Wednesday, February 3, 2010

just another day...

As everyday I went to the gym yesterday morning. Slowly but surely everything seems to go back to normal. Ian has integrated himself very well. And he finally met Julie. Julie, the good soul of the gym, eh. I got to talk to Joey again and again he had some more news for me. All your belongings are still in your room, and the director must be on vacation until friday. Since this is government, I guess there isn't anything going to happen at least until monday next week. Well, what are a couple days more or less. You made it so far, just don't give up! Joey also said that your sencondary test cam e back all clean. So, why the hell are you where you are right now. Anyways, it will all be over soon. Kickboxing with Ian was another exhausting hour and half. Geez, he really makes us work hard. Not that I do not like it at all, it is just totally different from what you did. Rene is totally happy, Steve, haven't seen him sweating like yesterday. Tyler, is showing off and turns out to become a little Wes. Shawn hasn't stepped into the boxing club for a long time. Thanks god!!! I went on the treadmill the other day, no not for the whole 45min. just for 10 min. to warm up. lol
Oh and on monday mornibng I went to KP to drop something off for you. Oh man, those guys have given me a look, like I was from a different planet. It was hilarious!!! Anyways, they were really polite and explained me I had to mail it in, since it has to go through the mail system, bla bla bla...
SO I hope they will not eat all the good german chocolate I put in, and if you better let me know, so I can file a complaint!!! hahahahahaaaa
Anyways, can't wait for that director to return and have you released. SO, keep your head and hopes up! It will all be fine!

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