Wednesday, February 3, 2010

empty boxing club

today when I went upstairs to the cardio machines I looked over the balcony into the boxing club and for a tiny moment I saw you there having a one on one with one of the other students. But quicker then I wanted reality hit me and I saw the truth: an empty boxing club. I remembered, or better I tried to remember the times when I was at the gym in the afternoon and the boxing club was empty. But honestly I can not remember times like that. You always were around, had the door wide open, having one on ones with somebody, etc.
Then looking closer down into the boxing club I recognize some changes. One of the big punching bags is laying on the floor, the desk has a big Hayabusa poster covering it and the big fan you had on the wall as decoration is laying underneath the chairs. I mean what the hell is going on here??? The glass window next to the door is full of posters, showing Ian and some pics of him fighting. The new slogan seems to be: kickboxing for fitness with a real professional UFC fighter. I so do not like it. But I see people liking it.
Then my thoughts went wild and I ended up thinking about hair and wondering if you got your hair cut while being away??? I wish I would know. I still see you random smile every now and then. And yes, I do have the odd sleepless twisting and turning nights every now and then. My explanation would be: I miss you. Pretty simple!
I talked to a friend about you and I think I know what it is that draws me so towards you. I look up to you as I would to a big brother. Not for your past or what ever you did, whenever. No, I look up to you for the person you are, and the person I got to know. And all of a sudden that person is taken away from me. So not fair!!! I never had a big brother, but I always envied friends that did.
Class today was an all girls class. It was Rene, Becky, Krista, Emily and me! SO Ian got to know the giggeling and chit chatting side of his students. It was fun. After class, Becky, Krista and I hung around a little and we talked about stuff. But we all have the same opinion: you need to come back! The sooner the better! There were moments at class that Krista and I were just giggeling away, and we both knew that if you would have seen us you would have called us slackers. "Less talk, more action!"
Anyways, it has been a very long day for me, so I will close that day with a thought of you. Sending you all my hopes and a good night. Keep your head up, it will all be good!

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