Wednesday, October 20, 2010

another day to go but only 34 left...

hey man! all is going very well here in Kingston. I have not had the pleasure yet to meet your mom. We wanted to meet last sunday but she never got back to me with a time. Which is fine. Alysa is back since the 18th. I have not heard form her but I made sure to pass on where you were and when your visiting hours are so she had all the neccessary infos to come and visit you. I bet she will have a lot to tell. After being in Europe for 2 weeks.
I just booked my flight back to good old Germany the other day. I will be flying out on February 28th and come back March 14th, 2011. I am pretty excited and I talked to my mom the other day and she told me what she was going to cook when I arrive. Man, I am telling you I wish I could have went right away. Mom's kitchen is the best! I bet your mom cooks pretty good stuff and there is some things that only she can cook the perfect way. I can't wait to have my mom cook for me. She will have to cook 14 days for me and I will come back twice as much as I am now, hahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Oh and all the German Chocolate I am able to eat, yummy! Me, bringing some chocolate back to Canada? Why would I want to do that? Oh, for you? MAYBE! *smile* Okay, okay, okay I will bring chocolate back! You chocolate junky! lol
Besides that not much going on. I got a message from Steve the other day on facebook asking about you. So I told him you were still in Lindsay. He was wondering if there is a way to contact you, well I told him to sit down with pen and paper and write a letter. The old fashioned way!!! Let's see. I gave him the address for Lindsay too. Let me know if you get a letter from him. That would be awesome. But hey that shows again that there are people out here waiting for you and keeping their fingers crossed.
Your mom told me the other day that the one guy you were working out with was getting unreasonable. That really sucks. But I guess in your and his situation you never know how they will react the next moment. Please just be careful and do not let the provoke you to do stupid things. If they want to be jerks, let them just go ahead! That's fine with all of us!
So today at work I had to terminate one of my employees. It was my first ever termination. I was super nervous but it actually went pretty well. At least for me. The employee blew up as soon as I said that he was terminated. He threw his jacket in the corner and stormed out. He didn't even let me go through his termination paper with him. And he was threatening me to take me to court because that is all crap and I was planning on doing it the whole time and I did set it all up. bla bla bla!!! He is gone now and all is good. And I think I am a really good Manager! At least that is what people tell me! dum di dum
So I am hoping for a Halloween date! Yuppi, I have an eye on someone. But I am not sure if he thinks the same. Geez, I am so bad with flirting and all that crap. Where are the old times? You know where the guy goes and asks the girl out and stuff. Where are those gentlemen???? Anyways, I can just see you wondering who it might be and if you know him! hahahahahahahaaa. Okay let me help you: yes you know him! I can see you thinking even harder now. But I won't tell more! I will let you know if I got my Halloween date or not. So keep your fingers crossed for me this time!
So we have 34 days left until your trial date! That is just a bit more than a month left! You almost there. So 34 days and nights and you are there! Well, hopefully in Kingston then!
Okay enough from me for today.
As always stay out of trouble and keep your head up!

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