Monday, August 16, 2010

not much going on in K-town

another normal day in Kingston today! This years summer is just amazing! I wish the day had more hours so I could actually fit everything in the day what I wanna do and what I have to do. You know working the regular 8hrs + sleeping 8hrs (beauty sleep) + go boxing for 3hrs + go sit in the sun and read for another endless time, okay maybe 3hrs. Oh wait that would be already 22hrs. When would I eat and do all the other stuff. Geeeeeez, I am telling you a day is way too short nowadays!
Well, guess I have to prioritize! Hate doing that, I can't decide what I wanna do more. I mean just sitting in the sun won't give me the workout I need but it's soooooo relaxing, but I also wanna work out and keep going to Daniele's classes or to the gym. Meeh, guess the sun has to wait. I have to admit though I am slacking on the treadmill! Haven't been on one in for ages! I swear you could easily beat me on one even for your usual 5 min.! lol
But guess who is staying at the hotel tonight! Yeppers, Mr. Mark Waters himself! He called and asked me for a favor again! Guess he owes me now a few favors! Let's see if he remembers when it's time for that. Anyways, I like keeping him close, you never know what that mifght be good for. Right?
So, not sure if I told you about the plan Daniele and I have! Remember stupid Mike, the new boxing dude at Premier? Well yeah the plan is about him. Daniele wants to get me in shape and then we both wanna go and attend one of his classes. Daniele pretending she never boxed before and so. Mike doesn't know I am training with her right now, he assumes I gave it up all together.
So, when time comes and I have some good basics together we will go to one of his classes and bam bam bammmmmm. I wanna see his jaw drop right down to the hardwood floor. muahahahahahahahahahaa!
What do you think? Sounds hilarious, eh. Would be even better if I could learn some more of your tricks, but I guess I can't have all! Last friday I actually fainted in class. Hahahaha, no worries all good I guess I just had to reboot! After I was back on my feet I felt like reborn! I was only out for about 30 seconds but for me it felt like a whole day of rest! So I just kept going and going, actually was able to land some nice hooks on Daniele.
Well, so much for tonight! Hope as always you are doing alrighty! Only a few more days until your laywer has the appointment with the judge! Let's see what the will bring! My fingers are crossed.

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