Monday, February 28, 2011

207 days and nothing but good news

hey you,

thanks for the call yesterday! I am so happy for you that you get to go in front of the parole board to get things straightened out! And in a month, that is super early as well. Isn't it that you usually would have to wait way longer for such an appointment? My fingers are crossed and I hope it will all go well. But if it is the same people as the last time I am not worried. Your mom must be super happy too.
I am on my way to Toronto. Lucky me I got internet on the bus, that givews me something to do for 3hrs. Just like writting you or checking my emails or waiting for that special man to wake up and get online.
Yeppers, I am still seeing the guy I told you about in the last letter. He is really amazing. Last saturday he took me to Ottawa. Just because I have never been there and he wanted to show me around. So we went skating on the Rideau Canal and he bought me a Beavertail to eat and after that he took me to the Parliament Building on a big tour. Keep your fingers crossed that this will work out for longer, because I really like him much. But for now I should get in vacation mood! Woot woot! So this is my plan for my 2 weeks in Germany: arriving Tuesday, chilling spending the day with my parents. Wednesday my sister will come and join us at my parents and my best friend Petra is gonna come too. Thursday, we will get up very early and take the train to Cologne. Dressed in costumes and drinks in the bag! Man the train will be crazy and drinking starts early in the morning. In Cologne we will meet another friend of mine, Tina! She flew in from Ireland to party with us. So party all day and night in Cologne. Friday we will take the train back home to my parents place and just have a chill day and propably a hang over! Saturday we go to the neighbor village and watch the Karneval's Parade and after that go to the big party there. Sunday it's the other neighbor village's parade and party and on monday we will go back to Cologne to watch the big and awesome Parade there. And Monday in Cologne we will meet another friend of mine from Heidelberg to party with.
Tuesday seightseeing in Cologne with my Roomy Jess. I think she either leaves Tuesday or Wednesday to go and meet her relatives in the Netherlands, so as of then I will spend my time driving to Mannheim to meet some friends and spend some days with my parents too! They are already complaining that I won't spend enough time with them, hahahahahahahaaa.
Yes, I will make sure that I take lots of pictures. But I won't promise you that I will behave, it's freaking Karneval. Nobody behaves during Karneval!!!
Anyways, I gotta go and enjoy the trip. Will talk to you as soon as I get back home! cheerio

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