Thursday, February 4, 2010

new bruises

So, Ian finally starts to pair us up and practice some routines. Well, not really routines like we are used from you but anyways, he is getting there I guess. Well, what I was going to say is, Ian made us practice the simple roundhouse kicks. So I partnered up with Krista. And here we go, jab, cross, kick... and again, jab, cross, kick...
After a couple minutes, wooooooot, you won't believe it. Ian actually added on another hook and an inside kick to lift away the leg and get the opponent out of balance.
So, Krista and I take the chance to practice our palm blocks too. Just trying to keep you at the classes, if we can't have you there in person, then at least in mind and pain. Geez, I forgot that Krista's kicks really hurt and that the last bruise I had from her took 5 weeks to disappear. So here she goes and kicks me right on my thigh, no regrets whatsoever. Damn, that hurts!
So, this morning I did expect bruises and guess what??? Yep, got some nice bruises on my left thigh! All I can say: good job, Krista!!! So, I can proudly say I am back in the bruise business! Was about time after 2 weeks not getting any new bruises. Gotta be a though girl, just a trooper.
So, since I keep up getting bruises, you should keep up your head, even with the bad news. It'll all work out just fine!

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