Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am soooooooooo forgetful...

Every day I have so many things in mind I want to write you about, but then when I make it in front of a computer and I am actually not being disturbed I forget everything. I think I can diagnose myself with youth alzheimer. Which is just a teenage version of alzheimer. And believe me it can only get worse, lol. If my head would not be attache dto my shoulders I most likely would forget I have one.
But I won't forget how it was when you were still around the gym. Your presence there was just too strong to not be noticed. When I went today, I was pretty lucky. Why? Well, I kinda managed to come to the gym while my Washington Capitals were playing against the Penguins. I know you are not interested in sports of any kind and neither do you watch them, but let me tell you this game was amazing. After I finished my weights I came upstairs and hoped on the eliptical for my cardio. 45min. was all I had to do, and I timed it so I could watch the 3rd period. What an amazing period. Everytime the Caps scored you could hear me cheer and clap my hands. People around gave me the odd looks. I don't care, I like my Caps and I want to cheer for them, besides: mind your own business! lol
And when they actually scored the final goal in overtime I almost fell of the eliptical. Oh man, that must have looked hilarious. I wish you would have been there, you would have laughed or at least have smiled. Maybe you would have given me an odd look too. Whatever, I am just different than most people.
In the change room I met Danielle. She didn't say too much. Just that she was watching me the other day in class and she was trying to see what I was doing. But since Ian requires us to move around the bag while he calls the combinations she couldn't see anything.
Yesterday at class I tried to kick Steve, and he just puts up his knee to block my kick. I hit him full force with my shin. Now I have a 3D colored imprint on my shin from Steve's knee. It's just that the imprint is growing to the outside. So it is more a lump than anything else. I've been cooling it all night last night and I am sitting here now with a cool pad again. Geez it hurts.
While I write about hurting, I hope you are okay. Everyday I hope you are able to stay out of trouble. Not that I think you are the one initiating trouble, but you know yourself that you are the kind of guy that others want to pull into trouble. And it must be a hard challenge for you to resist and/or not be on the wrong spot at the wrong time. Tomorrow is monday and that director must be back from vacation. So, let's see what he has to say to all the news from the past 2 weeks. You told me he was a decent guy and he kinda liked you. So, let's hope he likes you enough to get you out and back.
Oh, now I remember what I wanted to say. I heard that you actually did not fail the drug test, but that you went and confessed you might fail it. Which in my world is a brave thing to do. And that they then did a drug test with you, which came back all clean. If this is what has happened, well then I don't understand why are yo still being looked up and why they packed your stuff. You didn't do anything wrong!!! Well I guess I have to wait and see whats happening. And keep wishing to get a chance to talk to you and bring some smiling in your black and white life. I couldn't survive without hearing or seeing a familiar face or voice regularly.
Therefore as usual, please do not give up! Stay tight and behave. Do not do things I wouldn't do. Keep up the hope, because good things happen to good people!
I miss you!

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