dylan is back taking classes. He was the first one saying he was going to cancel his boxing membership when he heard about you. So I guess Ian did a good job getting Dylan back in class. Morgan even brought a friend that has signed up too. So, we got almost the old crew back together. The only one missing would be you. Which brings us to the usual end, you know the stuff where you are not supposed to give up hope and stay out of trouble. I won't give up, I know you'll be out soon.

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