Sunday, August 15, 2010

it was all worth it...

after a couple hours at the bar we were able to check in the hotel for the one night. Girls in that room and guys in that room! Just like in the old times during school trips. Just way better! So we girls all dressed up in our tradition Bavarian dresses. You know the Oktoberfest dresses. Geez, did we look amazing! And off we were for my friends bachelorette night! We hopped from bar to bar, started at 7pm all the way until 7am! What a night! In between bars we dipped our sore feet and legs in the Mediterranean sea! Beautiful, just perfect. Once you will be back home I can show you some pics! The next morning wasn't that beautiful though. We had to be check out of the hotel by 10am! Awwwwwwww, I think I took 3 Tyleno 500! We took cabs to the cruise ship. We had to drive to the other side of Mallorca! Who would have thought that a spanish little Island could be that big. But finally we were able to see the harbour and our ship! What a beauty! And even we had to be out the hotel that early we were glad it had to be that way. Because we were with in the firsts who could check in the cruise and get on board. Woot woot! No line ups at check in and nothing! Just perfect! So we drop our luggage with the valet guys and only take the pool stuff with us. You know bathing suites and towels oh yeah and sun blocker for me! While touring the ship we decide first to have lunch and then head to the pool to get some rest. I tell you, food on a cruise is amazing! Only the best food was offered on the buffets. Everyday a different specialty! I am surprised I did not gain any weight. But that is also because we were walking a hell lot and I went to the gym as often as I could. Hahahaha, gym on a cruise ship is fun! Especially when we were on the sea! The ship was hoovering to the right and back to the left, waves smashing against it's body, now imagine while being swung back and forth you run on a treadmill. Just like the best intervall training ever.
Half of our group got sea sick the first day. Not me! I had so much fun, the rougher the sea the more fun I had! The rest is pretty much what I wrote you on the cards from all the stops. It was hard to say good bye to my friend after it was all over. But I know I will see her again within the next 365 days! We promised each other to at least see each other once a year!
But enough from me. How are you doing??? Hope you stayed out of trouble! I got to talk to your mom finally! Geez, it is harder to get a hold of your mom than the freaking pope! lol
Anyways, she said not much new. Same old, same old. And I also met with Alysa when I got back from the trip. She said your laywer had an appointment coming up on August 20th, with the judge assigned to your case to determine what the actuall charges are. Well, let me help them a little here: THERE ARE NO FREAKING CHARGES!!! Geez, it is time that they give in and let you be. The have ruined enough of your life and have waisted enough of your precious time. Damn it, you are not immortal that you would have eternity to catch up on everything! Ohhhh, just thinking about the whole situation makes me angry! I really hope it will all be over soon! Just for the sake of it!
Alysa is going to europe for 3 weeks, she told me. She is going to have soooo much fun! She will be going to Cologne, that is where I am from, well not from Cologne but the area. So I am just seeing what I could recommened her to do! But there is sooooo much to do! But I have an idea what she needs to do for sure! There are the best breweries in Cologne and they actually offer a brewery tour through all Cologne! Beer tasting through Cologne. Awesome! And she needs to walk up the bell tower of the cathedrale in Cologne, the view is just amazing! It's not as high as the CN Tower but still the view is stunning. Cologne is beautiful!
Oh and Alysa said she found a new apartment. From one tiny room to a one bedroom apartment! Woot woot! She will love it!
I am still going to the gym to work out but I do not attend boxing classes anymore. After all the dilema Marc Waters finally let me out my boxing contract. But no worries, do you remember Daniele from your classes. She is the woman that boxed professionally for a while but had to stop because of her knees. Short blond hair, glasses...... Got it? Well, I stay in touch with her since and she actually started her own little boxing school. It's just boxing, because she doesn't know any other MMA but at least it is professional and good. So for now I am with her 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all the other days I go to the gym and just do my own thing. I sometimes watch stupid Mike teaching (if it is that what you call it) his class, but he never exceeds the number of 4 students per class.
I haven't seen Joey in forever, wondering if he is still around? He was saying something about moving away. mmmmmmh
I talk to Marc Waters a lot now. He is around at least once a week. Sometimes he stays at my hotel. I usually make sure to mention your existence! So he doesn't forget. I usually do it in comparison to the lousy classes Mike does! Reminding him how many people we had in class when you were teaching and stuff. Lately I am also telling him that I am training with Daniele for now. He asked why not give Mike another chance, I just chuckled at him and said: No thanks!
Besides that, not much going on. I think Morgan and Krista are the only ones remaining in class. Oh wait let me correct that, Krista is the only one! Morgan went back to the Kingston Boxing Club for boxing training. And as far as I know Krista just wants to use up all her PTs and then stop too! So you see it is time for you to come back!
Well, so much for today! I will keep my fingers crossed for you for the 20th! Hopefully it will all be good this time!
I ordered a long summer, so we should still have lots of sunshine in August and September. I am telling you, it is worth it staying out of trouble!

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