Friday, February 5, 2010

where to work out...?

I kept something secret from you. And right now I think it is stupid I did. Would have been fun if you would have known about it. It's nothing special, but it has something to do with me not having enough self esteem. Remember the one day you told me I should do weights not only cardio. And I told you I was doing weights every day, just as you do but on the ladies only side. Well, I remember your answer was pretty funny and it was pretty much the same as Marc usually says: "if I do not see it, you not doing it!" lol
Well, I kinda had Marc asking me pretty much every day if he could set me up with a training plan so I can improve on my goal. bla bla bla. You know Marc, eh. He can be very persistent. So, I agreed to the whole thing and had an appointment set up with him. Woot, that was before you kinda left. lol
Anyways, it was a Wednesday morning at 5:30am. Honestly, who the hell has an appointment at the gym at 5:30am??? Me!!! He tortured me for an whole hour through the course of weight machines and free weights. I was swearing at him, you won't believe it. Your push ups on the 2 nuckles are nothing compared to his weight program. I was sweating like a maniac after the second machine.
So, yep, here is my confession, I am actually working out every now and then in the every bodies area. To bad you not there anymore. That would have been so much fun.
But I also have to admit it would have been super awkward in the beginning for me to do it. And the actual reason for me not wanting to do it in the beginning was you. I did not feel comfortable enough to do it. Anyways, here was my confession! So you go and enjoy it! I can see you smiling all nasty already.
And as always do not give up, stay oput of trouble and keep the hope up!

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