Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hope dies last, I heard...

okay what an exciting day! Wow! So, throughout the last days I was lacking on motivation. And since I was off anyways I got to the gym late. Yeah I know I should not do it. But believe me I got the evil eyes from Marc and everybody else. Pat actually asked me if I was not feeling well. lol
I made it to the gym for noon. Which honestly is not that bad at all. But when I came back, OMG what was that in my mailbox??? I knew that little envelope pretty well. It was the chocolate that I did send you. But for whatever reason it got returned to the sender! WTF? I was pretty upset, but right now nothing I can do anyways. But I have the chocolates stored for you and eventually you will get it.
A miracle happened tonight at class. As always I was pretty early for class so I sat down with Ian and we talked about this and that. Then I see Joey in the weight area, so I leave Ian with the other ones and head to Joey. And guess what he had to say. He talked to you today. Which is a good sign for me, because I know you are at least doing good enough to call. Tomorrow it is 3 weeks that they took you and if your mom is right and Joey understood it all correct they have to release you latest next wednesday because they haven't found anything yet to charge you with. Which is OMG good news. It's only one more week to stay calm and get through it. Just one more week. But that was not the miracle. The miracle was that guess who is back? MORGAN!!! Yep, Morgan is back and now I know why he did not come anymore. He actually got injured. He broke his tailbone when he fell down a set of stairs while working. He wasn't able to do anything for a month and the month after he was just super lazy he said. But he is back, and he promised me to be still at the class when I come back form Vancouver. So that is pretty exciting. Now we know that the reason why he did not come anymore, has nothing to do with your teaching style or me. YEAH!
Karen actually told me too that you called. And that you talked to Sid. I wish I could have talked to you. Geez, it really bothers me not to know how you feel and how you are doing.
So, with 1 bad and 2 good messages I would say this day has been a succesful day! And if all goes well it is only one more week and all can go back to normal! So just stay safe, do not get yourself in trouble. Keep up the hope. I will see ya soon, and let me tell you I can't wait for it.

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