Sunday, June 6, 2010

lots of changes

not that lately a lot of things were changing already, no no no, there is more to come. I will stop working 2 jobs. hahahaha no I am good, I just do not need it no more. Why? Well, call me genius! I got a promotion. Not just a promotion no no no I got the one I wanted. Yeeeeehaaaaaw!
Anyways here we go with the news from the gym: Joey is doing fine. I think he is the last man standing! lol Haven't seen James for ever, think he already moved back to Kitchener. Too bad he was doing a good job. Julie is gone gone and oh gone! After her talk she basically packed up her stuff and left. There is rumor that the gym is trying to convince her to come back, well good luck on that.
Mike the boxing dude, oh man he still drives me bananas! Telling you he is unbelievable. So last week he almost walked out without return, but Archie gave in and gave him a raise and weekends off!!! And then last week he came to class complaining about that they promised him all the money to buy all the equipment he wanted for class and that now they won't give it to him. Well, guess what? We could all have told you that that would happen. He was really upset, after he organized the bootcamp were people actually pay $25 (members) or $50 (non-members) and they still do not give him the money. And he teaches bootcamp on his own time without pay! Stupid idiot! I had to go out because I could not hold on laughing! That was a fun class, he was pretty upset and all red in the face. He was pairing us up on the bags and had us practice different punching combination. I didn't hear the next combination so I asked Becky what it was, but she didn't know either. So I asked Mike he was so upset that he just repeated the combination and then added tat I should do whatever I want to do, since this is what I do anyways. Excuse me??? What an idiot.
Oh and her comes the worst! And you need to promise me that you won't do anything stupid before you keep reading. Promised? You sure? Okay here you go: the one class a couple weeks ago Mike had us on the target mits and on my turn he said I should punch harder. So I told him I do not need to punch harder but I need to get quicker. He said: don't be afraid just punch harder, I won't hit you back, I am not like Corey who hits women!" WOW! I was speechless! What the FUCK! So I asked him why he made that comment. All he could say was that he read all your paperwork that the gym had and if I knew what you are in jail for? Well, excuse me, yes I know but it shouldn't be any of his business and he shouldn't be making any of these comments. He doesn't even know you! Ohhhh, believe me I was really mad and I told him he better not say stuff like it no more! And believe me I will have a chat with either Marc or someone higher up when I get them between my fingers. That is big bullshit, he should not even have had any access to those papers in the first place.
Well, that would be it for today! I will keep you updated!
Stay out of trouble!

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