Monday, February 8, 2010

not sure what to write...

...or call it lack of creativity! Well, not sure what to say today. I went to the gym and everything seems to be "normal"! As normal as it could be without you here. Joey did feel sick. Not sure if he was just pretending because he didn't want to work or what. Anyways, I did my workout. Oh, yeah I was running late too. I had just a hard time getting out of my bed this morning. Woke up at around 7am, but styed in bed considering to go or not to go to the gym until 9am. And finally made my way there. My workmate met me at the gym, so we had a good chat and we gossiped about Shawn! lol But that is pretty much it for today!
Tomorrow is class again and I will have more to write to you then. For today let me just tell you that you are being missed. Maybe not only by me. The other ones propably just do not want to show it that much.
So today was monday and as far as I remember it is the day that the director from your previous home got back from his vacation. I hope he is going to get you back home and out of your situation. I want you back, sooner than later please!!! And if there was anything I could do to make it happen, I would totally do it!
And I should use the lack of creativity to just let you know that if it would be okay with you I would like to come and visit you, but I would first need to find out how that would work. And I have heeard you would have to request it from your side too. So, right now it is just a hope of mine, that you would give me that oppertunity to see you. I mean be fair you broke your promise... lol.
Miss you. Do NOT give up. It will all be alright, soon!

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