Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boxing gloves

Class today was fun. We didn't do too much, but we also "learned" something new. Well if you consider learning the backfist, something new. We spend the first 20 min. talking and putting our handwraps on. Steve was kinda late again so I guess that triggerd the lack of motivation. But hey, what would be a class without me??? So I pulled it together and made us start. See, I have no time for that chit chat on saturdays. I got to work at noon! So let's get it started.
SO we did the warm up, running around and shadow boxing in the mirror again. And please remember, we now have to remember to move around. No standing still on one spot. So I try really hard hopping around on my tippy toes and box myself in the mirror. Geez, that feels so awkward, but apparently that's what kickboxer do.
After we are all warmed up and punished our shadows enough Ian calls us together. Everybody takes a bag. Becky on Booger, Steve on Patches, Krista's bag has no name yet, and I was on Steve-O. Hahahaaa, yep, Becky, Rene and I named the big bags. The sand bag's name is Corey! and the big bag next to the desk is Junior. Because you said it's your bag, but we already named the sandbag Corey, so this one is Junior. Makes sense. Anyways back to the class. So we are all on the bags and Ian wants us ALL to put boxing gloves on! Really, ALL of us, even me. Okay, okay, okay. I will try again but I know I won't like it. He says I can punch harder with the gloves on. Yeah right!!!
So, I put them gloves on. Ian gives me a hand with the second one. So we are punching the bags as hard as we can with whatever combination Ian calls. All of a sudden he calls: "jab - cross - burpee". WHAT??? Okay, Becky, Krista and I look at each other and start taking the gloves of. We throw them in the middle of the room, do the jab - cross - burpee and look at Ian. He is just shaking his head and smiles. He said that it looks like noone likes them gloves but him and Steve. We just answer with a simple: "we are troopers!" You should have seen his face. It was priceless!
So, now do not tell me I did not try to wear those gloves. I do not like them and I know I punch the bag harder without the gloves. And what doesn't kill me, makes me just stronger! Besides, I sweat in these gloves like a maniac. I hate sweaty hands. And I really tried, but it's just not working for me.
Besides that not much new in the gym. Ruan is behaving a little weird, not sure what it is. Everybody else is still asking me if I have tried Ian and what I think. Well, what do I think. It is something totally different then your classes, 2 different worlds meeting each other. He is good and he knows what he is doing. But it is still not as good as your classes. And I'm very sure that if you would be back way more people would be back at class to.
Sid and Scott told Ian to approach people on the floor while they working out. He doesn't wanna do it. He says he is too shy to do it. I told him that was basically how I came to kick boxing. And I told him how you picked me up at the eliptical. We will see what he will do to recruit people.
I still miss you around the gym. And I hope that on monday when that director is back from vacation, as Joey said, we will see you again. I will not give up on that. So you shouldn't either. Keep your hopes up, you are being punished for nothing and that is called unfair!

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