Friday, February 12, 2010

extra large french vanilla cappuccino and 2 phone calls in 2 days...

...came back from my Montreal trip yesterday. And with an empty tank and gas prizes being down, well I might as well fill up. So I stop at the gas station and fill up my tank. Being back in K-town makes me ponder what news there are about your being??? While filling up the tank and pondering about news my eyes catch that really big add about french vanilla cappuccinos. And if I remember right, that would be your prefered coffee from Timmis.
This morning I made my way to the gym. Oh, when will it be that when I come around the corner in the weight area, that I see you there? I always kinda stop and look and proceed to my cardio. I am still not touching the treadmill. No way I could do 45min on there. Anyways, after my work out I pass the desk where Karen is and since I am not going to see her for good 2 weeks I chit chatted with her a bit. And here she is saying that you called the gym again. That would be 2 calls in 2 days. Please tell me these are good signs!
I am not going to be in Kingston when the 30 days are over, but luckily I know a couple people at the gym and I hope they keep their word to call me when you show up there. So if not, I would say let's hope I will see ya in 2 weeks. And then promise I will give the poor treadmill another chance!

Until then keep your head up, stay out of trouble and think of all the chocolate awaiting you... lol

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