Monday, June 28, 2010

lots of news

woot woot, I am going on vacation soon. I have 5 days left of work and then I will take off and I will be out and about to Spain. For 2 whole weeks. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Okay, okay, okay. I know I can't leave without getting you all the news from here. So here you go read well and enjoy.
So after all the stupid incidents with Mike I went to Archie to get out of my boxing contract. I think that I have more then the right to have that contract canceled without any penalty. Anyways, Archie scheduled a meeting with him, Mike and me. Ridiculous. So during the meeting Archie was like all about that Mike and I have to get along and stuff. Wait, wait wait, you getting something wrong here. I am not working with Mike or for the gym, therefore I do not have to get along with anyone here. I pay to receive the service of well trained boxing classes. So I am actually partly paying Mike's paycheck. Then Archie wanted me to go back for one class at least to give Mike a chance. As if I would not have given Mike enough chances already. Anyways I told Archie even I wanted to I could not return to class because I would not receive training. You should have seen his look. Man, I enjoyed that one. So I explained to Archie, while Mike was sitting right next to me, that due to the new rule and the big sign I would not receive training. Archie had no clue about the sign Mike put up. It said: no shoes, no gloves, NO TRAINING!!!
Hahahahahaahaha, Mike's head turned fire red! I am not even kidding, fire red. I really enjoyed that one too. So the result of that meeting was that Archie can not cancel my boxing membership! Sucks, but I am not done yet. As Joey likes to say: it's Biba's way or NO way! So, I started to complain to who ever was at the gym from the headoffice. Terry, Steve, Michelle! I talked to all of them. And finally I got what I wanted and even more. Michelle gave me 6 months free gym membership. Which is the same amount of money as my remaining boxing memebrship. I am still on the boxing contract, so if a miracle happens I can still go back to classes and continue boxing/kickboxing/MMA. Which is awesome. Then I received a call from Michelle on friday at my hotel and she was asking me a favor. Mark Waters had given her my work number, she needed a room. Well, guess what? I showed her what customer service is. And Mark Waters wants to set up a meeting with me to negotiate rates and to make up for what Mike screwed up! Nice, eh!
Besides that I am pulling the strings now at my hotel. I got a promotion, which makes me Guest Service Manager. And since we not really have a General Manager, well you can imagine! I am enjoying the new position and I guess my team is okay with me taking over.
Last weekend I took off and went down south Ontario to see my cousin. Just as I mentioned before. My cousin is the very best ever. She threw me a hug birthday BBQ. Holy, there were people I have never met before but it was so much fun! I was in the pool all afternoon long, throwing the kids up and down. Getting burned in the sun. I chilled in the hammock, ate the best BBQ ever and just enjoyed myself. It was only for the weekend but coming back home to Kingston yesterday felt like I was gone for a week.
So, I talked to your mom the other day and she told me September 27th would be the new date. Geez, that is a long time, but not that far away no more. And as I said before, you dare play with the thought of pleeding guilty just for the heck of it! You didn't do any so you are NOT guilty!
Okay, I guess that is that for now. You behae and stay away from trouble! Guess we see you September 28th in Kingston. It's about time you get back in shape, that Buddah Belly keeps growing, eh! Miss ya much!

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