Wednesday, February 24, 2010

long time...

wow, quiet a time ago, since I wrote something. Well, I had a good reason not being able to update you on anything happening in Kingston. I wasn't in Kingston myself. I went to the Olympics in Vancouver. Went for beautiful 6 days, full of sunshine and fun. But never without thinking what is going on with you. Before I left I was able to talk to Joey one more time and he said they would not be able to keep you for more than 30 days without charging you with anything. So when I left for Vancouver I hoped that when I get back I would be able to see you again. With lots of hopes I went to the gym today. I couldn't wait to get there and time at work seemed not to be running by at all. But I made it, since we all know that time never stops.
Coming to the gym I was welcomed back by Karen, Julie and Ian. I felt home, but something is still missing. And since nobody mentioned anything about you I kinda figured that there wasn't anything new I missed out on. I hope I get to talk to Joey soon, he might be working tomorrow, so let's see what's happening.
In class today we did some circle training. Well, boxing circle training. Ian set up each bag with a specific combination and we had to rotate after 2 minutes to the next bag. It was okay but not really thrilling. I mostly liked the bags where I was able to kick. The punching wasn;t much fun. I realized that I really do slack on my punches and that I do not turn them over anymore. Ian has not the same eye for those details as you had. He is still a good coach, but I try to correct myself. Well at least as far as I remember from your time. And while thinking about that I realized that your picture of you in my mind starts fading away. I do not like that at all. I am pretty sure I would still be able to recognize you in between 1.000 people, but right now it is hard for me to picture your face. I am scared a little that I will loose all my memories about you. I am scared to go to the gym one day and not think about you anymore or even worse not caring anymore. Would that make me being a bad friend???
Therefore they have to let you go soon. It's not going to help anyone if they keep you for longer. They have more work, you are not happy and I lose my memories and start slacking my punches. It just makes more sense if you get out. I will not give up hope that all will be fine soon. I will keep my eyes and ears open for any news, and you make sure you won't give up. It'll be all good.

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