Thursday, June 10, 2010


so yesterday something really uncool happened at class and I was ready to leave before I could do something stupid. Yeah I almost got myself in trouble, lol. So, I was on the speedbag and all of a sudden something really heavy fell down on my head. OMG, it hurt and I was ready to pass out. Well, everybody was looking at me like I was an alien. I looked down to my feet and there it was a 2 pound weight. Wtf??? I looked up and there was the second weight right on the edge of falling down. Some stupid idiot had put the 2 weights on top of the speed bag. So I picked up the one that fell on my head and the one on the speed bag and put them on the desk. Mike and Tyler were laughing there freaking asses of. Yes, they were laughing at me! I was in pain, ready to just leave. But hey I heard I was a trooper. So I stayed in class. After about 10min, the bump on my head really hurt so I went out to get a wet cold cloth to cool the selling. Walking back in class with that cloth Mike came to me and started making fun like: did you hurt your little head, does it hurt??? bla bla bla Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I was mad. I looked at him and just told him to F**CK off! Yes, I did. In front of everybody I did tell him to f**k off. Felt good but not good enough.
I also talked to Terry about Mike making those comments about you in class. You know, Terry the Sales VP or so. Terry was pretty upset about it and thanked me for letting him know. So, I hope he will sit little Mike down and tell him to behave.
Anyways, no worries my head is fine, I had heavier things fall on my head. A couple days of headache and a nice bruse on my forehead. YEAH!
So, I am getting ready for a weekend trip to my cousins down southern Ontario. You know just for the weekend before I will leave for Spain. And let me tell you I have the most amazing cousins in the whole wide world! My one cousin and his wife cancel a camping trip to see me, my other cousin is throwing a family BBQ for me with everybody. So all my 4 cousins and their families will be there! That is amazing and I can't wait to see them. Haven't seen them for a while. Hopefully the weather will be nice so I can take advantage of my cousins pool or even hop into lake Huron. Yeah, I do go swimming, just not in gym pools that are full of burning chlorine! lol
I also talked to your mom the other day. I hope she is doing fine. I heard she did hurt her elbow and it isn't healing as good as she would like to. So, she said she was spending lots of time at the emergency room. That really sucks much. And she told me your trial date is set for September 27th, 2010. Yeah! That is coming up soon. Only 13 more weeks, and since 13 is my lucky number I know you gonna have luck this time. And what did your mom say as well? Oh yeah she said something like you are being tired of being in Quinte. Well, here is the deal, you did NOT do anything wrong so stay strong and fight for your rights! Do not make that BS be another stupid record on your file. Just because somebody is trying to fool around with you. You know you have all the support out here that you could possibly have. There are people out here that are having your back! So by all means stay strong and fight for your right, have not anyone take your pride away! You are an amazing person with a good heart, stay like that, eventually it will all turn out good!
There is always sunshine after rain! Even after the biggest thunderstorm!

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