Thursday, February 25, 2010

... where is Joey?

Where the heck is Joey hiding? Went to the gym today with big hopes, seeing Joey and asking him all the questions and getting the right answers. Well, guess what? I didn't see Joey. Well, I saw him but he was busy in the Kid's area. Damn kids, I needed to talk to him.
So, I have to get through another day without an answer to my question. If I would not be so shy I would just try your phone and see if you answer. But that is a whole different story here.
Not much new to tell about the gym. All the same here. Some got fired and some left, but freaking Shawn is still there and is now becoming a personal trainer. Seriously, I am not kidding, he really tries to train people. I kinda feel sorry for those poor folks that get paired up with him. But they should know pretty quickly that he is a fake. Since Ian is there Shawn has not come to the classes anymore. But he must have asked Ian if he could set him up with an amateur fight. OMG, I would love to see that. When he is trying his snake punches, thingy thing and stuff. Pahahahahahahahaaa, he must be getting knocked out within a minute. Anyways, Ian is not able to do that for Shawn, which is really to bad.
Dylan is back taking classes. He was the first one saying he was going to cancel his boxing membership when he heard about you. So I guess Ian did a good job getting Dylan back in class. Morgan even brought a friend that has signed up too. So, we got almost the old crew back together. The only one missing would be you. Which brings us to the usual end, you know the stuff where you are not supposed to give up hope and stay out of trouble. I won't give up, I know you'll be out soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

long time...

wow, quiet a time ago, since I wrote something. Well, I had a good reason not being able to update you on anything happening in Kingston. I wasn't in Kingston myself. I went to the Olympics in Vancouver. Went for beautiful 6 days, full of sunshine and fun. But never without thinking what is going on with you. Before I left I was able to talk to Joey one more time and he said they would not be able to keep you for more than 30 days without charging you with anything. So when I left for Vancouver I hoped that when I get back I would be able to see you again. With lots of hopes I went to the gym today. I couldn't wait to get there and time at work seemed not to be running by at all. But I made it, since we all know that time never stops.
Coming to the gym I was welcomed back by Karen, Julie and Ian. I felt home, but something is still missing. And since nobody mentioned anything about you I kinda figured that there wasn't anything new I missed out on. I hope I get to talk to Joey soon, he might be working tomorrow, so let's see what's happening.
In class today we did some circle training. Well, boxing circle training. Ian set up each bag with a specific combination and we had to rotate after 2 minutes to the next bag. It was okay but not really thrilling. I mostly liked the bags where I was able to kick. The punching wasn;t much fun. I realized that I really do slack on my punches and that I do not turn them over anymore. Ian has not the same eye for those details as you had. He is still a good coach, but I try to correct myself. Well at least as far as I remember from your time. And while thinking about that I realized that your picture of you in my mind starts fading away. I do not like that at all. I am pretty sure I would still be able to recognize you in between 1.000 people, but right now it is hard for me to picture your face. I am scared a little that I will loose all my memories about you. I am scared to go to the gym one day and not think about you anymore or even worse not caring anymore. Would that make me being a bad friend???
Therefore they have to let you go soon. It's not going to help anyone if they keep you for longer. They have more work, you are not happy and I lose my memories and start slacking my punches. It just makes more sense if you get out. I will not give up hope that all will be fine soon. I will keep my eyes and ears open for any news, and you make sure you won't give up. It'll be all good.

Friday, February 12, 2010

extra large french vanilla cappuccino and 2 phone calls in 2 days...

...came back from my Montreal trip yesterday. And with an empty tank and gas prizes being down, well I might as well fill up. So I stop at the gas station and fill up my tank. Being back in K-town makes me ponder what news there are about your being??? While filling up the tank and pondering about news my eyes catch that really big add about french vanilla cappuccinos. And if I remember right, that would be your prefered coffee from Timmis.
This morning I made my way to the gym. Oh, when will it be that when I come around the corner in the weight area, that I see you there? I always kinda stop and look and proceed to my cardio. I am still not touching the treadmill. No way I could do 45min on there. Anyways, after my work out I pass the desk where Karen is and since I am not going to see her for good 2 weeks I chit chatted with her a bit. And here she is saying that you called the gym again. That would be 2 calls in 2 days. Please tell me these are good signs!
I am not going to be in Kingston when the 30 days are over, but luckily I know a couple people at the gym and I hope they keep their word to call me when you show up there. So if not, I would say let's hope I will see ya in 2 weeks. And then promise I will give the poor treadmill another chance!

Until then keep your head up, stay out of trouble and think of all the chocolate awaiting you... lol

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hope dies last, I heard...

okay what an exciting day! Wow! So, throughout the last days I was lacking on motivation. And since I was off anyways I got to the gym late. Yeah I know I should not do it. But believe me I got the evil eyes from Marc and everybody else. Pat actually asked me if I was not feeling well. lol
I made it to the gym for noon. Which honestly is not that bad at all. But when I came back, OMG what was that in my mailbox??? I knew that little envelope pretty well. It was the chocolate that I did send you. But for whatever reason it got returned to the sender! WTF? I was pretty upset, but right now nothing I can do anyways. But I have the chocolates stored for you and eventually you will get it.
A miracle happened tonight at class. As always I was pretty early for class so I sat down with Ian and we talked about this and that. Then I see Joey in the weight area, so I leave Ian with the other ones and head to Joey. And guess what he had to say. He talked to you today. Which is a good sign for me, because I know you are at least doing good enough to call. Tomorrow it is 3 weeks that they took you and if your mom is right and Joey understood it all correct they have to release you latest next wednesday because they haven't found anything yet to charge you with. Which is OMG good news. It's only one more week to stay calm and get through it. Just one more week. But that was not the miracle. The miracle was that guess who is back? MORGAN!!! Yep, Morgan is back and now I know why he did not come anymore. He actually got injured. He broke his tailbone when he fell down a set of stairs while working. He wasn't able to do anything for a month and the month after he was just super lazy he said. But he is back, and he promised me to be still at the class when I come back form Vancouver. So that is pretty exciting. Now we know that the reason why he did not come anymore, has nothing to do with your teaching style or me. YEAH!
Karen actually told me too that you called. And that you talked to Sid. I wish I could have talked to you. Geez, it really bothers me not to know how you feel and how you are doing.
So, with 1 bad and 2 good messages I would say this day has been a succesful day! And if all goes well it is only one more week and all can go back to normal! So just stay safe, do not get yourself in trouble. Keep up the hope. I will see ya soon, and let me tell you I can't wait for it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

not sure what to write...

...or call it lack of creativity! Well, not sure what to say today. I went to the gym and everything seems to be "normal"! As normal as it could be without you here. Joey did feel sick. Not sure if he was just pretending because he didn't want to work or what. Anyways, I did my workout. Oh, yeah I was running late too. I had just a hard time getting out of my bed this morning. Woke up at around 7am, but styed in bed considering to go or not to go to the gym until 9am. And finally made my way there. My workmate met me at the gym, so we had a good chat and we gossiped about Shawn! lol But that is pretty much it for today!
Tomorrow is class again and I will have more to write to you then. For today let me just tell you that you are being missed. Maybe not only by me. The other ones propably just do not want to show it that much.
So today was monday and as far as I remember it is the day that the director from your previous home got back from his vacation. I hope he is going to get you back home and out of your situation. I want you back, sooner than later please!!! And if there was anything I could do to make it happen, I would totally do it!
And I should use the lack of creativity to just let you know that if it would be okay with you I would like to come and visit you, but I would first need to find out how that would work. And I have heeard you would have to request it from your side too. So, right now it is just a hope of mine, that you would give me that oppertunity to see you. I mean be fair you broke your promise... lol.
Miss you. Do NOT give up. It will all be alright, soon!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am soooooooooo forgetful...

Every day I have so many things in mind I want to write you about, but then when I make it in front of a computer and I am actually not being disturbed I forget everything. I think I can diagnose myself with youth alzheimer. Which is just a teenage version of alzheimer. And believe me it can only get worse, lol. If my head would not be attache dto my shoulders I most likely would forget I have one.
But I won't forget how it was when you were still around the gym. Your presence there was just too strong to not be noticed. When I went today, I was pretty lucky. Why? Well, I kinda managed to come to the gym while my Washington Capitals were playing against the Penguins. I know you are not interested in sports of any kind and neither do you watch them, but let me tell you this game was amazing. After I finished my weights I came upstairs and hoped on the eliptical for my cardio. 45min. was all I had to do, and I timed it so I could watch the 3rd period. What an amazing period. Everytime the Caps scored you could hear me cheer and clap my hands. People around gave me the odd looks. I don't care, I like my Caps and I want to cheer for them, besides: mind your own business! lol
And when they actually scored the final goal in overtime I almost fell of the eliptical. Oh man, that must have looked hilarious. I wish you would have been there, you would have laughed or at least have smiled. Maybe you would have given me an odd look too. Whatever, I am just different than most people.
In the change room I met Danielle. She didn't say too much. Just that she was watching me the other day in class and she was trying to see what I was doing. But since Ian requires us to move around the bag while he calls the combinations she couldn't see anything.
Yesterday at class I tried to kick Steve, and he just puts up his knee to block my kick. I hit him full force with my shin. Now I have a 3D colored imprint on my shin from Steve's knee. It's just that the imprint is growing to the outside. So it is more a lump than anything else. I've been cooling it all night last night and I am sitting here now with a cool pad again. Geez it hurts.
While I write about hurting, I hope you are okay. Everyday I hope you are able to stay out of trouble. Not that I think you are the one initiating trouble, but you know yourself that you are the kind of guy that others want to pull into trouble. And it must be a hard challenge for you to resist and/or not be on the wrong spot at the wrong time. Tomorrow is monday and that director must be back from vacation. So, let's see what he has to say to all the news from the past 2 weeks. You told me he was a decent guy and he kinda liked you. So, let's hope he likes you enough to get you out and back.
Oh, now I remember what I wanted to say. I heard that you actually did not fail the drug test, but that you went and confessed you might fail it. Which in my world is a brave thing to do. And that they then did a drug test with you, which came back all clean. If this is what has happened, well then I don't understand why are yo still being looked up and why they packed your stuff. You didn't do anything wrong!!! Well I guess I have to wait and see whats happening. And keep wishing to get a chance to talk to you and bring some smiling in your black and white life. I couldn't survive without hearing or seeing a familiar face or voice regularly.
Therefore as usual, please do not give up! Stay tight and behave. Do not do things I wouldn't do. Keep up the hope, because good things happen to good people!
I miss you!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boxing gloves

Class today was fun. We didn't do too much, but we also "learned" something new. Well if you consider learning the backfist, something new. We spend the first 20 min. talking and putting our handwraps on. Steve was kinda late again so I guess that triggerd the lack of motivation. But hey, what would be a class without me??? So I pulled it together and made us start. See, I have no time for that chit chat on saturdays. I got to work at noon! So let's get it started.
SO we did the warm up, running around and shadow boxing in the mirror again. And please remember, we now have to remember to move around. No standing still on one spot. So I try really hard hopping around on my tippy toes and box myself in the mirror. Geez, that feels so awkward, but apparently that's what kickboxer do.
After we are all warmed up and punished our shadows enough Ian calls us together. Everybody takes a bag. Becky on Booger, Steve on Patches, Krista's bag has no name yet, and I was on Steve-O. Hahahaaa, yep, Becky, Rene and I named the big bags. The sand bag's name is Corey! and the big bag next to the desk is Junior. Because you said it's your bag, but we already named the sandbag Corey, so this one is Junior. Makes sense. Anyways back to the class. So we are all on the bags and Ian wants us ALL to put boxing gloves on! Really, ALL of us, even me. Okay, okay, okay. I will try again but I know I won't like it. He says I can punch harder with the gloves on. Yeah right!!!
So, I put them gloves on. Ian gives me a hand with the second one. So we are punching the bags as hard as we can with whatever combination Ian calls. All of a sudden he calls: "jab - cross - burpee". WHAT??? Okay, Becky, Krista and I look at each other and start taking the gloves of. We throw them in the middle of the room, do the jab - cross - burpee and look at Ian. He is just shaking his head and smiles. He said that it looks like noone likes them gloves but him and Steve. We just answer with a simple: "we are troopers!" You should have seen his face. It was priceless!
So, now do not tell me I did not try to wear those gloves. I do not like them and I know I punch the bag harder without the gloves. And what doesn't kill me, makes me just stronger! Besides, I sweat in these gloves like a maniac. I hate sweaty hands. And I really tried, but it's just not working for me.
Besides that not much new in the gym. Ruan is behaving a little weird, not sure what it is. Everybody else is still asking me if I have tried Ian and what I think. Well, what do I think. It is something totally different then your classes, 2 different worlds meeting each other. He is good and he knows what he is doing. But it is still not as good as your classes. And I'm very sure that if you would be back way more people would be back at class to.
Sid and Scott told Ian to approach people on the floor while they working out. He doesn't wanna do it. He says he is too shy to do it. I told him that was basically how I came to kick boxing. And I told him how you picked me up at the eliptical. We will see what he will do to recruit people.
I still miss you around the gym. And I hope that on monday when that director is back from vacation, as Joey said, we will see you again. I will not give up on that. So you shouldn't either. Keep your hopes up, you are being punished for nothing and that is called unfair!

Friday, February 5, 2010

where to work out...?

I kept something secret from you. And right now I think it is stupid I did. Would have been fun if you would have known about it. It's nothing special, but it has something to do with me not having enough self esteem. Remember the one day you told me I should do weights not only cardio. And I told you I was doing weights every day, just as you do but on the ladies only side. Well, I remember your answer was pretty funny and it was pretty much the same as Marc usually says: "if I do not see it, you not doing it!" lol
Well, I kinda had Marc asking me pretty much every day if he could set me up with a training plan so I can improve on my goal. bla bla bla. You know Marc, eh. He can be very persistent. So, I agreed to the whole thing and had an appointment set up with him. Woot, that was before you kinda left. lol
Anyways, it was a Wednesday morning at 5:30am. Honestly, who the hell has an appointment at the gym at 5:30am??? Me!!! He tortured me for an whole hour through the course of weight machines and free weights. I was swearing at him, you won't believe it. Your push ups on the 2 nuckles are nothing compared to his weight program. I was sweating like a maniac after the second machine.
So, yep, here is my confession, I am actually working out every now and then in the every bodies area. To bad you not there anymore. That would have been so much fun.
But I also have to admit it would have been super awkward in the beginning for me to do it. And the actual reason for me not wanting to do it in the beginning was you. I did not feel comfortable enough to do it. Anyways, here was my confession! So you go and enjoy it! I can see you smiling all nasty already.
And as always do not give up, stay oput of trouble and keep the hope up!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new bruises

So, Ian finally starts to pair us up and practice some routines. Well, not really routines like we are used from you but anyways, he is getting there I guess. Well, what I was going to say is, Ian made us practice the simple roundhouse kicks. So I partnered up with Krista. And here we go, jab, cross, kick... and again, jab, cross, kick...
After a couple minutes, wooooooot, you won't believe it. Ian actually added on another hook and an inside kick to lift away the leg and get the opponent out of balance.
So, Krista and I take the chance to practice our palm blocks too. Just trying to keep you at the classes, if we can't have you there in person, then at least in mind and pain. Geez, I forgot that Krista's kicks really hurt and that the last bruise I had from her took 5 weeks to disappear. So here she goes and kicks me right on my thigh, no regrets whatsoever. Damn, that hurts!
So, this morning I did expect bruises and guess what??? Yep, got some nice bruises on my left thigh! All I can say: good job, Krista!!! So, I can proudly say I am back in the bruise business! Was about time after 2 weeks not getting any new bruises. Gotta be a though girl, just a trooper.
So, since I keep up getting bruises, you should keep up your head, even with the bad news. It'll all work out just fine!

bad news or what...

just back from my morning gym work out. I met Joey and for the first time he comes and approaches me to let me know news. He said that they packed up your stuff from your room. So he thinks that's it. You gone for a while. I don't know. I mean maybe they just move you, or you requested to move or what else. I mean there is no giving up here.
So, that better not means what Joey said it would be. Let's keep the hope up, okay!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

empty boxing club

today when I went upstairs to the cardio machines I looked over the balcony into the boxing club and for a tiny moment I saw you there having a one on one with one of the other students. But quicker then I wanted reality hit me and I saw the truth: an empty boxing club. I remembered, or better I tried to remember the times when I was at the gym in the afternoon and the boxing club was empty. But honestly I can not remember times like that. You always were around, had the door wide open, having one on ones with somebody, etc.
Then looking closer down into the boxing club I recognize some changes. One of the big punching bags is laying on the floor, the desk has a big Hayabusa poster covering it and the big fan you had on the wall as decoration is laying underneath the chairs. I mean what the hell is going on here??? The glass window next to the door is full of posters, showing Ian and some pics of him fighting. The new slogan seems to be: kickboxing for fitness with a real professional UFC fighter. I so do not like it. But I see people liking it.
Then my thoughts went wild and I ended up thinking about hair and wondering if you got your hair cut while being away??? I wish I would know. I still see you random smile every now and then. And yes, I do have the odd sleepless twisting and turning nights every now and then. My explanation would be: I miss you. Pretty simple!
I talked to a friend about you and I think I know what it is that draws me so towards you. I look up to you as I would to a big brother. Not for your past or what ever you did, whenever. No, I look up to you for the person you are, and the person I got to know. And all of a sudden that person is taken away from me. So not fair!!! I never had a big brother, but I always envied friends that did.
Class today was an all girls class. It was Rene, Becky, Krista, Emily and me! SO Ian got to know the giggeling and chit chatting side of his students. It was fun. After class, Becky, Krista and I hung around a little and we talked about stuff. But we all have the same opinion: you need to come back! The sooner the better! There were moments at class that Krista and I were just giggeling away, and we both knew that if you would have seen us you would have called us slackers. "Less talk, more action!"
Anyways, it has been a very long day for me, so I will close that day with a thought of you. Sending you all my hopes and a good night. Keep your head up, it will all be good!

just another day...

As everyday I went to the gym yesterday morning. Slowly but surely everything seems to go back to normal. Ian has integrated himself very well. And he finally met Julie. Julie, the good soul of the gym, eh. I got to talk to Joey again and again he had some more news for me. All your belongings are still in your room, and the director must be on vacation until friday. Since this is government, I guess there isn't anything going to happen at least until monday next week. Well, what are a couple days more or less. You made it so far, just don't give up! Joey also said that your sencondary test cam e back all clean. So, why the hell are you where you are right now. Anyways, it will all be over soon. Kickboxing with Ian was another exhausting hour and half. Geez, he really makes us work hard. Not that I do not like it at all, it is just totally different from what you did. Rene is totally happy, Steve, haven't seen him sweating like yesterday. Tyler, is showing off and turns out to become a little Wes. Shawn hasn't stepped into the boxing club for a long time. Thanks god!!! I went on the treadmill the other day, no not for the whole 45min. just for 10 min. to warm up. lol
Oh and on monday mornibng I went to KP to drop something off for you. Oh man, those guys have given me a look, like I was from a different planet. It was hilarious!!! Anyways, they were really polite and explained me I had to mail it in, since it has to go through the mail system, bla bla bla...
SO I hope they will not eat all the good german chocolate I put in, and if you better let me know, so I can file a complaint!!! hahahahahaaaa
Anyways, can't wait for that director to return and have you released. SO, keep your head and hopes up! It will all be fine!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

is it all true or just a nightmare...?

I guess day 1 and 2 were the hardest. Not realizing yet that all that I was told on Wednesday afternoon was no joke! Coming back to the gym even for just a simple work out, feels weird. It is empty, only those wannabe body builders. Trying to lift weights and look cool. Not a single drop of sweat and just too funny to watch. But you pretty much know what I mean. Going upstairs to the cardio machines is even worse now. Where or who is my motivation for a 45 min run on the treadmill now??? I haven’t been on it since. I know I should keep it up, do it for myself and stuff. But believe me it is harder than you think. The treadmill is soooooooo boring, that it is almost impossible without a motivation. And even I would do the 45 min on level 9, who would I challenge with that? You are not around to come and tell you. And do not tell me I am cute just because I am doing it. I guess it is my sense of competition.

You are gone! And all just because a stupid mistake/decision you made. I could go ahead and preach all the wrongs, but I figure as much as you already know what domino effect you have triggered.

Right now about 6 days later I am still restless at night. If I had 3 hrs sleep per night then I got lots of sleep. I keep turning and waking up over and over again. Why? I do not know. I have dreams that I come back to the gym and you are there, just working out and lifting your weights as you did every morning. I see myself walking up to you and giving you the “you have been an absolute selfish idiot” speech and then giving you a big hug of relief. But I guess it will never happen. Well at least not in the near future. And then I dream over and over again about our little conversation behind the mall, when you told me that the only fear you have is going back behind bars. And I think that is what keeps me restless, at least right now. I am worried. Worried, that you are not alright. That you are living your own nightmare. I think about the officials just doing their job, but taking away things that are precious to you, like a little iPod full of music that brightens your day or a simple cell phone to at least keep in touch with your friends and your family.

I have met you as a caring person. And I remember when we were in Ruan’s office to figure out how we gonna manage the kickboxing contract with my crazy schedule, you said: no wonder I am still single, my mom keeps texting my all day long! You care, and do not try to tell me you can just switch of your feelings. You wouldn’t let your mom text you all day long or you wouldn’t talk to a 16 yrs old Renee to figure what bothers her. You would not have listened between the words when I mentioned I might have to leave Canada. Alright, Mr. Tough!!! No more switching off feelings, because even if you wanted to you couldn’t!

Okay, you will have to pay for what you make us go through. With us, I mean the rest of the girls and guys at class. Shawn actually volunteered to take over class until they would have found a new instructor. Lord!!! Help me!!! I was soooooo close to go and sit down in Scott’s office and tell him not to let Shawn do it. I am not sure, but I guess I would have given Shawn such a hard time! Yes, I can be evil, if I want to and if I was given proper reason. Now they got someone pretty quick, which kinda saves Shawn from going through all my evil plans. But Pat told me the new guy has Cauliflower ears!!! Geez, thanks Pat, that is not a good thing to mention to me. How am I supposed to give that guy a serious chance??? Okay, I guess I have to. Tomorrow is day 6 without you at the gym or kickboxing. Let’s see how that feels. At least I know that I had the best instructor for the first 3,5 months and I hope I won’t forget everything you have taught me so far.

Went to class today. It was only Renee and me that showed up. And I know a lot of people cancelled their memberships when they heard you were gone. So, I met Ian. He is a good guy. And he knows what he is doing. But it is a totally different world of MMA/Kickboxing/whatever. He is more a boxer, therefore he teaches more boxing techniques than traditional martial arts. Doing a simple round house he wants us to get on our tippy toes on our left leg. It feels weird, since we were taught to keep that foot planted, and not tippy toe what so ever. He actually made us warm up with jogging around the boxing studio, do lunches, criss cross legs around the studio and so on. I bet Morgan would have loved it. I am not sure yet if I like it or not. I know I should not be pre-judgmental but I can’t help it. Ruan and I talked about the situation, too. And it won’t be easy for either side. Whoever is left from class will have a hard time to adapt to Ian’s teaching style, and it will be tough for Ian to adapt to the routine and comfort we all had being taught by you. I fell a little better today and I think and hope I will be able to finally sleep through again, but it does not feel totally right. It is your boxing class, your students. And I told Ian that I am probably the one he needs to proof that I could live with his style. But he got one thing figured out very quickly. He already knows to keep freaking Shawn out of the Boxing Studio. Rene and I told him not to let him in when we have class, and if to not to pair us up with him. Ian actually said that Shawn is a weird freak. Ian is 5,8” and Shawn took a pad and held it way up above his head and asked Ian to do a high kick. Seriously??? Stupid Shawn! Anyways, that problem should be taken care of, still does not solve the original issue!

I am still going to the gym everyday and it still feels awkward! Everybody is behaving so much differently. I mean staff is behaving different and gym members are either not there anymore or just in their own little world again. When I get there and I am done with my weights and I come over to do my cardio, there is no one I can talk to. No one that has to say something. No one just waving over. Fuck, what a start in the day without that little chit chat. That will take a while until I get that settled. I hope you are aware that you broke your promise to me! Let me refresh your memory: I won’t go anywhere! You promised it!!! Remember? You said it a few times. And I still hold you to that. So you better make up for you disappearing, when you will be back.

Oh yeah, apropos back. There are so many rumours about you. Some say you will be back for sure. Some say you won’t be back at all. Some say you are still in Frontenac Pen. Some say you downtown at the Waterfront Pen. Geez, I do not know what to believe no more. Talked to Joey today and even he does not know for sure where you are stuck right now. But believe me I will find a way to track you down! Promised! And believe me I do keep my promises!!!

Geez, Corey. I do not know how to say it and believe me if you would stand in front of me I would probably never say it. But I miss you. I miss seeing you pacing up and down between your weight sets. I miss the way you knew how to push me way beyond my limits. I miss that smile that came through every now and then. That little sparkle in your eyes that assured me that you are a good guy. I miss the passion you had teaching that mixed group of people. A group were other instructors would just say that there is no hope to teach. I miss the days you were in such a bad mood that you mad us all suffer. The days you were happy and you had this evil look, and again you made us suffer. But all these days that we suffered through the class, we liked it the same moment we hated it.

Right now, I am not too sure if you ever read all the stuff I write. But if you made it so far, you almost made it through. Not much left for me to write. I already have written more than I usually would have said. I have learned to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. Burned child! Only occasionally I put them down on paper. But I promise you, you cannot turn off feelings!

And I guess that brings me back to the point where I have to say that I am worried about you. I guess it is my nature that I worry about people a lot. And it would not be the first time that I worry about you. But it is for sure the time that I do not know what to do. And do not get me wrong, I know you did things wrong and you have to pay for whatever you did wrong, but all I have right now is that moment you telling me about your fear to go back behind bars.

Okay, I figured as much, that it must be really confusing if I would just keep adding to whatever paragraph I feel like adding stuff to day by day. So, yep I fooled you when I was writing earlier you are almost through. Hahahahahaaa

Besides, it is your own fault, so suck it up princess! Why would it be your own fault??? You not really asking that now, eh? Well, do you have an idea how hard it is to locate someone within the Kingston Penitentiary System??? No? Well, thought so! So it will take me a few days to find you and I will use these days to just keep writing what has changed here without you.

Becky made it to class today. She was there on Saturday already and has met Ian Saturday for the first time. She said it was hard for her, since Renee and I weren’t there. Just all kind of new people. But today was actually fun. We fooled around on the heavy bags, while Ian was trying to teach some basics. Like Jab, Cross, Hook... Tyler is all happy about Ian, because he does more boxing than you did. Becky and I did that back fist challenge after class and I guess it would be her turn to do the dishes! Ian liked it and asked me to show him so he could learn it and probably teach it in class. So, after that he did some quick one on one instructions with some of the new guys, so I went off to the heavy bags and just kicked them as you taught me. You know that kick combo where I could kick 2 people and do not put down my foot for the first 3 kicks. Again, Ian came and I actually had to walk him through that combo. He liked it and he said he would practice it. He asks a lot what kind of stuff you taught and he really tries hard to satisfy everybody. I kinda feel sorry for him, he said today that he is scared. Well, I try to keep him motivated. You know telling him stuff like making that boxing class, his class. And that there will be people that will leave but he will get lots of new people in too. And believe me it is not easy to do this. Even I am being sarcastic again and I joke around and I like the class with Ian, I still wish you would be back!!! It would be so much more fun. Becky said today that she wants to write you a letter, and that she would love to visit you. Renee wants to bake you a Birthday cake with a little file in there. I mean she would be the only one make the guards believe that it is just a Birthday cake. With her puppy eyes. Anyways, it just shows the girls miss you too!

I did talk to Joey yesterday, and even he does not have a clue where you are hiding right now. So believe me I have several people out there on the corrections system with a note in their pocket. And that note is simply your name. I’ll find you and be ready for me, it won’t be fun only!

I didn’t set my alarm this morning to go to the gym like I usually did when you where still around. Of course I got the “you’re late” evil eyes from Marc. Geez, it is still so weird going to work out and you are not there. But I got to talk to Joey today. And he talked to your mom, so he had some news or at least more correct information for me than anyone else there. Which gave me a little more peace. So apparently there is the guy, I guess your parole officer or so, who is trying to give you a hard time. Joey said something about a good chance you coming back pretty soon. Well, the question is, how Joey defines “soon”??? We will see.

Oh, so Ian Dawe is a UFC Canada fighter. And some guys at my workplace are now super jealous that I get to train with him. Not sure what to think about that. I guess it is a personal preference that I would like your training better. But I have to admit that I sweat more at Ian’s classes. At least so far. But I remember times when Morgan was still around that I was working as hard as now in Ian’s classes. Anyways, it is not the same and I have to say again it will take me a while to get used to it.

Shawn is now working out in the mornings. I always try to stay out of his way but I could not do it this morning. So he started asking all these questions, how I like class with Ian, and if it isn’t amazing how many new people Ian has already brought to class, bla bla bla... I wish I could just be rude and tell him to go to hell. Lucky me I had to go to work. He also asked me if I wanted to practice with him for a bit. lol

I guess it is pretty late right now, so I will hit my cozy zone for now. I hope you are alright, I am still worried a bit. I know you can watch yourself, but there are things that we can’t control. I wish I had the possibility to let you know that I am here if you needed someone to talk to or listen or just to know that someone is around. Maybe I get some more news tomorrow from Joey. You never know...

Damn, Joey is a cool dude. So, this morning I leave the gym after my work out and here are Scoot and Joey at the desk. Scoot asked me if I tried Ian and how I like him. Before I can answer he tells me that he talked to your mom and that you might be out soon. And Joey found out for me which out of all the possibilities you are stuck right now. YEAH! Now I can get rollin’ ! Corey, honestly, I give a shit about your past, I am not worried that you might be any danger to me. All I care about is a friend! I would do it for all my friends. The day you picked me up in the waiting line for the elliptical, you let me become your friend. And as you have figured already, I am very different from everybody! But I guess I see ya soon. I so hope for you that this all works out and this nightmare is over soon.

Another day full of thoughts in my head. But at least I have a plan now. I should stop thinking about it though. Because the more I think about it the more it sounds ridiculous to me, or embarrassing. I’ll do it anyways. Nothing to lose here, eh.

So, I wasn’t able to go to Kickboxing on Thursday and Saturday, had to work. Really sucked but I guess it had to be that way. So I went to the gym today after work. Oh yeah today is Sunday. Did my weights, chatted with Joey. And then the usual nightmare to get into the boxing club. Geez, where did they find those 2 clueless people??? The girl is I guess Indian and the guy is a young guy with a beard and blond hair. Anyways both of them tell me that Ian has the “new keys” to the boxing club. WTF??? I have seen Ian’s keys and they are exact the same keys you had. So, I tell them that, but both won’t even go and look for a key. So, Joey steps in and tells them to check the key box. They look at each other as clueless as always. Finally Joey goes grabs a key and guess what? That key opened the boxing club. Not sure why those 2 people still work there, but if they would be working for me, they would have been looking for a new job already. Anyways, I did some punching and kicking. But I am afraid to admit that I forget already some stuff you taught us. I do not like that, so you better make sure you come back soon. I know it is not you to decide, but at least try.

Okay tomorrow I will try to drop of this endless letter here and some German chocolate at the Kingston Pen. Let’s hope Joey’s source was right and you are there. Otherwise I see those correctional officers enjoying your chocolate. lol

I hope you are doing fine and that there is some hope that you will get out sometime soon. There are lots of people here that miss you. I promise you that Becky and Renee will be super happy to see you again. And between you and me, Renee was already planning before all this happened to bake you a big Birthday Cake. So you better be here on your Birthday, whenever that is?!?!?!?!

I will see if I can get back on the treadmill in the meantime, but won’t promise anything.

Take care and do not do any stupid mistakes that jeopardize you being out soon. I can’t wait to see you again. Let me know how you doing and even you only have limited access to a phone (as I assume), remember that you can call me at any time. Even in the middle of the night. Because that’s what true friends are for...